Privacy Policy

It is essential that you take out some time to thoroughly read and understand the Privacy Policies of this agreement as Haarway shall govern your usage of its services. The Privacy Policy is applicable to each and everyone who uses or accesses Haarway’s need-fulfillment platform to meet any purpose. Also, it applies to any of the legal entities that might be represented by anyone who would use or access Haarway’s services, under any apparent or actual authority. Users and service providers might use Haarway’s services to meet business or commercial purposes. The Privacy Policies of Haarway would be a legally binding agreement between the users/service providers and Haarway.

When a user or a service provider relies on this need-fulfillment platform, Haarway is required to work diligently to protect his/her confidential information. Also, this platform is bound to keep a constant tab and control over all the activities of each of its members whatsoever. The Privacy Policies of Haarway is meant for helping the users and service providers understand exactly how this platform governs their visit or activities to/on this website.

In the Privacy Policy of Haarway, a reference to ‘you’ indicates at anyone who has submitted any confidential information or data to this need-fulfillment platform. The word ‘Platform’ is users to hint at Haarway’s official website/mobile application/any other service provided/to-be-provided by Haarway.

Being one of the leading business listing service providers in India, Haarway values the significance of being attentive to the privacy issues of its users and service providers. It follows certain industry practices for maintaining their confidential data and information.

Before using or having access to this platform, every user and service provider should thoroughly read the following Privacy Policies to understand how Haarway keeps the confidentiality of their personal information intact. Except as expressly elaborated herein below, no amendment or modification of the following Privacy Policies would be binding on Haarway until and unless set forth in any written format or approved/signed by Haarway.

The policy of Treating Personal Information

This Privacy Policy of Haarway covers the way it treats all the personally identifiable data of the users and service providers when they visit its website or use its services. Also, it covers the way this platform treats any personal information, which has been shared with Haarway by any of its business partners. This policy never applies to an organization’s practice, which is not controlled or owned by Haarway. It is not applicable to anyone who has not been controlled or employed by Haarway.

Information Usage by Haarway

For every user and service provider, it is important to know that Haarway is a leading digital business and customer brand, which aims at converting the ecosystems of different local services via an impactful monetization and need-fulfillment platform. Haarway is accountable to keep the personal information of every user and service provider as confidential as possible. Haarway can use such information only for marketing, research, and strategic consumer analysis objectives and several other internal business needs. This platform does not rent or sell the personal information of any user or service provider. However, in case the users and service providers make use of this need-fulfillment service, Haarway would share their personal information with its consumers/need providers/advertisers.

As is extremely common in the field, Haarway makes usage of the technology of site and cookies log files for monitoring user registration, recognizing the registered members while revising the website, and keeping a track of site’s usage. Haarway’s ability to recognize and identify a user or a service provider as a registered member of this platform enables it to personalize its services besides protecting his/her personal information as per his/her account settings.

In addition to this, a user or a service provider might encounter ‘cookies’ and numerous other devices on this portal, which are placed by any third-party. Haarway does not even control the usage of cookies by any third-party. Further, Haarway’s need providers/ advertisers/consumers, who are already listed on this portal, may contact a user or a service provider as per the query that he/she makes with this platform. The need of providers/ advertisers/consumers of Haarway may enquire a user or a service provider regarding the followings –

  • Need provider/service/product
  • The services or products of any advertiser, consumer or need provider
  • The services or products of any specific advertiser, consumer or need provider

Public Creative Contribution’s Visibility

Besides acting as a need-fulfillment portal, Haarway also offers a wide variety of forums for all its members to utilize and express. As such expression remains in the public domain and is associated with the identity of a member; the overall compilation of a member’s contributions to Haarway would be discernible to every audience of this need-fulfillment platform, no matter whether they are the registered members or not.

Disclosing Information to Third Party

To Haarway, the privacy of every user and service provider matters the most. There might be certain moments or phases when it is required to disclose or share the personal information of a user or a service provider to a third-party.

