Advantages of a Destination Wedding

destination wedding

Have you ever been intrigued by the thrill and excitement of destination weddings? Probably taken aback by the beauty of an Australian sunset hour amidst white sandy beaches, with fairy lights twinkling over your head and vines twisted along an iron frame, as your partner and you wait for the "I do's"! Or would you like the wedding to harbor an essence of royalty in the city of lakes, Udaipur? Somewhere to cherish a luxurious aura of forts and palaces, exquisite architecture, and serene views. Hear us out; no matter what you have cooked up for your destination wedding, it will indeed culminate as a rejoicing event wherein you tie the knots of a new beginning. Reach out to destination wedding planners in Kolkata and grasp a further understanding of unbridled happiness brought along with the concept of such an exhilarating and delightful nuptial. 

If you are confused, this is your sign to leave behind all the worries and enjoy the best moment of your life in a unique manner. It is not just about some mesmerizing wedding photoshoots (although it does account for a considerable chunk of your excitement); instead, a destination wedding holds several advantageous reasons. So, let's dive into it! 

Vacation for Everyone

A destination wedding counts as a weekend getaway for you two and the guests. The sense of being in a foreign land tends to arouse exuberance and joy within the guests too. While your significant other and you spend some quality moments together, your family and friends would be enjoying a time of their life. Since they will be brimming with high spirits, you can expect them to loosen up and go rogue for extra fun. With a pristine landscape, vibrant culture, and delicious food, everything will make your visitors remember your wedding for years to come. 

Intimate Guest List

Gone are the traditional days when you had to invite people for the sake of formality. You know too well about whom we are talking about. Wink. Nowadays, people prefer small and intimate weddings, far off from any troubles of vexing relatives. For a destination wedding, individuals are typically expected to offset their own expenses during the stay. So, as you plan out your invitation list, be prepared to listen to a bunch of No's. Why? Well, people back out because traveling can be pretty expensive. Nevertheless, the ones who show up on the final day, they will make ends meet. Also, with the decreased guest count, you will be saving up tons of money to spend later! 

Affordable Inclusive Packages

Who knew you will see the term "affordable" along with the luxurious ideal of "destination wedding"! It does not matter how uncanny it sounds, but the fact is, a budget-friendly destination wedding is absolutely possible. Apparently, an all-inclusive package paves the way for an opportunity to save up a colossal amount of money. As much as 40% of the total cost gets reduced due to your decision to hold the wedding abroad. Most of the time, resorts and hotels offer an extremely reasonable package to keep up with the competition; everyone knows that destination weddings have gained popularity and currently stand as the hottest trend. We don't know about you, but it does seem like you have hit the Pandora of ecstasy clubbed with cost-efficiency.

Simplicity Wins

Whether you stumble upon a tropical ceremony in the Bahamas, a gala event in Bali, or a romantic escape in Tuscany, you don't have to plan for an expensive wedding decoration. Instead, when you are standing amidst marvelous scenery, probably nestled around lush green settings and clear-blue skies, ensure to keep the decor simple. You must have heard the modern-day saying, "Simplicity is the key to elegance." Utilize this concept to not opt for a heavy embellishment; rather, choose something that does not overpower the surroundings. Not everything that's grand needs to be complicated; find bliss in an elegant and chic style. Also, there is an added benefit of cutting down on the costs even further!

Stress-Free Planning

With competent destination wedding planners in Kolkatayou will ease out a lot of apprehensions and stress. There is no need for you to beg and bribe your niece to distribute refreshments or your cousin to handle the post-clean-up of the venue. Every intricate detail that goes in for a successful and memorable destination wedding shall be the responsibility of well-trained professional staff who actually know what they are doing. Your wedding day should be free from any kind of hassles; you should solely focus on your spouse-to-be and embrace the utter feeling of venturing into a new life. Your wedding planner will be at your service from issues like language barriers and transport arrangements to hotel bookings. 

Time to Wrap Up! 

As you hark upon the wedding bells ring, you realize that fun and frolic are around the corner. Flights have been booked and hotels checked; everything goes according to the plan when you hire the best destination wedding planner. All you need to do is sit back, relax and watch the miracle unfold. 

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