Destinations To Explore To Enjoy Your Honeymoon To The Fullest

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So, you’ve got hitched finally – with the love of your life – after years of patience, planning, and rosy prospects! Well, heartiest congratulations to you and your beau. In a country like India where marriage is more than just a celebration, which revolves around thousands of rituals and customs, it’s obvious for you to feel relieved once all the hullabaloos finally get over. But wait…the stress isn’t over yet especially if you are yet to decide on where to head for your honeymoon!

After all the excitement of the pomp and grandeur of your D-day subsides, you need to have a little break from the daily grind not only to spend some quality time with your spouse but also to calm down and cool your jets.

Besides its rich and varied cultural heritage, India has a diverse range of breathtaking travel destinations to boast of. Whether you’re an adventure junkie or an ardent fan of romantic escapades, you will get a bevy of options to choose from when it comes to your ideal honeymoon destination.

If you are strapped for budget, you can head to any popular destination of the City of Joy. Google the best tourist places in Kolkata for couples, shortlist a couple of places and finalize a destination according to your preference, budget, etc.

However, we have brought to you some of the most popular tourist places for couples in India, which you can choose from if a memorable honeymoon is on your mind.

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Blissfully located in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is the perfect romantic getaway for newly-wed couples. Filled to the brim with adventure and excitement, Manali attracts thousands of tourists from every part of the globe.

The snow-capped mountains are like a cherry on top! Besides enjoying the scenic view, you and your spouse can indulge in a number of adventure-packed activities including, mountain biking, skiing, paragliding, jeep safari, trekking, etc.


With its ancient forts and palaces, the Golden city of Jaisalmer spells royalty! It’s fast becoming a hotspot among newly-wedded couples for their dream honeymoon. The sheer beauty of its richness and the monuments of its culture has time and again left everybody in awe.

The stunning land of Jaisalmer is picture-perfect for couples who desire a dash of excitement and thrill in their itinerary. The beautiful city provides innumerable activities for the newly married couple to indulge in. You may indulge in activities such as jeep safari, camel safari, desert camping, etc.


Goa is not a destination to be forgotten when it comes to treating your mind with some thrill and adventure. Flanked by stunning sea beaches, and blessed with amazing weather, Goa has been deemed heaven for adventure lovers. Time and again, this destination has attracted thousands of tourists from every nook of the world.

The best part about traveling to Goa is that this place has a lot of adventure-packed activities to offer besides blowing your heart away with some breathtakingly beautiful beaches, amazing seafood, and the like. If you have a penchant for adventure, you should indulge in activities like snorkeling, jet skiing, trekking, kayaking, hiking, and the like.


As one of the best private places for couples in India, Shillong offers enthralling options for newly-married couples who are looking for a confluence of excitement, thrill, and romance amidst the serene grandeur of nature.

You can partake in adventure sports such as river rafting, angling, waterfall hopping, rock climbing, horse riding, and more! This picturesque destination will certainly fill your heart with awe, leaving you feeling one with lush nature.

Both you and your spouse can spend quality time in the beautiful tree houses on the hills as you sit next to each other staring at the stunning view.


Another beautiful destination that you should explore to enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest is Munnar. This beautiful hill station of Kerala is another exotic honeymoon spot in India. Munnar is carpeted in verdant contoured, tea plantations, sculpted and clipped like ornamental hedges.

Let the breathtaking views of Munnar redefine your love for mother nature and your spouse. It is certainly one of the most picturesque adventure honeymoon hotspots in our country, which is highly refreshing. To explore the local travel hot spots, you may opt for car rental services Kolkata.

So, what are you still waiting for? Buckle up, and get ready to discover the best of tourist getaways of India to channelize your inner wanderlust and get the adrenaline pumping.

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