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Blindness is certainly a curse, but there is still some hope in the form of eye donation. Thanks to the best eye banks in Kolkata, it has become a possibility to restore the vision of a visually-impaired person. At the top-rated eye donation banks in the city, you shall easily find a  wide number of both Government, as well as, private eye banks. These institutions are accountable to collect, preserve, and process eyes and corneas, which have been donated by people upon their death. These institutions are also responsible to preserve these eyes until use, and thereafter distributing them to well-experienced transplant surgeons.

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The specialists working at an eye bank could be divided in different categories i.e. technical department, donor development, training, teaching, etc. Some of the major aims of an eye bank are the followings –

  • To harvest corneas/eyes
  • To retrieve corneas/eyes
  • To conduct grading of tissues
  • To distribute corneal tissues to certified transplant surgeons
  • To raise more awareness about the importance of eye donation, etc.

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In case, you are looking for a renowned, reputed and verified eye bank in Kolkata, you can count on Haarway to quell the quest. Being India’s one of the leading business listing platforms, Haarway has enlisted a list of eye banks in Kolkata. Based on Kolkata's top-rated eye banks' reputation, customer feedback, ratings, etc., you can take the final plunge. You will get the contact details and address of the institute of your preference through Haarway.