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Haarway’s Checklist To Purchase The Most Safe And Secured Resale 4 Bhk Resale Property In Kolkata

Tired of shifting flats from one area to another just cause of the increasing rent? Is the rising rent for your 4BHK making a hole in your pocket? Still not satisfied with the amenities instead of paying such a hefty rent? Say goodbye to all your rent issues and live a life of peace with a one-time investment in 4 BHK resale luxury property in Kolkata with Haarway.

Yes, your monthly EMI would be less than your monthly rent. Cut down your monthly living cost to half and multiply your happiness and satisfaction of owning a 4 BHK resale property in Kolkata by 10 times.

Kinds Of Residential Resale Properties

There are two kinds of properties available for resale:

  1. The one bought as an investment to resale it
  2. The one where the person selling it was a resident to it

Generally, property dealers are the sellers for the first kind of resale residential properties in Kolkata. Whether, first kind or the second, here the most important factors to consider while buying a premium 4 BHK resale property Kolkata:

  • Age of the property
  • Existing loan/ mortgage
  • Property papers
  • Transfer fees
  • Amenities and facilities claimed
  • Existing renovation
  • Current ownership
  • Physical condition of the property

Considering these factors, you are never going to regret buying a resale property at any location of Kolkata, and for the rest, we are here just a call away. Browse through the best in town luxury 4 BHk resale property buy in Kolkata to save on your pocket and enjoy a mesmerizing lifestyle.