How has Wedding Season Raised the Bar of Sales?

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The Shaadi season has arrived, and some of us will be married or attending a friend's/wedding cousins by the end of the year. The outfits are ready, and the jewelry is coordinated, but did you realize that an estimated 32 lakh marriages will occur, with a commerce of 3.75 lakh crores?

The businesses are preparing for the forthcoming Indian wedding season. Demand is expected to increase following the country's reduced Covid-19 worries. This demand will be bolstered by the ongoing holiday season.

"There is a significant amount of anticipation in the environment after the pandemic; people want to intensify their memories, and there is an enthusiasm encircling all of the moments that we want to recognize," said a wedding planner in Kolkata. To accommodate the holiday rush, designers had to increase staffing.

The pace of sales has already begun to ramp up. Discounts, coupons, and deals are frequently seen strategically placed at malls and retail businesses to entice shoppers. Check the on-demand things this wedding season below.

Demand for Jewelry

Demand for jewelry remains among the most important variables influencing worldwide gold prices. However, it has recently been eclipsed by conjecture over how far the US currency will strengthen and how much higher US interest rates will soar.

When contemplating trading CFDs on gold, traders must attentively follow both economic developments because both have the potential to alter the price. Gold prices rose earlier this year, topping USD 2,034 per ounce in March.

Investors sought traditional safe-haven assets in response to rising global inflation and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Since then, gold prices have fallen by around 18% as the US Federal Reserve launched an aggressive rate-hiking campaign to combat the fastest inflation in more than 40 years.

"Gold suffers when interest rates rise and thrives when inflation is out of control," a market analyst explained. While interest rates are rising, inflation forecasts are essentially stable. The market believes the Fed is serious about combating inflation.

Demand for Electronics and Apparel

Apparel and consumer electronics makers and shops are hoping that the wedding season will boost their sales significantly in December and the January-March quarter as consumers spend more on such occasions. Following a wardrobe and office redesign, demand will be fueled by postponed weddings and celebrations.

Cooking oils, pulses, rice, and sugar dealers and wholesalers are restocking significantly in anticipation of increased demand during the wedding season. Cooking oils are in high demand across the country.

As weddings are planned at their establishments, hotels are purchasing large volumes of cooking oils. Marriages are being celebrated hugely, the top 10 wedding caterers in Kolkata explained in a conclave.

Similarly, demand for gadgets and daily necessities is expected to increase. On the other hand, the apparel and retail industries posted their highest-ever sales last quarter and during Diwali.

Weddings have a Major Impact on Sales

Due to Covid limitations in certain areas and the virus in others, individuals were still cautious about going big last year, opting for smaller and more private weddings. Approximately 25 lakh marriages occurred within the same period, with costs estimated at 3 lakh crores, which is significantly lower.

According to CAIT, retailers throughout the country have made substantial preparations in anticipation of the wedding season's bright economic prospects. They hope to capitalize on the positive vibes produced by this year's just-concluded record-breaking Diwali sales.

They claim that the groom-bride side only pays 20% of all wedding expenditures, with the other 80% going to different third parties participating in the marriage ceremony, according to the best wedding photographers in Kolkata. Before the wedding season, there has already been a substantial amount of business in-house improvements, according to CAIT.

Furthermore, this year is expected to be even more successful for jewelry, sarees, lehengas, furniture, ready-made clothing, shoes, wedding and greeting cards, dry fruits, sweets, fruits, worship items, groceries, food grains, decoration items, home decoration items, electrical utility, electronics, and many other items. Across the country, banquet halls, hotels, open lawns, community centers, public parks, farmhouses, and a variety of other budget destination wedding near Kolkata venues are well prepared.

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