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Take Your Tastebud on a ‘Desi’ Tour at the Top Bihari Restaurants in Kolkata

If your tummy is carving some authentic and flavourful Bihari thalis at the best price points, then heading to a popular Bihari restaurant in Kolkata should be your priority-topper. Almost all these eateries dish out more than chokha, litti and sattu coolers, which are the staple meals of every Bihari. If your heart and taste-buds are craving some yummy Bihari fare, then consider tucking into the top Bihari restaurants in Kolkata. In case, budget seems to be a concern or a constraint, then you may try the authentic Bihari thalis or dishes at the popular Bihari Dhabas in Kolkata. 

Discover the Yummiest Bihari Eats in Kolkata

Kolkata is considered to be a magician’s cauldron especially when it comes to food. Home to a legion of people from all across the globe, the City of Joy also houses people from Bihar. To satiate their craving for Bihari meals, this city has brought some of the best restaurants, which serve a wide variety of authentic and lip-smacking Bihari delicacies. The Bihari restaurants in Kolkata could be categorized on the basis of their menus, services, ambiences, pricing, locations, and the likes. Whether you are concerned over your budget or ready to splurge exorbitantly, you will get manifold options in Bihari food-joints in Kolkata. The authentic Bihrai meals dished out at these restaurants are not just delicious in tastes, but would be an instant hit with their style of plating or serving, too.

Book a Table Now

Almost all the popular Bihari food restaurant in Kolkata provide the option of booking a table in advance, thereby allowing their customers to avoid long queues. Are you looking to gorge on some yummy Bihari meals without leaving the comfort of your abode? You would be glad to know that many of the Bihrai eateries also offer online-order facilities.

In case, if you haven’t yet tried the authentic Bihari platters of the city, you must find the best Bihari restaurant in the city through Haarway, without any further ado. At Haarway's online business and service listing portal, you can find an all-inclusive list of Bihari restaurants in Kolkata, based on your requisites, budget and location preferences. With their delectable meals and warm hospitality, these eateries will get you smitten by them!