9 Innovative Decoration Tips for Your Monsoon Wedding

Wedding flower decoration

Monsoon is the most romantic season for a wedding. This season can inspire various wedding decorations and themes. Different wedding decorators can make your monsoon wedding attractive and visually pleasing. Moreover, the best flower decorators in Kolkata can help you out with the best floral designs and props appropriate for this season. 

If you are planning for your wedding this monsoon, here are 9 innovative wedding decoration ideas to make your D-day breathtaking.

  • Unique Floral Umbrellas

The monsoon is incomplete without the presence of various umbrellas. You can use a variety of designer umbrellas to give your wedding a perfect theme of the season. The eminent wedding decorators can create strings of tuberose to craft a perfect visual for falling raindrops.

Umbrellas can be hanged upside-down to give your wedding a dramatic effect. In addition, you can gift well-designed umbrellas to your wedding guests on their arrival. Your guests will surely love this idea.

  • Fresh Drape Arrangements

Drapes make your wedding colorful and bright. You can use fabricated drapes with sheer textiles like chiffon and organza. Drapes make your wedding setting gorgeous and comfortable at the same time. With drapes, you can add panels from floor to ceiling to make the setting of the reception place more cozy and warm.

If your wedding is hosted in a large banquet hall or house, you can use stairway draping and candlelight to create a dramatic ambiance for your wedding. In addition, you can add a more romantic feel by using candlelight with drapes to decorate the walkway.

  • Grand Theme Peacocks

To give your monsoon wedding the right vibe of the season, you can use flower-crafted peacocks of different sizes to make your themed décor majestic. These peacocks can be made with various exotic flowers and stain-silk. You can place these decorative peacocks in different locations to grab the attention of your invitees. A pair of peacocks at the center stage of the reception hall may represent the bride and groom.

Moreover, you can use the theme of peacocks in your wedding cards, gifts, and other props to maintain harmony.  The use of peacocks can give your wedding a perfect royal look.

  • Use Magical Colours of Rain

You can make your wedding theme driven by using various colors and shades to represent this romantic season. These arrangements give your wedding an elegant look and make it picture perfect. Colors can depict natural elements like leaves, trees, sky, rain, flora, and fauna on fabrics to create a painted background.

In addition, you can also use bright and vibrant flowers to create the perfect monsoon ambiance. One must use artificial flowers for the decoration; otherwise, real flowers may destroy in the rain.

  • Transparent Wedding Set Up

To give your wedding a more romantic vibe, you can use a clear, transparent tent for an outdoor wedding set-up. These tents provide you with a feeling of an open wedding while keeping you dry and safe during rain. Couples who like to have their wedding near a natural ambiance may choose this outdoor wedding set-up.

These tents can keep your overall decoration simple yet stunning. You may ask your wedding decorators to use additional props and water-proofing materials to make the arrangements more secure during rain.

  • Use Paper Boats for Theme

You can ask your wedding decorators to create a backdrop made of colorful paper boats. You can also make use of floral raindrops to highlight and represent the monsoon season.  You can also create a peacock-shaped couch and thrones for the bride and groom to add an additional flavor to this theme with these arrangements.

In addition, you can ask your wedding decorator to create colorful drapery panels to cover the ceiling and walls with the same theme. Draping gauzy panels can be used to create a dream-like ambiance for your wedding.

  • Use Parasol Props in Mandap

You can make your wedding magical by using the parasol props in the Mandap. These props allow you to conduct all necessary rituals during rain. Couples manage to get hitched with the parasol props. This style of wedding is also commonly known as 'parasol wedding.' Moreover, it can help you make the mandap look so pretty and add some extra flavor to your wedding decoration.

Your wedding decorators can also use inverted parasols with lanterns to highlight the décor without additional electrical arrangements. For decorating the mandap, you can make use of traditional Rajasthani parasols to give your mandap a traditional and aesthetic look.

  • Low-Power Wattage Lights

One must use low-power lights to suit the other decorations. Using fairy lights might prove to be a good option for decorating your wedding reception. For your outdoor wedding set-up, you can take the help of a tree to hang magical fairy lights. In addition, you can combine your drapes with fairy lights to give some more colors to them.

Moreover, you can make your wedding décor innovative by using vibrant dupatta drapes and mixing them with streams of fairy lights. Fairy lights can also be used in glass bottles for dinner tables.

  • Create Starry Canopy with Lights

You can also help your guests to sit under a starry sky by using lights. You can create a celestial canopy to cover the entire event area. Stunning starry light arrangements can truly create magic in your monsoon wedding. Moreover, this kind of lighting arrangement is cost-friendly as well.

Make an Informed Decision with a Search Guideline

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