Cookie Policy

Taking the significance of cookies into a key consideration, Haarway along with its business partners put an emphasis on using cookies and some other technologies for tracking the users’ usage of its website.

Also, it enables Haarway to offer significant features and functionalities on its website, track its usage, and curate a personalized experience for users. Cookies help Haarway in displaying useful information to match their preferences and interests as well.

A Quick Overview of Cookies

A cookie hints at a certain piece of a text file, which is sent to a user’s browser by a website that he/she has already visited. This text-file could be downloaded on a user’s computer, smartphone, or tablet when he/she skims around a website.

Cookies capacitate a website to remember all the essential information about a user’s prior visit, his/her language of choice, and numerous other settings. As a result of this, the next visit of a user to a website becomes a lot easier. In a nutshell, without cookies, it would be nothing short of an uphill task to access a website.

Time to Grab More Info on Pixels

Just like cookies, pixels play a crucial role, too. For those, who have inadequate or zero knowledge of cookies, it’s essential to know that pixels indicate tiny pieces of codes, which contain an image placed on a webpage a user is visiting. Pixels are mainly used to target, as well as, re-market advertisements and other promotional contents of a website.

Upon being used as a re-marketing or targeting tool, a pixel helps in collecting all the necessary information in the form of some anonymous cookies. Later, such information is used by Haarway’s advertising team for displaying targeted ads and other promotional content to pick individuals. For an instance, if a user is paying a visit to Haarway’s site to search for designer costumes on hire, he/she might be provided with a lucrative offer or deal from a dealer of rented costumes when he/she visits Twitter, Facebook and other sites in the future.

A Glimpse of the Cookies Used on Haarway’s Website

If you are intrigued to know more about the cookies used by Haarway and some of its other business partners, you may look into the below-mentioned categories.

Cookies TypesExampleCheck out the Details

Cookies That are the Needs of the Hour

Cookies Chosen on the Basis of Their Performance

Cookies Selected for Advertising





Write Feedback

The importance of these cookies is paramount especially when it comes to operating the website of Haarway.

For instance, cookies fall under this category would allow a user to log in only to the safe and secure areas of Haarway’s website.

These cookies also enable a user to communicate between his/her browser and Haarway’s site.

Haarway makes it a point to use analytical cookies to gain a thorough understanding of the ways users get connected to its website.

Haarway keeps a close tab on each of its audiences, thus gaining a clear understanding of how many visitors are actually using its website.

Backed by this, Haarway enhances the overall performance of its website and makes sure that each audience is finding what he/she is probing.

For the right kind of user-engagement, it’s essential that the audiences are engaged through ads relevant to their interests, needs, preferences et al.

Bearing this fact to mind, Haarway makes sure to use cookies that can collect useful information about things that can interest its audiences.

Such cookies do not provide too many advertisements. Instead, these only display the kinds of ads that audiences are truly interested to watch.

To understand these cookies better, you can take Floodlights for an instance. Using these cookies, Haarway can monitor and report on its audiences’ activities.

In order to enhance customer experience, Haarway uses certain cookies, via which, it can remember its audiences’ preferences, how he/she likes to use its site, and the likes.

With the help of certain cookies, Haarway remembers its visitors, their preferences, etc., so they are served with the kind of content they would find engaging or interesting.

Such cookies will help Haarway remember certain nitty-gritty facts like the audiences who tend to re-visit its site, whether they prefer logging in through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site.

To understand these cookies better, you can take users’ feedbacks as an example. Using these cookies, Haarway figures out those audiences who log in to its site for sharing their opinions, writing feedbacks et al.

