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You may visit our office at Chinar Park, Rajarhat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700136 any day without Sunday from 9.30AM-7.30PM. You can send your message from our contact or else you can fax us at +88 52 9485 9552 and call us at +88 25 5894 2589.
Definitely, because without a proper step-by-step listing upload process we can’t take a single step towards our goal, and our goal is to satisfy you with our proper and systematic services.
You can mail us, fax us anything with your authentic and respective news and announcements to share on web platform.
To get connected with all the happenings.To accomplish all your needs. To be updated with the present age and taste. We are a company to provide you all the hand to hand fast services according to your requirements at any time with maintaining the class, quality of the services and the reputation of our company.
Yes, we can understand the value of Rating and to Remove Review in this age of digital globalization.


You can visit to our website. We update all of our ‘would be’ events beforehand.
Yes, we provide a great discount at various Bar and Club at the time of festivals, occasions. We designs special discount offers for the customers very often like weekly, monthly. We are very known to provide even 50% to 60% discount offers.
From live musical shows to movie show, from art exhibition to discotheque, we are always for you to entertain with our best leisure options.
Off course you can have. To please you with various tastes is one of our important intentions.
We put all the world class flavours into our Tour and Travels packages. You may visit anywhere of the world you wish to with fulfilling all your demands. We provide you all the opportunities to enjoy your Tour and Travelling. To have the facilities and to know about our Tour and Travels packages in detail, please visit our Listing option.
We provide all the facilities when our medical services are concerned. From emergency to ICU services, from super specialty treatments to the caring on patients are our basic platform. We are here to serve you with super treatment with the present technologies which are in use of this fastest world of medical services and obviously in a very affordable cost.
Not much time. We take very few days to help you purchasing a property and to handover you.

Listing Support

You may visit our website and find your choices according to your requirements. There are a lot of options you can go through and can purchase anything you wish to. You will have all the instructions there to follow.
Definitely. It is our prime duty of Medical Services when human health is concerned.
Off course. You may visit anywhere you wish to.

Business Support

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