15 Most Popular Restaurants in Kolkata that Must be Tried

Popular Restaurants in Kolkata

We don't know how it happens, but Kolkata has a way of alluring everyone through its gastronomical wonders. It is one of those places, packed with top-notch dining avenues coupled with culinary ingenuity and resplendent tales of the past. From contemporary pioneers to magnificent 'oldie-but-Goldie' types of establishments, there are unlimited food restaurants in Kolkata to keep you occupied. 

Here we are with 15 of the most admired, the best of the best, the must-go's, or the bucket-list exceptional restaurants. 


With numerous outlets sprawling all across the landscape, Flurys is for anyone trying to enjoy a light-hearted conversation with friends over a cup of Darjeeling tea. You wouldn't probably find an individual hailing from Kolkata and not having a story to recount about their favorite pastries. A place with copious mouth-watering treats is definitely worth a try!

Oh! Calcutta 

One of the best and reasonable restaurants in KolkataOh! Calcutta would cater to your tastebuds, favoring the traditional Bengali cuisine. You could start with the lip-smackingly delicious smoked boneless hilsa or smoked bhetki. And finish off your exuberant experience with Kolkata's most pleasing dessert, mishti doi.


When a plate of Arsalan's biryani is on the table, its aromatic pleasure and the visual appeal are enough to make you drool. While eliciting a myriad of sensations, this restaurant has a special place in the hearts of many Bengalis. If you are someone who would like to immerse in the luxe Mughal richness of foodie goodness melting in your mouth, Arsalan is the place to go.

Peter Cat 

Counted among the legendary restaurants in Kolkata, Peter Cat withstood the ravages of the changing paradigm to satiate your appetite. You are most likely to witness a long queue of locals waiting to take a bite of the famous Chelo Kebab. Relish in its Indian and Continental flair along with the essence of being transported back in the 60's!

6 Ballygunge Place

If you plan to delve into an authentic Bengali food restaurant in Kolkata6 Ballygunge Place must be on top of your list. The dishes have been scoured from several cookery books, and you could even devour the taste of Rabindranath Tagore's traditional recipes. One of the most popular meals is Daab chingri. 

Jai Hindi Dhaba

What happens when you hit a late-night craving for Chicken Butter Masala at 1am? You should head over to Jai Hindi Dhaba, an amicable 24 hour restaurant in Kolkata. Just an added tip, you need to try the kulfi from the nearby area after a hearty meal. 


An icon of Kolkata's upscale dining scene, Alfressco would take you aback with its opulent look and feel. Every dish here would delight you with its intricate and careful preparation. And the heavenly taste would linger on your tongue even after leaving the place. 

Oudh 1590

The interior design and space of Oudh 1590, radiates the reminiscence of the Nawabi appeal. You will gain an out-of-this-world experience with excellent food. One of the many prized dishes on its menu is Galaouti Kebab.


Famous for delicacies like Chicken Bara Kebab, Mutton Shammi, Mutton Chaanp, Tangdi Chicken, Zeeshan brings forth enjoyable and tempting food items at a great value. They have a patron of delivering the genuine Mughlai cuisine to the citizens of the City of Joy.


Home to the perennial bestsellers like prawn cocktails, deviled crabs, and Chateaubriand beef steaks, Mocambo continues to spread the magic of being the heritage eatery. The menu incorporates the essence of the Raj Era and continental classics.

Tung Fong

Would you like to revel in the taste of authentic Chinese food? Tung Fong serves you a sumptuously balanced meal along with the perfect ambiance. Be sure to drop by!


What else would you like in a small local cafe? A cozy place with reasonable rates and comforting food? Well, to your utter excitement, Macazzo is just the place you are looking for. 


Are you fond of biryani, kebabs, and firni? Make sure to check out Kareem's. You would be enthralled by the promptness of the waiters, an awe-inspiring decor, and excellent food quality.


Starkly living up to its name, Bohemian restaurant ruptures with uniqueness and refined recipes. Since the contemporary formula mingles with the Bengali classics, the rhapsody of taste is undeniably magical. 

La Cucina

In case you are biased towards Italian cuisines, Kolkata offers you La Cucina. Encounter extensively loaded Italian dishes, considered to be at par with excellence. This top-tier Hyatt restaurant exemplifies the taste of pizzas, pasta, and everything to do with cheese.

Are You Hungry Yet? 

So, what certainly makes us declare a restaurant as the best? Is it the sublime atmosphere, sterling customer service, or maybe an exceptional quality of the food? It doesn't really matter because you will know as soon as you step into one. The list gave you an array of the most popular eateries. Perhaps, after visiting one of them, you shall descend into an invigorating land of rich flavors, that is to be remembered for years to come.

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