All the users and service providers should remember that Haarway holds the right of sharing all the call recordings conducted between –

  • Haarway and any user
  • Haarway and any service provider
  • A service provider and a user of Haarway through UVN to accounting, legal or any other advisor, which offers professional guidelines in the forms of quality monitoring, training, and quality management of its services to a service provider or a user

The users and service providers of this need-fulfillment platform should grant their irrevocable consent to Haarway for sharing such call recordings to any third-party for different objectives and purposes. They should further disclaim or even abandon any right to charge or sue Haarway in connection to the same. These third-parties must be bound by a strict agreement of confidentiality in order to restrict their usage of such information.

Haarway further holds the right of selling or sharing all or at least a bit of personal information of the users or service providers with many other business entities if it wishes to merge with any for amalgamating, re-organizing and restructuring its own business. If any such transaction takes place, the other business entities or the new ones would be formed as a result of any such transaction. Every user and service provider of this platform should abide by Haarway’s privacy policies with respect to their personal data and information. One should have no objection or be considered to have waived every objection in connection with the same for exploring all the services to their fullest.

Every third party with which Haarway shares a user’s or a service provider’s personal information must be bound by a confidentiality agreement, which will automatically limit their usage of such information. Additionally, Haarway might share their personal information to send complimentary offers/coupons and direct Emails to any mailing agency for processing their postal mailing. Any such agency has to be bound by a confidential agreement, which would restrict its usage of such data and information.

Policy of Partnering

Haarway might partner with several other online services for providing a combined solution. Whether Haarway provides any combined service, it will always make it clear about who would be the partner and it would be completely up to a user or a service provider to use or unused any particular service. Every user and service provider should be aware of the fact that other than its privacy policies, Haarway will not reveal or sell the personal data of a user or a service provider to any third-party without getting his/her prior consent. However, this might be an exception in case it’s required for the objectives set out in Haarway’s Privacy Policy or unless it is needed to commit so by law.

Policies of Aggregated Demographic Information

Haarway holds the right to offer aggregate demographic information to its member base for the sake of advertisement and others for attracting pertinent advertisers to promote their products or services on this portal. It does not share any kind of personal information of any individual user or service provider with advertisers.

Policies Related to Disclosures Needed by Law

If required by the law, Haarway may possibly reveal a piece of personal information. It would disclose any such information wherein it has a strong belief that it is required to oblige the order of a court, any on-going judicial procedure, or any other legal method served on its platform or to defend against a legal claim or to exercise any legal right.

Haarway might disclose any personal information to the owner of a third-party, a law enforcement officer, or many others in a good faith that such revelation is required to –

  • Empower, as well as, enforce its Privacy Policy or Terms of Use
  • Respond to any kind of claim which states that any posting, content or ad has violated a third-party’s rights
  • Protect the overall rights, personal safety or property of Haarway’s services or any other general public

Privacy Policy on Any Abuse on Haarway

All the users and service providers of this platform must be aware of the fact that Haarway is committed to enforcing and ensuring an absolutely safe and co-operative online community space for each of its members. To this impact, Haarway has come up with a specific policy on abuse, which it would like all its members to be acquainted with. Such rules can govern the usage of this need-fulfillment portal and its services/product offerings. Haarway demands all its members to support and co-operate it in regards to complying with such rules so everyone can delve into a pleasantly memorable experience.

Policies of Spamming and Advertising

Any kind of promotional or commercial message from any company or business is not welcomed or even permitted on Haarway’s network. Being one of the most leading business listing service providers in India, Haarway has come up with a portal for all its members so that they can easily express themselves through different forms i.e. columns, articles, comments, opinions, reviews, images, and the likes. However, the website should not be used just as a medium of selling or marketing any service or product to any of its members.

Any kind of promotion or advertisement is only allowed on this platform if it’s being used for any publication, event, or similar occasion, which is relevant to the topic of discussion or is absolutely non-commercial in its nature. All the essential information about sharing or locating any kind of expertise or knowledge is welcomed on this platform. But these should be relevant to the subject matter on which a suggestion or an opinion has been generated or a discussion has been initiated.

