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Top VB .Net Online Training Program for Professional Developers

The Visual Basic .NET or VB .NET online training courses from Haarway’s listing are designed for both beginner programmers and professional developers. Learn Visual Basic and .NET Framework from the basic concepts to advanced level with the course. Our online course content will help you become a pro developer so that you can grab amazing job opportunities in the future!

Who Should Take VB .Net Online Training?

VB .Net Training is perfect for those who wish to work as a .NET developer in the future. As visual basic online course doesn’t have any prerequisites, beginners with basic programming knowledge can apply for it. Also, the professional developer can do this training course for the advancement of their development skills. Surely, it will help professionals to boost their career growth!

What Are You Going To Learn?

  • Overview of VB .NET Framework
  • Basic functionality of CLR, MSIL, and CTS
  • Introduction to VB .NET and OOPS Concepts
  • Installation of the Visual Studio Development Environment
  • Building classes with methods, properties, and events in VB.NET
  • Using overloaded methods to perform calculations
  • Program debugging with data types, Looping statements, and functions

Why Choose Haarway?

Haarway brings you full flexibility and easy to choose online courses from different institutes, based on your current location. Once you complete the VB.NET online training course, you will become an expert programmer in Visual Basic.NET. So, check out the course from Haarway and enrol with the best course!