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Maya Seba Kendra
  • Time 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Open Now
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Global Instant Source
  • Time 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Open Now
  • 07XXXXXX92
  • Beadon Street, Manicktala, Sahitya Parishad, Kolkata, West Bengal 700006, India
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0 reviews
Sambhar Aya Centre
  • Time 24 Hrs
  • Open Now
  • 07XXXXXX43
  • Haridevpur Ajeya Sanghati Bus Stop, M.G. Road, Haridevpur, Paschim Putiary, Kolkata, West Bengal 700082, India
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Arati Sampa Aya Centre
  • Time 24 Hrs
  • Open Now

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Are you searching for the best maid agency services in Kolkata?

The world is moving quickly, and we all are trying to keep up with its pace. Due to lack of time, we fail to accomplish our daily tasks. However, if you are tangled between life and work, the idea of cleaning your own home can be quite overwhelming.

You need to invest good time and energy in doing daily household chores. This is why depending on full-time maid agencies in Kolkata can be fruitful and rewarding. We all have numerous work to do before the night's sleep. Hence, the household chores can become a huge burden and make us more frustrated.

Expert maids give their best in keeping your house clean. They use their time skillfully to work efficiently. By hiring them, you can stop worrying about cooking, washing clothes, cleaning utensils, and taking care of your children.

Services Offered By Full-Time Maid Agencies in Kolkata

The services offered by full-time maid agencies in Kolkata vary accordingly. Check out the list of services below,

  • Dusting Your Entire House :- Your sofa, bed, table, desk, and chairs can quickly accumulate dust. Working people can always find it hard to clean the corners or areas of their house like behind the bed or sofa. In such cases, the maid would dust off the entire house, preventing the appliances and furniture from being dirty.
  • Managing the Kitchen:- Managing and cleaning the kitchen every day can be a hectic task. The agencies that provide cooking maid services in Kolkata manage the food preparation and cleaning in the kitchen. Along with this, they are also responsible for arranging the cupboards and washing the utensils.
  • Handling Clothes and Making the Bed:- You don’t have to stress about washing or ironing your clothes. The centers that offer house maid services will do this job for you. Making the bed won’t tire you out anymore as the expert maids will change the bedsheet and prepare the bed for you to rest.
  • Taking Care of the Elderly and Children:- They can look after the elderly and children according to the instructions provided by the homeowners. The maids are well-trained to handle the tantrums of the baby. Those who are looking after the senior citizens are well versed in handling medical equipment and medication. 
  • Cleaning Service for Special Events:- You can avail the agency’s customized cleaning plan for special events. Whether you are throwing a party or welcoming a newborn baby in your house, these maids are ready to assist you. They are ready to make any last-minute changes if required.

Approximate Charges Asked by Maids

The price chart mentioned below will not only show the full-time maid cost in Kolkata but also the charges asked by them for different services:-

Types of Services Salary
Cleaning service for 1 full day Approx Rs 300 to Rs 500 per day
Maid for 8 hours About Rs 6000 per month
Maid for 10 hours An estimate of Rs 8000 monthly
Maids for cooking only like lunch and dinner Starting from about Rs 1500 monthly
24 hours maid service in Kolkata Approx Rs 15000 monthly

Consider These Things Before Hiring a Maid

Before finalizing a maid, you should consider certain things to ensure your safety.

  • Make sure the maid works dedicatedly, and her training should match your needs.
  • The maid service center should be credible and verified. They must do background check-ups of maids before sending them to you.
  • Before finalizing a maid, you must compare the prices offered by different maid service centers. Finalize the one that matches with your budget.
  • Inquire about what house cleaning materials they will be using and, if not, what are the things that you should provide.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Quickly Can You Connect With a Maid?  

The full-time maid agencies in Kolkata will find the most suitable maid for you as soon as possible. They will take about 2 to 3 days to find a suitable maid. You must have a talk with the center regarding this.

Do the Maids Undergo Proper Training? 

Yes, the maids undergo proper training at the service centers. They are 100% well-trained and can do any type of household chores.

Do the Service Centers Conduct Background Check of Their Maids? 

Yes, the service agencies conduct a thorough background check of their maids. They check their past employment records, referral checks, and police verification.

What if the Maid Suddenly Quits? 

In this case, the agency will appoint another maid as a replacement for the previous one. You don’t have a find a new one by yourself. The agency will do it for you.

What is the Work of a Part-Time Maid?

The part-time maids in Kolkata work for 4 to 5 hours a day to complete daily household chores like cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. They will usually charge less for providing service for half day.

Get in Touch with Maid Service Agencies Today

So, without taking any more time, you must search for maid centers near me on India’s top service listing portals and get in touch with verified and credible agencies by mentioning preferences like budget, location, needs, etc.