Copyright Policy

Haarway’s logos, service marks, trademarks, trade names, and several other marks are collectively known as ‘Marks.’ These marks are contained by the online business listing portal of Haarway. These marks are considered as the intellectual properties of Haarway or the respective third parties or vendors of it.

Haarway lays emphasis on using the marks of its respective vendors, as well as, third parties obtained from the distributor or owner channels. However, in this process, Haarway holds no intention of acquiring any license or right of use to such marks. This infringement policy creates a more secure and reliable marketplace by holding Haarway’s business listing portal back from violating any intellectual property right of a rightful owner or any third party.

As per the policies of Haarway, all the users, sellers, and consumers are required to value and obey each and every governmental regulation and law, which is included but not restricted to the infringement policies, as revised once in a while. A user can send an infringement intimation to Haarway at, upon coming across something on its portal, which may violate the intellectual property rights.

Any request, which does not specify an exact product URL or ID or the following details, will not be processed by Haarway. All the users are requested not to provide any link for browsing the pages or links of search queries mainly because these are dynamic in nature, and their contents could be changed or edited from time to time.

The Way You Can Report a Listing

If you strongly believe that your IP has got infringed by any of Haarway’s sellers or any user, you can seek legal advice or abide by the process elucidated below. Haarway requires an authorized representative or an intellectual property right owner to provide the below-mentioned details and an Email at

While creating the mail, a user is required to inculcate the information mentioned below –

  • An accurate description or identification of the Intellectual Property Right, which has been violated
  • The location of the material in concern should be identified or described on the portal of Haarway. The ID and website links of the products that have been claimed for infringement should be mentioned, as well.
  • The user needs to share his/her address details, Email address, contact number, etc.
  • The user should provide a statement to testify or confirm that every piece of information provided by him/her is 100% true and accurate. He/she needs to confirm that he/she is the actual owner of the intellectual property or copyright, or at least authorized for acting on the behalf of an intellectual property or copyright owner.
  • The trade or brand name should be mentioned in case an issue or concern pertaining to trademark infringement crops up.
  • Each and every detail pertaining to an intellectual property, which has been claimed to be infringed, should be mentioned. The user should attach the accurate trademark certificates and copyrighted images to the Email, as well.
  • A user must provide all the documents or details of a legal proceeding that has been initiated against any entity, which has allegedly violated the Intellectual Property Rights of an owner.

Run a Glance through Haarway’s Grievance Redressal Policy

Besides taking all the essential actions, Haarway will/may remove all the infringed details or products from its listing portal within a time span of 15 working days, subject to thorough verification of every detail as mentioned above.