The users and service providers should refrain from posting chain letters, promoting any pyramid scheme, or recruiting any member for the purpose of network marketing or multi-level businesses. They should not recruit any member to join any other chat group or website forum, be it personal or even otherwise. If anyone has anything to suggest for a completely new forum, then he/she can contact Haarway at any point in time.

Haarway has always and will continue to encourage impactful discussions on different topics that all the members have already contributed to in the forum or wherever relevant. Any member of this platform can post links to their content on this platform. However, the promotion of any inappropriate link to any other commercial site on any forum won’t be allowed and would be discarded immediately. If anyone is uncertain about any link or a posting, he/she must send relevant queries to member relations. The definition of a proper link is one, which has relevance to both the forum topics and posting. A fully commercial website is deemed as the one that aims to promote a service/product for a particular price or any other consideration, which recommends that it is for brining profits to a business.

Policies for Materials with Copyright

All the users and service providers of this platform should know that uploading any kind of copyrighted material as a complete or in part on Haarway without proper permission or consent from any copyright owner should be considered to violate the copyright. This is also applicable to different copyrighted materials that include images, texts, movies, music, games, and several other software or tools used in analog or digital format.

This need-fulfillment platform holds all the essential rights of deleting any such copyrighted stuff without asking for any prior consultation or permission from a member. If anyone suspects that a photo submitted to Haarway’s platform is not copyright protected or has been used in a fraudulent manner, then he/she can immediately contact Haarway or send an Email to its member reaction section.

Policies for Safety Guidelines

The need-fulfillment platform of Haarway is known to have reached out to a larger audience base by exhibiting the finest of its member contributions. But, in doing so, this portal will not be allowed to post anything on its site, which it believes to be potentially endangering, embarrassing or inflammatory to its members. This apart, Haarway also helps all its members to be acquainted with a few things in connection to/the interest of their overall safety and security.

For every member of this platform, it is important to keep in mind that they are solely accountable for the safety of their personal information. Haarway recommends that none of its members should reveal his/her name, residential address, contact number, Email address, and any other personal data online. All the members should be aware of the fact that the moment they post their photos on this portal, the images won’t be visible to the whole Internet community. However, any photo which is displayed on a computer screen is downloadable. This means that a member’s photo can be saved by someone who is viewing it. For Haarway, it is not at all possible to do anything to prevent anyone from downloading the photos of its members. In fact, Haarway cannot is deemed accountable if any such incident occurs. If a member is genuinely reluctant to face any such phenomenon, he/she should hold back from submitting his/her picture to Haarway.

The members of this platform are requested not to post any chain letter, advertise pyramid scheme, or hire any member for conducting multi-level marketing or network marketing. No member should be recruited to join any other chat group or website forum, whether personal or even otherwise. If anyone wants to suggest anything for any new chat group or forum, he/she must contact Haarway or send his/her queries to the member relation department of this platform.

Haarway always appreciates healthy and fruitful discussions on different matters contributed by the members of this platform and forum. Every member can share the links of their posts and contents on this portal as well. However, the inappropriate links to any unknown site or excessive promotion of any content on any forum shall not be encouraged and be removed immediately. If anyone is uncertain about whether a post or a link is allowed by Haarway, he/she can send queries to its member relation department. An appropriate link refers to the one, which is relevant and accurate to both the forum topic and posting. A commercial website is deemed as one that emphasizes promoting a service/product for a certain price rate or for any other consideration, which suggests that it is solely a ‘for-profit’ business.

Polices of Site Access and License

Haarway grants every member a limited license for accessing or using its website. According to this limited license, no member is allowed to download or improve any web page (except page caching). However, a member can express his/her concerns through written consent to Haarway. This license never includes any kind of commercial usage or resale of Haarway’s site or contents. It does not include any use or collection of any product/service listings, price rates or descriptions; any kind of derivative usage of this website or its contents; any kind of downloaded or copied account information for benefitting any other merchant; any usage of robots, data mining or similar data extraction or gathering software or tool.

