7 Tips and Ideas for A Seamless Bohemian Interior Design

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Bohemian interior design is an ongoing trending style. Everyone seems to apply this trend in the interior of their house. You just need to analyze Instagram feeds, design shows, and coffee table books. Bohemian designs give color, texture, and pattern uniquely that offer relaxation and aesthetic feels. It’s an appeal to all those who wish to add a personal touch to their homes. An interior design company in Kolkata will guide you in this field. This blog will provide you with the seven best tips for creating a seamless Boho style interior design.

Explanation of Bohemian Interior Design

To get this look for your house, throw down a wooly rug, purchase wicker furniture, and cover them with numerous pillows. It’s a great way to start the styling. Bohemian style is all about maintaining an unruly style. You must color outside the lines. The interior of the house must look colorful, random, and full of personality. For a seamless Boho design, you must understand the roots of the style.

Bohemian people include groups of artists, writers, actors, musicians, and poor people, who led a nomadic life making stops at major European cities. Soon after gaining popularity in the 60s and 70s, today, the world is used to describe carefree, unconventional, natural, and traveled people. When talking about Bohemian interior design, the style boasts about layered textures, vintage structures, and natural finishes.

  • Heavy Mixing and Layering

One of the key factors in achieving Bohemian design is creating combinations. A Boho room consists of both the heavy mixing finishes and layering decor that includes textiles, art, and accents. Bohemian interior is a fusion of casual tone. You have to purchase a modern sofa and set up art pieces above it and fill the sofa with a number of soft pillows. For the bedroom, a bright palm print wallpaper with mid-century lamps and Moroccon wedding blanket will look perfect.

Keeping a rustic table along with mismatched chairs and African baskets will suit the dining room. Boho focuses more on unintentional layering. The simple way to introduce Bohemian style is layering pattern. Try to mix and match the rugs, cushions, and throws in different patterns, shapes, and sizes. This style can also follow a color theme. You can also maintain a healthy wall gallery with mixed frames and sizes.

  • Bold Pattern and Color

Bohemian style has no mandatory rule to follow. Using bold colors and patterns can be a great idea. In a Boho room, jewel colors like ruby red, emerald green, etc will throw a seamless look. Darker colored walls like deep hues offer a luxurious feeling, while colors like orange, bright blue give a bazaar like look.

If you don’t want such colors, you use white color with patterns. Such patterns include wall hangings, accent pillows, throws, etc, that bring splashes and colors to the Boho room. Rugs are a must for a Bohemian interior design since they provide a soft underfoot. However, it depends upon you on how you wish to introduce the definite patterns.

  • Use Storytelling Trinkets

The Boho space needs a collection of trinkets traveled from different places To reflect a nomadic lifestyle. They must have a tale from they come from. Using arts, books, sculptures, pillows, and lamps makes the Boho space more appealing, cozy, and a conversation starter. You can start by selecting colors that vary in color and form.

Try to bring handcrafted pieces and memoirs from your travel destinations. You must fill every space of your Bohemian interior. Arrange together all the vintage brass plates that you have brought from the flea market. Things shouldn’t match with each other. Make clusters of things when you try placing them. Use an ornate mirror or a chandelier to throw a glamorous look. The main point is every item in the house must tell a tale.

  • Give A Natural Look

Bohemian designs boast handmade items and unique creations that communicate with individuality. Such things can be found in paintings, sculptures, and wall hangings. You can also keep handmade pillows since Bohemian style highlights craftsman. Along with handmade things, you can add natural elements.

Such an element is wood; the wood provides warmth and comfort. Keep a woven pendant lamp over the dining table or a rustic wood headboard in the bedroom. Introduce wicker side tables and divider screens as little materials. For a more authentic look, create a cozy corner with a hanging chair. Show off natural items like leather, cowhide rugs, etc. The best interior design in Kolkata can guide you in bringing a natural look.

  • Keep it Botanical Happy

Bohemian design isn’t complete with a touch of plants. Botanicals play an important role here. They bring the natural world indoors, improve the air quality, and add an energetic quality to the room; greenery creates a connection with nature.

Succulents varying in shapes and sizes gives a sclupturous look to the room. The plants only need little watering and bright sunshine. For a visual treat, use plant stands with levels. Try to play with plants and make the best out of them.

  • Embellish them More

The Gypsy style includes images of beads, tassels, fringes, fabrics, and canopies. Decorative embellishments set the interior design separate from the rest. The goal should be to bring together all the pieces in an effortless way. For this, you must cling to your spontaneous side. Make a selection of random pieces that enhances the Bohemian design. Whether you lean towards Western or European Boho, ensure that there are over smarts here and there.

Decorate your personal space as much as you can using trinkets, feathers, frames, and natural items. Throw the smaller items altogether. Give a perfectly imperfect look. For a bigger style, an oversized pendant lamp, huge cactus plant, and wall art would look seamless. Furniture can be a hanging chair or a lazy indoor hammock. A peacock chair will add more charm to the space.

The peacock represents the iconic pop culture of the 60s and 70s. Its curly, braided, and woven designs are enough to stun you.

  • Touch of Vintage Flair

Don’t forget the vintage style under Bohemian design. You can contrast the old and new style with the mixing style giving a perfect vintage look. Vintage or second-hand items offer soul to the Bohemian design. Placing an old item next to the new one will make the item pop up in an exciting way.

You can drape a sleek line sofa with fringes or use a large round mirror to welcome the guests at the entrance. The things don’t need to match with each other. Make a nonchalant approach. You will come across these older items in antique or vintage shops. Bring a plush daybed, French style side table, old record player, or a distressed mirror to give a vintage touch.

To Conclude 

As we have reached the end of this topic, now you must know the seven tips and ideas for a Bohemian style interior design. Any interior design firm in Kolkata is ready to help you create a seamless Boho style house interior. However, make sure that you follow the above tips and ideas. I hope this blog was helpful for you.

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