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Seek Health & Wellness in Traditional Unani Treatments Offered by Unani Doctors in Kolkata 

Yunani or Unani treatments, hailing from the traditional medicinal treatments of Persia and Arab, abide by the ideology of – “prevention is always better than any cure.” Time and again, it has proven to be beneficial in treating health issues of different sorts. This alternative medicine swears by natural therapies, herbal remedies, Unani medications, and healthy dietary practices. If you have had enough of popping those strong ant-biotic medicines or if you don’t want to opt for any kind of surgery to treat a health problem, it's the best Unani doctors in Kolkata that you should bank upon. 

Treat Your Health Issues with Unani Medicines

Kolkata’s top Unani doctors have their chambers at different locations in the city. Backed by Unani treatment and medicines, one can get benefitted with different health issues like asthma, arthritis, heart problems, erectile dysfunction, low libido, anxiety, hyper-tension, and the likes. Before narrowing down a Unani clinic in the city, make sure to jot down your medical requisites, budget choices, location preference, etc. thoroughly. Unlike the conventional health experts, those who specialize in Unani treatments or medications firmly believe that our nature has every possible medicinal resource to ensure our health and overall wellbeing.

Hence, Unani treatments tend to revolve around the followings –

  • Fresh air
  • Healthy food
  • Pure water
  • Physical exercise
  • Mental exercise i.e. meditation, etc.
  • Adequate sleep
  • Wakefulness

And, the likes…!

Find the Best Unani Doctor Near You

The traditional Unani treatments could be divvied into four categories naming, regimental therapy, pharmacotherapy, diet therapy, and surgery. If you are looking for the best Unani doctors in Kolkata, you must rely upon Haarway's online business and service listing portal. Don’t forget to read patient reviews or ratings of Unani clinic or a Unani doctor before making the final decision.