The website of Haarway or even any specific portion of it might not be duplicated, rebuilt, sold/resold, copied, viewed, or exploited to meet any commercial purpose sans submitting any written consent to Haarway. A member might not use any frame or framing method for enclosing any logo, trademark, or other proprietary data i.e. text, photo, form, page layout, etc. of Haarway or its involvement without any written consent.

A member should refrain from using a Meta title or any ‘hidden text’ to utilize Haarway’s name or trademarks sans expressing any written consent of this need-fulfillment platform. Any kind of unauthorized or illegal usage of this platform would automatically terminate the license or permission granted by Haarway. Every member would be granted a revocable, non-exclusive and limited right for creating a hyperlink to this site’s home page as long as the link does not exhibit Haarway or its products/services/associates in a misleading, offensive or untrue manner. One may not use the proprietary graphic identity, logo, or trademark as a part of the website’s link without asking for any written permission.

Policy of Legalities

Each and every member of this need-fulfillment platform is reminded that they might be deemed legally liable for everything they would say or commit online. Particularly, these members might be held accountable for spreading any kind of defamatory threat, comment, or any fraudulent or illegal claims or complaints made by them. Haarway does not hold the right of endorsing or promoting any opinion or suggestions expressed by any of its members.

In case, if any member remains incapable of observing or obliging any of these aforementioned rules of conduct, Haarway can rightfully terminate his/her membership or even delete his/her contributions from this website, depending on the severity or nature of the breach. Haarway may not warn them beforehand or seek their consent while terminating their membership or deleting their accounts. A member’s registration or usage of this platform or its services/products could be considered as acceptance of the aforementioned rules of conduct. Haarway’s decision on every matter is absolutely final. Every decision was taken by Haarway should be binding on each of its members. The legal jurisdiction for any kind of dispute or infringement would be conducted at the High Court of West Bengal, India.

The need-fulfillment platform of Haarway strives to foster a fruitful local business listing portal, which will serve legions of users and service providers of India. One of the main mottos of Haarway is to serve and delight its members by meeting their needs. It uses almost every feedback and review for improving and refining the overall online experience of its esteemed members. If anyone is looking to reach out to team Haarway, he/she can do so by writing to or The customer support staff of Haarway will certainly connect with you within a short while. All that Haarway wants is to delight all its members with a rewarding and pleasurable experience on its need-fulfillment platform.

Policy for Membership Account

For anyone who is using Haarway’s site, it is important to keep in mind that he/she is solely accountable for maintaining his/her account’s overall confidentiality and passwords. In order to limit access to his/her computer, a member is required to agreeably accept and value the responsibility for each and every activity, which takes place under his/her password or account. If a member is below 18, he/she should use or have access to Haarway’s site with the involvement of his/her guardians or parents. Haarway and its associates hold the accountability of refusing services, editing or discarding contents, canceling orders, or terminating accounts in their discretion.

Policy of Orders

Every order is subjected to acceptance or approval by a user or a service provider will not be accountable to a service receiver or another party by any cause of its incapacity to consider any order under a circumstance, where an organization would fail to fulfill any order requirement or an order does not sync in with a company’s privacy policies due to any reason.

Upon the consideration of any order by a service provider, any part of that order cannot be terminated by a user or a service provider unless any written consent is accepted by an authorized agent of a user or a service provider. Every service receiver is required to support a service provider by giving out complete and accurate end-user information at the time of placing an order. However, an organization would have to ensure that any kind of interaction related to order cancellation should be restricted within a specific time to the person in concern and any kind of applicable refund would be made in a reasonable time-frame.


Any kind of communication, sent to this platform by the means of Email or website, is not deemed effective or delivered unless they are processed or received by the responsible representative of Haarway.

