6 Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Planners

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Heartiest congrats to you and your beau! You guys are just about to enter a brand-new phase of your lives – the one filled with galore promises of happiness, love, and romance. In India, weddings are celebrated with pomp and gaiety. No need to mention, your marriage celebration is meant to be a momentous and memorable affair, but one which will require a lot of ideation, planning, and decision-making. Unless you have a hands-on experience in arranging or hosting a celebration of such a high octave, it’s advisable that you should entrust professional wedding planners to make your D-day a grand success.

Why Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

Certain things are best left to the professionals. And, this holds true for the arrangement, planning, and hosting of a wedding celebration. As mentioned already, planning a marriage is a hell of a task.

From venue selection to décor arrangement, from guest management to menu selection, from planning budget to picking up dress on rent in Kolkata and managing unexpected situations – planning a wedding is easier said than done!

To avoid unnecessary stress, you must rely upon experienced, skilled, efficient, and knowledgeable experts, who will shoulder every responsibility, and ensure that your wedding turns out to be a runaway success from the word “get-go!” The experts provide a fully pragmatic and well-organized approach to turning your wedding visions into fruition.

However, the City of Joy is filled to the brim with a number of event and wedding management companies. With so many experts claiming fame, it could be a tad difficult for you to choose the best organizations.

Keep your research on. Check out websites or YouTube channels or social media pages of the event management hubs, you’re planning to count on. Ask your friends, colleagues or other family members if they can suggest you in this regard. The more info you get, the easier will it be to make a wise decision.

Once you shortlist a team of wedding planners, ask them the following questions to be able to have a superficial idea of their adroit –

Don’t Bank On Them Until The Following Queries are Resolved

Come the responsibility of a professional event management hub or a skilled wedding photographer in Kolkata, and most of us are always in a fix about how to spot the right experts from a number of budding agencies claiming to fame!

This is where the importance of a clear communication comes into play. It’s always advisable that you should schedule a face-to-face meeting with the event planners you’re looking to hire, and badger them with every question that’s popping up in your mind about the whole process.

There are some people, who are apprehensive about asking too many questions beforehand. Do you fall under this lot? Always remember that it’s okay to let all your queries roll off your shoulder before you take any expert on board.

The more clarity will you have, the lesser will be the chances of you getting into a tizzy or cranking up your anxiety! So, let’s present to you a low-down on some of the most basic yet important questions, which you should ask a wedding planner before you get him/her aboard.

Have a look –

  • Their Availability on the Day of Wedding

The most important question to shoot at the event management company of your choice is about their availability. Tell them about your schedules. Keep them in the know about the timing/date of each occasion/celebration/ritual.

You must ensure that they can work their way to match up with your schedule. If they cannot, you should hire someone else. Don’t forget to bring this discussion up ahead of time so you can avoid any issue or disappointment later on.

  • What Should the Menu Be Like?

Generally, it does not always fall under the purview of a wedding planner to decide the menu! But, if you’re spending a great deal of money on an event management hub, you must ask them to partake in the discussion or recommendation for a menu.

Let’s give you one sage advice – always prioritize quality. Choose your city’s top event planners, who can double up in the role of your true advisors on finding the top 10 caterers in Kolkata.

  • Ask about Their Overall Experience

Experience is synonymous for excellence! Make sure that you inquire the wedding planners about their overall experience. Ask them to provide you with every detail regarding their past laurels, etc. Ask them to provide pictures or video clips of all the marriage celebrations they’ve had arranged in the past.

With all these details being available on your fingertip, it’ll be easier for you to decide if your chosen experts are capable enough to plan out an important event like a wedding. Get to know about their disaster management strategies, too. You own the right to know how they strategize to work as or when any untoward circumstance takes place.

  • Inquire about the Vendors

No matter which expert you’re looking to hire – from caterers to decorators to makeup artists to DJs to dealers offering AC bus hire in Kolkata – you should have in-depth know-how of who you’re hiring. The city’s top event planners already own a wide

network of vendors, that will provide you with premium solutions at competitive rates and lucrative discounts.

In case you’ve an eye fixated on any particular vendor, you may keep your wedding planners keep in the know about the same. Ensure that the planners have a word with your chosen vendors beforehand to avoid any kind of miscommunication or mishap in the long run.

  • Will They Arrange the Pre-Wedding Events?

There are multiple customs, religious rituals, pre-wedding ceremonies, etc., which are regarded as the highly important sacrosanct of an Indian marriage. Before hiring a team of wedding planners, you must ask them if they can ideate, arrange and host all these celebrations.

If they nod in affirmation, inquire them further about their strategies of planning those ceremonies. Ask them at length and breadth about their availability for those occasions. Try to get to know whether they have any prior experience in arranging any such ceremony earlier.

  • Don’t Forget to Ask About Their Package

In a country like India, a wedding is nothing short of a grandsome celebration. Needless to say, it entails quite a lot of expenses to arrange and host a grand celebration of such a high octave! If you’re strapped for budget, you should rely on rental solutions to arrange everything essential.

From furniture to doli to rental lehenga in Kolkata – you can rent out everything to save your money. And, it’s advisable that you should ask your wedding planners to get you a thorough detail relating to their charge. If there’s any room for bargaining, don’t shy away from requesting them to keep your budget into consideration. If the experts of your choice are charging very high, switch to any other event management company, which offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Design Your Wedding Exactly the Way You’ve Dreamt of It

It is the grandeur and magnificence of an Indian marriage that distinguishes it from the rest of the world’s. Entrust the right professionals to bring your D-day visions to fruition.

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