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Reap the Benefits of Enhanced External Counter Pulsation at Top EECP Treatment Centers in Kolkata 

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation, aka, EECP refers to a non-invasive treatment, which is performed to decrease the intensity and dire impacts of Angina and other coronary artery diseases. If you are reluctant to opt for any invasive procedure or angiogram to treat your heart diseases, you should consider counting on the best EECP treatment centers in Kolkata. At the reputed EECP  therapy centers in the city, Enhanced External Counter Pulsation is conducted as a low-risk and non-invasive treatment to minimize the numbers of Angina phases. This treatment is mainly administered via some external inflatable cuffs, which are usually applied around a patient’s buttocks, upper and lower legs. These cuffs consistently deflate and inflate between a heartbeat’s resting periods, thus maximizing blood flowing back to the heart.

Improve Your Cardiac Health & Functions with EECP

For patients with chronic heart disorders can also get benefitted by the advanced EECP therapy. The importance of EECP treatments is paramount, when it comes to enabling a patient to have better control over certain cardiac risk factors including, Hypertension, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, and the likes. This advanced therapy could be beneficial to those who are unable to do any physical workout due to arthritis, joint pain, and the likes. 

EECP is considered as a reliable alternative to surgeries like angioplasty, bypass surgery, etc. The advanced treatment provided by the best EECP treatment centers in Kolkata can –

  • Supply more oxygen to heart
  • Minimize chest pain
  • Enhance overall energy
  • Minimize the usage of Nitroglycerin

And, many more…!

Find Kolkata’s Top EECP Therapy Centre via Haarway

Are you looking for a reputed and renowned EECP therapy centers within your proximity? If yes, then  consider banking upon Haarway to begin your search with. Do not forget to check an EECP therapy center's patient reviews, ratings, reputation, etc. before making a final choice.