Top 5 Places You Must Visit During Your Stay in Kolkata

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When you’re done mall-hopping or those heaving nights at night clubs, it’s a small (or big!) trip that you should embark on to cool down your fried circuits! However, it’s not always a feasible option to make a trip to any fancy destination, thanks to time crunch or tight budget, etc.

If you, too, are planning to make a quick short trip to get a respite from the daily grind, it’s advisable that you should consider Kolkata as a your one-stop destination. Kolkata is a beautiful place, and an ideal tourist attraction for those who’re strapped for budget.

Considered as the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata holds an unshakable position for being a highly affordable metro city of India. Besides having an array of tourist attractions to offer, this city also provides a bunch of fun activities, which could be taken up for free.

Whether you want to roam around the city, explore the cityscape with a car on rent, or indulge in amazing street food, Kolkata will give you galore moments to cherish forever. Here’s presenting a rough and ready list of everything you can do while in the City of Joy. Have a look –

A Visit at Kumartuli

Your trip to Kolkata would be incomplete without a visit to Kumartuli. This spot is famous for featuring a number of pottery studios where artisans build clay idols of Hindu gods and goddesses for religious festivals and public veneration all year round.

If possible, try visiting the place before Durga Puja, during the month of July or August. You will get to see a chain of gigantic statutes of Durga maa are being made from scratch by sculpturers.

The best thing is that the visitors are always allowed to this place. You would be warmly welcomed by the artisans, and they will allow you to observe their craftsmanship and painstaking work. You can spend hours at this place. Just make sure that you are showering ample appreciation and compliments on the sculptors on your departure.

Find Happiness in the Nature

There is a vast greenery called Maidan in the bosom of Kolkata’s brick-and-mortar matrix. This place is a go-to destination for thousands of Calcuttans including, joggers, sports aspirants, lovers, college-goers, horse riders, office-dodgers, and the likes! 

When in Kolkata, make sure that you squeeze out some time to visit this mini “lush-paradise” of the city. To savour its beauty, you may head to Maidan either at the dawn or at the dusk.

Flurries of joggers jogging along the manicured trails, a bunch of sports aspirants practising cricket or playing football, a troop of musicians strumming their guitars or children playing and rolling in the lap of a green pasture – this is the place where a lot of citizens congregate to break away from the monotony. Take a stroll around Maidan to savour these little things

Poke Around Hooghly Riverbanks

When in Kolkata, never miss out on the serene Hooghly Riverbanks. The best time to visit this place is at sundown. A quaint riverbank, a luminous glow cast on the river water, and a setting Sun playing a mischievous hide-and-seek game with the clouds precariously hanging in the vermillion sky is simply a sight to behold!

To explore this place better, take a walk along the serene promenades strung around the river banks where bathers, card players, worshippers, tea sellers and commuters congregate on a daily basis.

Visit Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is considered as the city’s grandest marble mansion. You can visit this place without having to buy a ticket or paying a single penny! It remains closed on Monday and Thursday though.

Popularly known as lovers’ hotspot, this domed splendour worth admiring for even from afar. Open from dawn till dusk, this beautiful place has many visual retreats to offer – from a spawling garden, to a well-tended pond, to a number of trees, and a chain of sitting arrangements for the young lovers.

Shop at New Market

If you are an ardent lover of street shopping, consider heading to New Market at least once during your stay in Kolkata. Marked by a red-brick clocktower, this street market is huge, and crowded by thousands of shops, stores, and mini malls.

New Market is always thronging with crowd, but the hurly-burly tends to swell in the evening. To avoid a rush, you may visit this place in the day time. In the main market area, there is one famous silver jewellery shop called Chamba Lama. Visit this store to buy authentic silver or semi precious trinkets.

If you feel famished during the visit, you can tuck into Nahoum Bakery to savour their delicious lemon tarts, plum cakes, etc. If the hotel you are put up at is faraway from New Market, you may opt for self-drive car rental service in Kolkata for a hassle-free commute.

Bon Voyage!

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