Protect Your Skin and Hair from the Ills of Colours During Holi

Holi Skin Care Tips

Let’s face the truth – both 2020 and 2021 were probably the most unexpectedly taxing years for every one of us, courtesy Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant restrictions on every festive celebration! Thankfully, 2022 has brought a beacon of hope for us with plummeting cases of Covid-19 and a tad relaxation in lockdown restrictions. The much-awaited Holi 2022 is right around the corner, and a fun-packed celebration is mandate – albeit, with a small gathering, and keeping every social distancing protocol in tow. 

Celebrating Holi might sound exciting, conjuring up images of you splashing bright and beautiful colour around, basking under the Sun with your friends and sipping on the divinely intoxicating Bhaang, but in reality, this whole rigmarole might actually birth some serious skin and hair woes like tanning, pigmentation, rashes, hair fall et al! 

But, does it mean you should stay home and not play Holi? Hell, no! All you need to do is pay extra heed to your skin and hair care regime post the celebration with the below-mentioned tips and tricks –

Be a Glow-Getter with these Holi Skin Care Tips 

1. Keep Your Cool with Ice Cubes

Squeeze out just 10-15 minutes to massage your entire face with some ice cubes. It will close your open pores. Slape some moisturizer on your face once icing is done!

2. Keep Sun Tan at Bay

Apply loads of sunscreen on your face. Don’t forget your neck, arms and legs! Use a high-performance sunscreen with an SPF of 50+.

3. Rely on Cleansing Milk

Refrain from rubbing or tugging your skin to take the colour off your face. Use a cleansing milk, balm or oil to remove the stubborn layers of colours.

4. Avoid Exfoliation

Your skin will be sensitive some days after Holi. Hence, take a break from any potent formulation like exfoliation, facial, bleach, etc.

5. Say ‘NO’ to Soap

Alcohol-based facewash or chemical-based soaps might sensitize your skin. This could cause serious skin infection. Stick to mild face cleansers until your skin heals from sensitivity.

6. Tweak Your Shower Routine

Never head for a shower right after playing Holi. Smear your body with fat-soluble cold-pressed olive or coconut oil for loosening the colour built-ups off your skin. Wipe everything off with a clean and dry cloth, and then jump in for a cold shower.

7. Wax it Up

With waxing, not only you can remove the unwanted body hair, but also remove tan post celebrating Holi under the harsh sunrays.

8. Gulp a Lot of Water

Sip on loads of water, coconut water or fruit juice to keep yourself adequately hydrated. Apply a hydrating moisturizer. Top it off with a premium, water-proof sunscreen lotion.

9. Try Organic Colour

Invest in organic colour. Always remember that colour that have lead oxide, copper sulphate, mercury sulphate, etc. are the arch nemesis of your skin! 

Ultimate Guide for Your Crowning Glory 

1. Snip Off Split Ends

Chemical-based colours can lead to more split ends, making your hair extremely dry. Head to the best salon in Kolkata to cut off the split ends prior to Holi. And, post the celebration, give your tresses a nourishing spa treatment.

2. Cover Your Head

Swirl your hair into a tight bun and cover it up with a scarf or a bandana. It will prevent any colour from getting absorbed into your scalp.

3. Comb Your Hair

Get rid of dusty-dry colours by combing your hair as frequently as possible.

4. Rinse Your Hair

Rinse off your tresses with cold water and a good-quality shampoo. Don’t use warm water as it might solidify the colours, leading them to linger on your scalp.

5. Keep Oiling

Massage your scalp with coconut oil to build a protective shield for your hair. For better results, ask experts for more hair care tips for Holi.

Happy Holi 2022!!

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