6 Social Media Marketing Tips You Need To Be Successful

6 Social Media Marketing Tips You Need To Be Successful


We don’t think there is a need to expand your ideas on how social media has changed your life. From how you catch up on the happenings around the world, how you communicate with people, or how your purchasing habits have evolved, social media is growing with each passing second. It is the fastest-growing trend, and it is here to stay. In today’s world, people are mounting on social media like it’s an obsession, with an average person spending three hours each day on such networking sites and messaging apps. Since it is becoming more intertwined into your audience’s immediate routine, it unveils a plethora of potential avenues for your firm seeking to reach out to those customers in hopes of driving in more traffic through social media marketing. 


Now is the time to ride the wave of social media marketing as almost 73% of the marketers believe that their efforts have borne them fruit. Your company needs to strategically harness social media marketing for varied beneficial qualities like being cost-effective, having high engagement rate with the audience and building brand loyalty, to name a few. As more and more businesses continue to promote their products on social media avenues, the market becomes saturated. You need to cut through the noise by pushing the boundaries of creativity to curate adequate and relevant contents. 


Here, we have explored the best six tips on social media marketing which will serve as the foundation to stand out from the crowd while expanding your brand’s reach on various online platforms. 


  1. Produce A Social Media Channel Plan


If you were to eat the same type of food every day, wouldn’t you get bored? Try to connect this realization before plastering similar contents by your company on every social media platform. You see, the problem with this process is that you are only trying to expand your brand’s exposure but not considering who is it reaching, how will they be impacted or how it might reflect the ideals of your business. The audience, opportunities, policies, and the value scheme fluctuate from one social outlet to another. This might make social media marketing a tough nut to crack. Still, once you acknowledge the constant dynamism between different channels and strategize the appropriate plan, you are assured of success at minima rate. Since the goals of your content need to shift gears at a different platform, it is advisable to invest your time in generating a social media channel plan. To help you gain a brief idea, let’s hop on to the components constituting this plan. 


  • Choose The Appropriate Social Media Platform


You must hold an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of each social media platform and its corresponding communities. For instance, producing memes relevant to your products would make sense for Instagram or Twitter but not LinkedIn. 


  • Define Your Buyer's Persona


Explore the given platform and slice out a portion of the audience whom you want to hook on your profile. Now, you can create contents which will resonate with your target audience to engage them with your brand. 


  • Select Your Goals 

Are you trying to create brand awareness? Is your goal to generate more leads and transform them into buyers? Or do you want to create a better experience for your customers? On the basis of your channel, choose your objectives.


  • Explore The Type Of Contents


It’s time for you to decide which would be the primary content type that will be applied on the desired social media channel. You have an array of options to choose from, for example, textual information, video marketing, infographics, etc. Then, you can also dive into the tone of the contents, will it be playful, sarcastic, or formal, etc. 


  • Decide On The End Result

Your contents should always have a motive wherein the audience is called for an action. Do you want them to subscribe to the newsletter, follow your page or purchase your products? 


It’s essential to map out the entire journey for a smooth social media marketing experience. Once you learn how to execute a social media channel plan, you will be able to invest more time and effort on the channel which works for you. And gain resources to increase your impact on the other networks. 


  1. Employ Hashtags Strategically


Utilizing hashtags is one of the fundamental routes for an effective social media marketing campaign. They are useful in categorizing your contents to tie each section of the campaign together. You need to tactfully use hashtags to retain more followers and shares on your profile. We have compiled a list of innovative ways to wield hashtags into your social media content.


  • Keep It Simple And Relevant


By keeping your hashtags simple, short, and accurate will render a complete grasp on the subject of the discourse. Recognize the trending topics pertinent to your audience and exploit this awareness to increase engagement within your community. Also, this is a reminder that the hashtags used should fit the context of the conversation. Otherwise, it will be ignored among the ocean of entries. 


