8 Wardrobe Essentials Every Women Should Own in 2021

8 Wardrobe Essentials Every Women Should Own in 2021

The experiences of last year ratcheted up our apprehensions in an unprecedented manner. You must have been thriving in your sweatpants and baggy t-shirts all day round with a packet of snacks in one hand and using the other to scour through shows on Netflix. As for the work-from-home culture, you switched to fashion pieces that were comfortable yet served as a style statement. And do we really need to talk about the staple outfits for your online classes? Didn’t you opt-out of the dress code to wear easy, breezy shorts or pajamas? Chances are that you are reading this while an ongoing lecture, so we won’t stretch the small talk any further.

It’s 2021, and we would like to convince you to refurbish your wardrobe with essential items that you must own. Why? Well, because “new year, new you!” do you genuinely need any other reason to shop your heart out? Retail therapy is our solution to deal with the banal events of 2020. Although it might hurt your pocket, but it’s always fun. So, this is your indication to straighten your back and mentally prepare yourself to clean your closet because we will explore eight clothing elements for you to buy. Discover what you will be wearing to revolutionize yourself for the post quarantine era.


Ribbed Fashion


A ribbed knit fabric is considered to be more durable than plain knit fabric. It has been in trend for quite some time now, yet it will be ruling the market in 2021. Its ability to balance any sort of casual or chic wear will make you drool over the wide range of options. You have a diverse pool of choices to select from, from owning a thin ribbed top to layer under a dress to its usage in easing out the shape for it to be worn with jeans or skirts. No matter how you are styling the item, it always prioritizes comfort with the aesthetical joys to let you stand out from the crowd. 


For a lazy Sunday morning, you may opt for a ribbed lounge set that could match the hues of your coffee. Pair up a ribbed crop top with your high-waisted jeans and grab your sneakers for a casual look, or if you want to keep your Zoom meetings up to an appropriate standard, you will love to adorn the ribbed high-neck collection with a blazer. All in all, ‘ribbed’ is your answer to a wide range of classy outfits to make your life filled with compliments. 


Colorful Button-Down Shirts


We know, almost everyone is enthralled by a simple black or white shirt. Minimalist look is virtually the answer to any confusion pertaining, “What do I wear today?”. But we are here to remind you that you will look equally flamboyant in a colourful button-down shirt. Cache those solid tones at the corner of your shelf and bring in some colours to your life. You see, we are here to ensure that you have a variety of options in your wardrobe. So be it work or partying during the weekend, a vibrant shirt will let you pull off any look. Immerse yourself in the realm of dyes and enhance the year with a shot of colour therapy. 


Nowadays, you will witness women icons wearing oversized shirts and matching them with a pair of boots and thick belts to accentuate their waist. You could be the one revamping your style by taking inspiration from the standard poplins and intensifying the look in bright shades of pink, orange, green, olive, and the list goes on. Also, are you keeping an eye on Dua Lipa’s Instagram post? If not, we are here to inform you that a new trend with collared shirts is gaining much popularity. All you need to do is layer up your button-down shirt with your desired set of sweater, crewneck, or vest and stand in front of the mirror. Nothing will bestow more confidence than a bold, colourful button-down shirt that will make you feel like 2021 is your time to shine. And honestly, if Dua is in it, we are vouching that you try it out too. 


Layering Tanks


Tank tops should reign supreme on your shelves as they are the foundational items when building your closet. Mostly overlooked but tank tops are here to save your day as it is simple yet effective. It’s more conducive to layering and compelling enough to be adorned alone. Yes, you might have even thought about leaping into the craze of layering but succumbed to your dilemma. But not this time because we are here to remind you that you are as bold as Kendal Jenner, and all you need is a little push to wear clothes resonating with your heart’s desire.


So, purchase that satin, trimmed lace, turtleneck, V-neck, and the trendy vintage tank tops and unleash your inner layering goddess. However, while learning the trick to achieve the perfect combined outfit, we do not want you to commit a mistake. Never, ever try to layer a printed tank with a heavily patterned t-shirt or dress. The idea is to balance out the neutrals to give you a neat finishing. Just a head’s up for you to keep your confidence intact. 




Can you imagine anyone who does not own denims? The good old denims are our favourite because they are the most reliable clothing item. Although for months, you have been surviving in your cozy pods, so it may convince you to throw shade on your trusted jeans. We are pleading with you to relax because designers exhibited styles based on the lifestyle during the lockdown. Say bye-bye to the older trend of skinny and wide-legged jeans since you will be hopping onto new styles. 


We are talking about a trend that has been sparkling on Instagram, the fresh collections ranging from slim bootcut jeans to breezy mom jeans and the loose distressed pairs. The straight leg jeans with a slight flare at the end will transcend you back in time and allow you to experience the 90’s vibes in the 21st century. We implore you to also consider the biodegradable jeans which are made to contribute to a sustainable future. What is better than being an environment-friendly fashionista? Exactly, nothing because you must take conscious efforts to live in harmony with nature by reducing your waste footprints. All these pairs can be dressed-up or dressed-down to accommodate your whimsical interests.


Slip Dress


As we have already struck a spark about 90’s fashion, here is one more in our lists. The minimalist slip dress is often characterized by its spaghetti straps and satin material. It delicately embraces your body, and after pairing it with a denim jacket, sneakers or sweaters, it appears to be an easy-to-style item. Such casual elements will embellish your wardrobe and serve the purpose of being eye candy. It will satisfy your desire for solely aesthetical gratifications. 


For a more street style appearance, you can adorn a leopard print slip dress with a white t-shirt and casual sneakers or ankle boots and make it seem like the playful balance of sports and elegance. The ensemble of silk fabric, black in colour, can be transformed into a boho style by wearing a floral ornated shrug or shawl. Without any doubt, it is a versatile piece, so sit back and slip into this comfortable dress.


Sheer Fabric


If you hope to achieve a feminine look with every inch of your curves being perfectly enhanced, then sheer fabric is your answer. The transparent textile of voile, organdie, georgette, gauze, chiffon, or batiste will add in the element of glamour while emphasizing your physique. It has transcended beyond the inflection towards seasons into an evergreen fashion trend. Although it may seem like a challenging trend to grasp but this is where your mind will sway because it is exceptionally ruling the current scenario. 


Sheer organza blouses are a great way to play with silhouettes and textures, and it has made a dent on the global runways. Queue in the bandwagon to enjoy this psychedelic trend and throw in some transparency in your life. Philosophically speaking, take some inspiration and chalk out a clear goal in 2021. 


Light Delicate Floral Pieces


We predict that floral designs will be in full bloom this year, and you must be ready to make a bold statement out there. If it’s a night out with friends, doll up in a floral mini dress to achieve a standard retro flair. Or you may mix and match with your favourite monochromatic top with a daisy print skirt when at work. For a casual weekend, harness the power of jeans and supplement the look with a decorative and dainty floral crop top. Get influenced by Hailey Baldwin and Scarlett Johansson and perhaps, use this passé feeling as a short escape from reality. 


You have the power to sprinkle the pixie dust of freshness and beauty onto your attire and fly through the year by spreading your magic. The flower pattern may come in any oversized or minuscule size, and it often clashes with the hues of browns, reds, and yellows. However, no matter what your niche is, the impact will be the same. 


What’s Next?


We know what you are thinking at the moment, “I think I should spend some money on myself and relish the dream of a fashionable closet. I deserve it!” And we totally agree with your point of view. To give you a further drive to strengthen your thought process, we bring to you India’s premium listing service, Haarway. You can delegate your responsibility of looking for a trusted retail outlet to Haarway. They will assist you in every way possible at a convenient rate. 

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