Policy of Grievance

This document is actually an electronic record in regards to the Information Technology Act, 2000, and some other rules and regulations made thereunder. This electronic record is usually generated by a computer system. Also, it does not even require any kind of physical or digital signatures. This document is published keeping accordance with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011 which require publishing the Terms for usage or access of Haarway’s services through Haarway’s business listing portal. This document meets all the conditions and stipulations mentioned in Section 65B (2) of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872.  The contact details of Haarway’s grievance office are mentioned below –

By Post –

Address- Unit No: 411, 4th Floor,

PS IXL Building, Chinar Park,

Kolkata, West Bengal 700136

Contact No - (033)4044-7929

Email Address – or

Copyright Policy

Rights of Intellectual Property Infringement Claims

Haarway pays utmost value to the intellectual property rights that include, but certainly not restricted to copyright, patent, trademark, design, trade name, data, service mark, and media (i.e. illustration, image, video/audio clip, etc.)of many others and hold other users back from posting, distributing, upholding or otherwise transferring any material on the portal and involving in any other activity on Haarway’s need-fulfillment platform, which commits a breach of the copyrights of others.

Any IP in any way can form certain parts of/be connected to/does belong to this need-fulfillment platform. Such IP shall exclusively belong to the portal of Haarway. Every other IP on this portal might belong to their owners. For each and every member of this platform, it is essential to keep in mind that IP on this portal is completely for their personal, as well as, non-commercial usage. Any kind of usage of the IP for which a member receives any remuneration would be deemed as commercial use.

Without the consent of the owner of Haarway, the utilization of IP, in any way, is a strict no! This act would be deemed as a violation of Haarway’s or its owner’s Intellectual Property Rights. Such violation or infringement could have resulted in the termination of an account on this need-fulfillment platform. All the members must be aware of the fact that Haarway further holds the right of taking suitable legal steps against any such violation or infringement of its IP rights.

Notices Related to Takedown

If a member wishes to report against any work or material posted on this platform, he/she must provide Haarway with a written-interaction, which includes the followings –

  • A detailed description of every work with sufficient information for identifying them properly
  • Thorough details denoting that the complaint or claim has been made by the respective owner of Haarway
  • Each detail must establish the fact that the copy of every work that is the subject matter of incidental or transient storage is an infringing copy of a work owned by the claim and that the act of violation is not covered or scrutinized under any specific section or any other act, which is permitted under India’s copyright act 1957
  • Each detail of the location where any incidental or transient storage of the work is occurring
  • Every detail of a person, if known, who is accountable for uploading any work violating the copyright of the claim or complaint
  • Undertaking that the claim or complaint shall file any violation suit in any of the competent courts against anyone accountable for uploading the infringed copy within a span of 21 days right from the date of receiving the notice

As far as any of the aforementioned notices are to be concerned, the final resolution of the same would vest in Haarway.

The Copyright Administrator of Haarway

If any member is required to send any forgoing written communication or any takedown notice to Haarway, he/she should keep in mind the below-mentioned address –

Address- Unit No: 411, 4th Floor,

PS IXL Building, Chinar Park,

Kolkata, West Bengal 700136

Contact No - (033)4044-7929

Email Address – or

Certain Disclaimers to Keep in Mind

Haarway recommends to all of its members to consult with their advocates or legal assistants prior to filing any of the foregoing written interactions including, Haarway’s takedown notice, counter-notice, and the likes. Anyone who deliberately misrepresents any material or information on the need-fulfillment platform of Haraway might end up exposing himself/herself to legal liabilities. If anyone infringes any rule/notice or any removes any post/material from the portal by misidentification or mistake, might end up exposing himself/herself to legal accountability as well.

This is not possible for everyone to have an awareness or understanding of different copyright issues. They may not know how accidentally they can fall prey to any copyright infringement issue. Haarway is well-aware of this fact. But, this platform does not have any support or tolerance for the wilful or deliberate copyright infringers.

In case, if Haarway decides in its discretion that any of its members have deliberately violated any copyright of others or has been continuously infringing others’ copyrights in spite of the prior warning, it can take the necessary action immediately. Haarway may cancel that member’s account or hold him/her back from further using or accessing the portal.

By using or having access to this platform, one can automatically agree and acknowledge that Haarway holds all the rights to report or even cancel a member’s account besides prohibiting him/her from making any further use of this portal. A member’s continuous usage or access to this platform would reaffirm his/her agreement, as well as, an acknowledgment in every instance.