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Wrap Your Getaway with Luxe Amenities Provided by the Top Island Resorts in Kolkata 

To some travellers, an island is all about adventure, water sports, and laid-back days. For some, an island is a relaxing escape to crystal clear water, azure sky, fresh breeze, long walks, and optimum serenity. To add some more relaxation and refreshment to your trip to an island, make sure to put up at the best island resort in Kolkata.

Encompassed by green-carpeted nature and marshy water, the top island resorts of the city exemplify heaven on the earth! Almost all the top-notch island resorts of the city are equipped with loads of state-of-the-art amenities, which can cater to anyone’s luxury demands. A wide variety of accommodations are provided by these resorts. Depending on your budget and need, you can find the best island resort in Kolkata. However, while booking an island resort in the city, consider checking all the amenities and accommodation facilities it proffers. 

Explore the Best Accommodation and Facilities

Whether you are planning for a family outing, a fun-filled getaway spent at the best island resorts near Kolkata will delight you with special arrangements, befitting each purpose and every budget. There are some island resorts in the city, which will keep you entertained with certain fun activities including –

  • Ferry ride
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkelling
  • Sky diving
  • Parachuting
  • Bike rental services
  • Bonfire
  • Outdoor games like volleyball, etc.

And, many more….!

Some of the most basic amenities provided by the top island resorts in the city include the followings –

  • Sprawling rooms
  • Swimming pools
  • Arrangement for water-sport activities
  • Event/party arrangements
  • Resplendent décor
  • Parking facilities
  • Green walkways
  • In-house eateries/cafes
  • Banquet hall
  • Gym
  • On-demand room services
  • Courteous staff
  • TV with many channels
  • Optimum safety and security
  • 24X7 power backup
  • Wi-Fi

And, so on…!

Find the Best Island Resort in Kolkata

Prior to choosing a resort at your favourite island destination, consider fixing your budget and jotting down your needs. Before you book an island resort in Kolkata, make sure to decide whether it’s going to be a short getaway or an extended vacation. Once these are done, look for a suitable island resort through Haarway, via which you can grab all the essential details of Kolkata’s best of island resorts.