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Pick 24 Hours Ambulance Services in Kolkata through Haarway Listings 

In the health care sectors, besides doctors, medical assistants and hospitals, something which holds paramount importance is ambulance. When a serious medical emergency takes place, the one and only way to reach a nearby health-care centre is through an ambulance. It’s next to impossible to predict a medical emergency. Hence, you should always have the contact details of 24 hours ambulance services in Kolkata. However, before booking any 24 hours ambulance services in the city, make sure to collect all the essential details such as the contact address, customer reviews, popularity ratings, etc. With all such details available at your fingertip, you can make a wise choice always! 

Find the Best Ambulance Services Near You

A patient suffering from any medical emergency like a stroke, a heart attack, a sudden fall, an accident, a serious injury, etc., should be rushed to a nearby hospital immediately. An ambulance should be equipped with certain medical instruments i.e. stretcher, oxygen tank, IV, wheelchair, first-aid box, etc. to provide the patient with the initial care. The best ambulance services 24 hours provide medical emergency around the clock. The best ambulance services 24 hours in Kolkata could be divided in different categories including, basic ambulance, cardiac ambulance, air ambulance, neonatal ambulance, patient transport ambulance, mortuary ambulance, and the likes. Each of these ambulances is available 24X7. One has to dial an emergency number to avail a quick ambulance service near him/her.

Why Should You Count on Haarway Listings? 

To assist a patient in his/her medical emergency, an ambulance remains equipped with certain facilities such as basic life support, medicines, syringe, bandages, trauma kit, medication bags, etc. For stabilizing a patient while taking him/her to a health-clinic, every ambulance keeps a paramedic. A medical emergency could occur at any given point of time. Not all the patients are same. They require different ambulance services depending on their health conditions, medical emergencies, etc. To find the top-rated 24 hours ambulance service providers, consider counting on Haarway. So, are you ready to find a reliable and reputed 24 hour ambulance near you?