7 Industries That Require Video Marketing Strategy

7 Industries That Require Video Marketing Strategy

When most people decide to expand their business, the emphasis is on increasing the company’s value by a certain percentage. Their fault lies in having expectations from the result without processing any flow of thought during the journey. But here’s the thing, you need to stand out of the crowd. In a world oozing with potentials, employ the best strategies to make your products worth purchasable. You need to curate contents which goes beyond the level of extraordinary and aid in satisfying your consumers. What better way to entertain your audience than allowing them to immerse in the realm of videos?


It has been estimated, by 2021 an average person will spend 100 minutes each day watching online videos, which is a steady spike of 19% from 2019. You have the opportunity to fuel your customer’s passion by illustrating a compelling narrative through the video content. Now, you might ask us a question like, “Sure, video marketing works best for most of the business. But will it cater to the needs of my industry?” To solve your queries, we have explored seven industries where video marketing should be applied to reveal the company’s bone of creativity which eventually leads to a boost in conversion rates. To help you further, we have also compiled a list of challenges that you might face on the course of your action and ways to overcome them. Let’s jump in and get started!


Industries That Should Utilize Video Marketing 


  1. Travel And Hospitality

If a picture can speak a thousand words, then videos reveal a million more words. By intriguing the clients to experience their travel destination via video, you create an emotional link. You can harness its power to establish transparency by granting people the opportunity of witnessing tours of rooms, dining, outdoor facilities, and other amenities. Show them exactly what the destination has to offer and bring the location to life. You will use video contents to explain the unique and alluring nature your brand has promised. This will increase bookings from a vast network of potential customers. 


  1. Healthcare

The healthcare industry may appear distant from its audience. However, creating video contents to promote your company will lead to forge an authentic connection between you and your clients. A survey conducted by Google found out that each customer out of the 700 surveyors, were inclined towards watching a video on product description to ease their scepticism. Impressively, 79% of them transformed into potential leads, and 63% were speaking highly of the healthcare products. Doctors may even craft a customized video to educate the viewers about specific preventive measures for a common flu, procedures for a surgery or even talk about medicines, there is a pool of options to choose from. The agenda is to aid the potential clients configure a genuine opinion about your practice before they make an appointment. 


  1. Education

An ultimate story-telling device, videos, can be a persuasive source of information to help students and parents engage with the educational resources of an institute. The visually appealing and versatile method can be used to increase brand awareness as it has been seen that 86% of universities and colleges are turning towards video to reach their target audience. Try to tell a story in your videos in an informative and inspiring manner to aid in increasing the watch time. The prospective students are more likely to consider your educational firm if current and past pupils recommend it in a testimonial video. Bear in mind to keep the videos short for about a minute or two. It intrigues the prospects to knock on your doorstep. 


  1. E-commerce

Video marketing enhances conversions by almost 85%, skyrockets e-mail click-through rates by 96%, diminishes the levels of product return by a quarter and aids in Search Engine Optimization. You must invest in producing high-quality video content about your brand and its products. Help the consumer to shape the way they interact with the content, absorbs the given information to make the best decision and ultimately provoke them to share their experience within their network. You see, videos will let you demonstrate the features and uniqueness of the product in an exciting format. To build confidence for your brand, you can also curate customer review videos and display a social message aligned with the values of your company. 


  1. Manufacturing

Manufacturers can indeed exploit this communication method of videos to fascinate and delight buyers with parts, pieces, and processes galore. If you don’t want to fall behind the curve, then it’s time for you to hop on the trend of video marketing for your manufacturing business. Given the fact that people are seeking valuable and easy-to-digest information on their mobile phones, videos seem to be the perfect fit. Keep in mind to not just promote your products but also fend for the perspectives of credible individuals like engineers and other technical personnel. It will serve to humanize your brand while adding a personalized and enlightening essence to explain the product and the process. Consumers need to acknowledge your professionalism, mixed with creativity and familiarity. You will witness a growth in ROI as your content gets shared to the relevant individuals.


  1. Real Estate

Consider this, you were shown pictures of two spacious bedrooms. However, in reality it turned out to be the size of a shoebox. Pictures might deceive your customers as real-estate images aren’t accurate. If snapshots can’t really depict the facilities you are providing then, you ought to shift to real-estate videos. Today, about 44% of the buyers are searching online, while 73% of sellers list their estate with an agent who specializes in video content generation. Apart from enhancing the visual experience of the customer, you can also dive into the complicated matter of the industry like securing mortgages, inform them about the various housing-loans or even share current trends in the market. 


  1. Non-Profit Organizations

Public awareness and fundraising are the critical elements tied with the success of any non-profit organizations. You need to strike a chord with your audience by appealing to them via strong values and ethics shared by your organization. You can harness the power of video marketing to instil an essence of social value and responsibility. A report suggests that almost 57% of donors available on the internet are motivated to help your noble cause after watching an inspiring charity video. If you’d like to grab public’s attention and plant your brand in their hearts, do it through videos presenting your ideals in the form of a story. It will resonate with your audience’s hopes, fears, expectations, and values. Their involvement will forge a sense of community around your company which will positively impact your goals.


Video Marketing Challenges And How To Tackle Them 

With the onset of video marketing in the digital world, businesses have made it an essential tool to promote their brand. You must be mindful of the fact that along with tremendous opportunities in the video marketing world, there comes a host of specific challenges. It is crucial for you to be on your toes and cease any given obstacle with the best solutions. 

Take a look at the most common challenges that you might encounter and unravel the ways to fix them.


  1. Lack Of A Strategy - The lack of an appropriate strategy might be the largest factor hindering your success with video marketing. It’s crucial to define your objectives. Otherwise, you’ll be shooting in the dark. To rectify this issue, you should consider narrowing out your goals and the target audience. 
  • Your Goal: You should have a purpose to curate video contents. Without a specific idea, it will be meaningless and irrelevant. It could be to generate leads, boosts conversion rates, increase brand awareness, educate the audience, or engage with consumers.
  • Your Target Audience: After defining your goals, focus on whom you’ll be targeting via your videos. Who are the prospects? Then, segment them based on demographics and other categories. This allows an in-depth knowledge to work on an efficient video project. 


  1. Lack Of Search Engine Optimization- Even after investing time, money, and effort to generate videos, you are not getting ranked. Why is this happening? You need to incorporate relevant keywords for your videos to be ranked on the first page of a search engine. For instance, create an engaging thumbnail and carefully treat the title and description part of your video.


  1. Lack Of Call To Action Messages -You want the audience to perform an action, be it subscribing to a newsletter, like and share the content, or purchase something. With a consistent call-to-action (CTA), you can persuade the intrigued viewer to become a paying customer. Try to reduce the cognitive load and keep it as direct as possible. 


  1. Lack Of Metrics -A lack of strategy will not guide you into the right path, whereas a lack of metrics will render no propositions whether your ideas are operating or not. Although, it’s hard to pinpoint the best way to measure your success, but you may check who are watching your videos and the amount of time an individual spent engaging with your videos. 

Let's Wrap Up

To thrive in a world of competition, it's necessary to cut through the noise. Creativity and strategic planning are the catalyst for growth in the field of video marketing. It has been witnessed that 93% of the companies drove in more customers with the aid of videos. Now, you are aware of the industries which calls for videos in its marketing strategy and what could be the possible challenges in your journey. If you are still hesitant in employing videos for your service, you can count on Haarway and their team of professionals to assist you at the best price. You have a guaranteed assurance of enjoying the process while expanding your exposure.


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