13 Ideas to Celebrate Krishna Janmashtami at Home

Krishna Janmashtami 2022

Lord Krishna, Vishnu's eighth incarnation, is said to have been born in Mathura, presently in Uttar Pradesh, around 3228 BCE. He was born on the eighth night of the 'Bhadrapada' month, according to the lunisolar Hindu calendar (Bhado).

Every year, Mathura experiences the most elaborate Janmashtami décor and celebration. However, many other locations are well-known for their Janmashtami decoration designs.

Massive celebrations are held at Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, where Krishna spent his boyhood. And so did the Gujarat state of Dwarka, where he reigned and resided for most of his life.

Every state has its style of commemorating the two days known as Krishna Janmashtami, Gokul Ashtami, or Krishna Jayanti. Because Lord Krishna was born at midnight, the feast extends into the second day.

Let's look at some Janmashtami décor ideas for all of the ceremonies that take place these days. Traditionally, there are two methods to commemorate Lord Krishna's birth.

One option is to decorate your home for Janmashtami, call a purohit in Kolkata and hold a modest puja. Two, you go big.

You may accomplish this by attending prominent temple-hosted festivities or hosting your Kirtans or Bhagavad Gita Path. If you like to commemorate Janmashtami at the house, here are some décor ideas for Janmashtami at home.

Welcome Little Krishna with All the Joy-ish Décor

1. Dietary Purchases

If you have Radha-Krishna deities in your home, dress them up in fresh clothing. Purchase some new clothing for them to wear on this important day. Also, acquire unique jewellery for both and give them a makeover. Many sellers offer goddesses' clothes, jewels, and paalna.

2. Flower Decoration

You can weave garlands from various flowers such as jasmine and marigold to embellish Krishna's complete jhula. These flower chains may also be utilized to decorate other areas of your puja space.

There are also do-it-yourself choices for making fake garlands. You can also call an event planner or flower decorators in Kolkata to decorate your home.

3. Create a Peacock Crown

The Lord wears numerous jewels, but his favourite is a peacock feather in his hair. According to legend, Krishna played his flute. The peacocks were so enthralled that the king of peacocks shed numerous heavenly feathers at Krishna's feet.

Krishna gratefully accepted the peacocks' present, picked up the feathers, and, to everyone's delight, put a couple of them on his turban. As a result, he began to wear peacock feathers.

4. Make a Village Scene

Religious processions are held around the country during Janmashtami. These processions are based on topics relating to Lord Krishna's former life and depict episodes from his boyhood.

You may recreate Krishna's birth scenario at home with your child's aid. Make a jhanki at home with clay, coloured sand, and toy figurines.

5. Make Rangoli

Rangoli is something that may be made for every celebration. It always improves the appearance of your property. This Janmashtami, you can try your hand at making anything relevant to the holiday, such as Krishna's swing, Dahi Handi, etc.

6. Make Delicious Food

Food and festivals are usually things that bring us together. You and your family may observe Janmashtami by preparing a special dinner together.

7. Dress like Radha Krishna

Dressing children as Radha Krishna is an age-old practice passed down from generation to generation. Devotees dress their children in yellow dhoti and pitambar, just like Krishna, and Lehenga choli, just like Radha. You may now buy exquisite traditional Radha Krishna dress on rent in Kolkata and have them delivered to your home.

8. Trace Krishna's Steps

Like Diwali, having Krishna's footprints lead to your house is considered fortunate on Krishna Janmashtami, which is thought to bring much love, happiness, and good fortune. Drawing Krishna's tiny little feet might be a lot of fun. You can use their feet to make Lord Krishna's feet if you have a child.

9. Host a Dahi Handi

During his boyhood, Lord Krishna would frequently steal butter from 'Gopies.' Krishna was given the moniker Makhan Chor as a result of this occurrence. Place a small clay pot filled with buttermilk in the centre of the room. Blindfold the youngsters and have them shatter this small Dahi Handi.

10. Decorate Aarti ki Thali

Glitter foam sheets are available in green, light blue, and dark blue. Shape them into peacock feathers. Each sheet should be cut into three different sizes. Make you thali the center of focus for the guests.

11. Light up with Fairy Lights

These are fantastic for decorating. Have some colorful curtains and fairy lights on hand to decorate the puja space. The lights may also be used to illuminate the idol around the swing.

12. Flute Decoration

The flute, or Bansuri, is a prominent instrument linked with Lord Krishna. As a result, you may embellish it with sparkles, glitters, colors, and mirrors.

13. Invite Your Friends and Family

Festivals are best celebrated with friends and family, so don't pass up this opportunity to reunite and have a good time. Invite your dearest family and friends to celebrate with you. Spend time together reciting bhajans, dancing, and playing.

This Janmashtami, Bring Some Enchantment Home

On August 18th, the country will commemorate Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna. It falls throughout August or September in the Gregorian calendar.

Janmashtami, an important Hindu holiday, is celebrated with tremendous zeal and excitement, particularly at Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna. People in each state celebrate Lord Krishna's birth in various ways, ranging from adorning 'jhankis' to cooking extravagant dinners.

While each method is unique, people are now aware of the festival's repercussions. People are becoming more conscious of pollution and environmental damage and are choosing eco-friendly methods to commemorate the holiday.

You may undertake these activities at home to commemorate Krishna Janmashtami with your family. Celebrate the celebration with your heart and do everything with love and affection to get the most out of it. So, maybe, these ideas will inspire you to celebrate Janmashtami at home.

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