  • Search The Hashtag Before Usage


It’s suggested that you should always search the hashtags before applying it on your posts to ensure whether it has been used by another brand or does it have some other connotation with its meaning. If your agenda is to increase traffic on your profile, then employing a negative hashtag wouldn’t serve the purpose. 



  • Refrain From Overusing Hashtags


Randomly acting on the power of hashtags will make the consumers wary of the fact that you are trying too hard to promote your product. You definitely don’t want people to think that you are spamming them so maybe you should limit two hashtags per post. 


  1. Create Timely Relevant Contents


If you promote your products using sales terms, then you will fall behind the curve. Since people are becoming more and more careful of their consumption patterns, it is quite necessary to evolve your content strategies with time and relevancy. Was it difficult for you to understand? Well, you need to be aware of the current occasions or trends where your audience is focusing. Exploit that knowledge and merge it with your creativity to devise a post with the “wow” factor. Now, people will acknowledge your brand because you recognized their wants, needs and opinions which helped you to stand out of the crowd. In today’s day and age, it is crucial for your brand to forge a connection with the customers and implore them to talk about it. At the core of being timely and relevant lies the essence of you caring about your consumers. 


  1. Optimize Visual Contents With Links


There’s no doubt that visuals serve to have a colossal impact on your social media marketing campaign. It is interesting to note, in order to understand an image your brain will take 1/10 of a second, whereas reading textual information of 200-250 words will accommodate an average of 60 seconds. Also, contents embedded with relevant images receive 94% more views than bland contents. Relevant and aesthetically pleasing visuals act like an entrance or gateway for your social profile. The best way to harness the power of visuals is by embedding links of your website, products, or services on the content itself. For instance, you can post an intriguing video of your product and link it with your YouTube channel wherein you provide extra information about the product or link it with your e-commerce website so that the customer transforms into a buyer. It proves to be a highly efficient method to drive in traffic, engaging the audience and boosting the conversion rates. 


  1. Start Promotions To Build Audience


Coupons, discounts and offers services to entice new prospects, foster brand and consumer loyalty, and stimulate larger purchases. Social media marketing will enhance your objectives even further as it provides access to 3.6 billion people on its avenue. As you already know, forging a connection with your customers is beneficial in today’s landscape. To strike a chord with your audience, engage them in fun and creative coupon campaigns because 79% of the consumers yearn for discounts based on their prior purchase and experience with the company. You are thriving in a fierce environment where customers will gravitate towards the firm who grants more rewards, coupons, and discounts. You might also employ the essence of competitiveness to encourage users to play certain games which leads them to mystery prizes. To increase traffic, you may perhaps use the coupon scheme of permitting a discount of 30% for the first ten signups and 20% for the next twenty. Don’t forget to provide personalized bonuses on a customer’s birthday or specific holiday because such interaction will make them feel treasured. 


  1. Invest On Influencers To Promote Products


Word-of-mouth marketing technique evolved into a more credible and authentic practice which bore the results of influencer marketing. Akin to celebrity endorsements, it leverages influencers who have their own community of followers, to spread the word about your brand. Influencer marketing caused an upsurge in ROI and drove in more sales. The influencers act as the source of reliable information for the people who idolize them. You can acquire knowledge about the influencer who is most famous among your niche of audience. Afterwhich, you may reach out to them and collaborate with them to endorse your brand. Owing to their massive reach, they hold supreme power in expanding your brand’s exposure while simultaneously enhancing its awareness. In fact, 92% of the marketing professionals believe that it’s an effective way to build trust with the customers. Also, 82% of them deems the quality of customers being far better than any other form of marketing.  


Let's Wrap Up


Social media is a tool which holds an influential command over people. You must evaluate your marketing campaigns to suit the requirements of your customers on such social outlets. It’s quite common to begin your journey of social media marketing with much enthusiasm then facing a burnout because of the various challenges. However, we urge you to check out Haarway, a premium service brand whose panel of experts will ensure a strategical design for your campaign. You will reap the benefits of an escalated ROI with a surge in quality leads for your brand at a reasonable range. So, without any further ado, make the most for your brand by investing in social media marketing drive.

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