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Bangladeshi Restaurants in Kolkata - Bridging the Borders between Bengals and Foodies 

The old-fashioned and 100% traditional ‘bhuri-bhoj’ of ‘opar-bangla’ (East Bengal) is very much alive in the popular Bangladeshi restaurants in Kolkata. Famous for its flavourful and rich cuisines, Bangladesh has a deep-rooted dalliance with food and foodies. If you thought that the authentic Bangladeshi meals are all about just rice, Hilsa fish and sweet yoghurt, you should immediately bust the myth with a vast variety of Bangladeshi fare dished out and served at the best Bangladeshi Restaurant in Kolkata. Besides unlimited Bangladeshi food, you can also try out different authentic Bengali fares at the top Bangladeshi restaurants in the city. 

Savour Traditional and Authentic Bangladeshi Meals 

The famous Bangladeshi eateries of Kolkata serve almost all kinds of typical home-styled Bong-dishes, which contain a range of meals from both non-vegetarian and vegetarian. A meal at any of these food-joints is not a mere feast for your tummy, but each of the five senses! The recipes of most of the Bangladeshi Restaurants in Kolkata are so authentic and homely that it seems like those have been selected from the cook-books of Raibahadurs or Bonedi bawarchis’ manuscripts. Authenticity is the main priority; so much so that most of the top-notch Bangladeshi restaurants in the city don’t even punish the green veggies for their peels, crack the shells of crabs or lobsters and bowdlerize the fishes to a complete bonelessness!

It's Time to Tickle Your Palate with Unlimited Yum!

Besides the main-course meals, you can also snack on some delicious Bangladeshi appetizers like chops, cutlets, fish-fries, etc. at almost all the Bangladeshi food-joints in the city. Palatable desserts, which once used to be the ‘pride’ of every Bangladeshi kitchen, are also served at Kolkata’s top Bangladeshi eateries. Some of the Bangladeshi food-joints serve their patrons with a-la-carte services, while some provide buffet systems. Apart from delicious food, the homely vibes, eclectic décor, handwritten menu-cards, vintage furniture exuding the shades of rural Bangladesh (at some eateries though), courteous staff and hospitable ambiance of Kolkata’s top Bangladeshi eateries shall take your culinary experience to a new height altogether.

So, are you ready to find the top-rated Bangladeshi restaurants in Kolkata? Let Haarway help you seal the deal!