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Connect to the Best Andrologist in Bangalore with Haarway’s Listing Directory

Andrology hints at the medical belt, which revolves around the male reproductive health and systems. So, andrologists could be touted as the male-counterparts of gynecologists. When a man deals with any issue pertaining to his reproductive health, etc., he should seek medical intervention of a renowned andrologist in Bangalore.  

Reap the Perks of Andrology

A consultation with the andrologists in the IT capital of India is required when a man is dealing with issues including, pain or itching in his genital parts, swelling/spots/redness in testicles, breast enlargement, shortening or bending of penis, etc. With the professional andrologists, you can treat and get rid of different issues such as genital trauma, sexual performance anxiety, low libido, etc. The best andrologists in Bangalore can treat several complex and critical issues including, impotence, erectile dysfunction, sexual transmitted infections, infertility, premature ejaculation, phimosis foreskin, frenulum breve, testicular tumour, curved penis, prostatic hypertrophy, etc. Some of the commonest tests done by the city’s andrology hospitals include hormonal assays, urine culture, urinalysis, semen examination, NPT, penis’ or testicle’s Doppler ultrasound, and the likes.

Why Count on Haarway?

If you are interested in finding a top-rated andrology hospital in Bangalore, then count on Haarway’s online business and service listing site. Do not forget to check out the patient feedback, popularity ratings, etc. of the expert of your choice before booking him.