Perks of Facebook Pixel and the Way Haarway Reaps Them

Among each kind of pixel that Haarway uses, marketing pixels deserve a special mention. Facebook Pixel is one of the most prominent examples of a marketing pixel. Haarway’s uses Facebook Pixel to create relevant advertisements and other promotional content, which have a strong resonance with the products or services sought by the audiences. To say more specifically, Haarway tailors ads relevant to causes or business an audience might be interested in depending on his/her quest on

Cookies Used on Haarway’s Business Partner Sites

Being India’s one of the most leading online business listing directories, Haarway places advertisements and numerous other promotional contents on a bunch of third-party websites. Something that irritates almost all the audiences the most is probably an advertisement, which is displayed on a website quite repetitively.

Being well-aware of this phenomenon, Haarway uses certain cookies, via which, it can control the number of times a visitor is shown a certain ad on such sites. In a quest to keep the visitors’ privacy intact, Haarway does not include any kind of personal data in such cookies.

Haarway Pays Utmost Value to Users’ Consent

For all those users looking to use Haarway’s site for the first time, it’s important to know that they would be informed about its use of cookies so they can enjoy a better website experience. If someone continues to rummage through Haarway’s website, it would automatically signify that he/she has consented to its usage of cookies depicted in its cookie policy.

Third-Party Cookies are Integral Parts of Haarway’s Site

In the afore-mentioned content, we have already discussed an assortment of cookies used by Haarway for multiple reasons. Some of these above-mentioned cookies and Facebook pixels, discussed above are usually preserved on a user’s machine by different third-parties when someone uses Haarway’s site.

Even though almost all third-party cookies are a part and parcel of Haarway’s site, yet it has no control over them. It cannot even control the way any third-party uses such cookies.

If you are looking to have access to the website of Haarway without having to deal with any third-party cookie, you would always have the chance to disable them. Here are the individual privacy policies of third-party, which you should keep in mind, especially if you want to disable them while visiting or accessing Haarway’s site. Take a look –


Different Kinds of Cookies



With the help of Google, Haarway receives all the anonymized data regarding the visits made to its website.


Google preserves certain cookies that enable the social sharing functionality of Google+



Using Facebook pixels, Haarway tailors advertisements relevant to its users’ product/service demands, requisites, etc. depending on their search on


Facebook puts an emphasis on preserving cookies that enable its functionalities of social sharing. However, one can use it only when he/she hits the ‘Like’ button of Facebook on Haarway’s website or logs into the site using his/her Facebook account.



Omniture or Adobe offers anonymized information about all the visits made to Haarway’s site. Using this cookie, Haarway gains the ability to evaluate and test the most effective ways of displaying its website to multiple users across the globe.

The Sure-Fire Ways of Not Receiving Cookies

There are legions of users out there who are hell-bent on opting out of receiving any kind of cookies. Haarway has certain way outs or solutions for such people. A user might have previously consented to Haarway allowing cookies on his/her machine, but later changed his/her decision, can also opt-out of coming across cookies.

For those, who are unwilling to receive cookies, it’s important to know that they should discard cookies from their browsers. There are multiple browsers, which may enable a user to prevent certain cookies from being preserved or piled upon his/her machine in the days to come.

There are some users out there, who are interested in discarding the third-party cookies in particular. A user, who belongs to this lot, should directly visit the relevant and useful third-party website for monitoring and managing cookies preserved on his/her machine.

Something that every user should keep in their mind is that disabling cookies might take a toll on their websites’ overall functionalities. Users should remember that Haarway lacks the capacity of managing or monitoring third-party cookies preserved on their machines from their websites. Sharing their cookie preference with Haarway may not prevent the third-party cookies from entering or being stored in their machines. Rather, these cookies are required to be directly managed with multiple other relevant and useful third-parties.

Updates or Changes to Haarway’s Cookie Policy

If need be, the above-mentioned cookie policies of Haarway may go through some changes, improvements, or updates. To stay updated with such changes, one should visit Haarway’s website as frequently as possible. Every user should keep this fact in mind that if they continue to use its website sans changing their settings; it would automatically mean that they consent to Haarway’s use of cookies keeping accordance with its cookie policy.