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The Valentine’s Days holds a phenomenal significance in every lover’s life, which is why it is of utmost importance to celebrate it in such a way that it leaves an eternal effect on your best halves and moves their hearts.

As February being the lover’s month, the couple’s usually wants to getaway and spend some private time during this valentine’s week. So get the best deal from Haarway and book your room in a luxury hotel or a 4 star hotel or a 3 star hotel in Kolkata.

Luxury Hotels In Kolkata

Luxury Hotels are mainly known as 5 star hotels. They are considered to provide you luxurious accommodation. If you want to make your girlfriend feel special, and you have got a big budget to spend for this valentine’s week, then book a luxury hotel in Kolkata and enjoy the high-end services provided by the luxury hotels. Here are some of the facilities that luxury hotels provide you while you visit and or try to book them:

  • They have an uncomplicated, manageable, and smart planning booking process.
  • They have a fast, safe and easy check-in and check-out procedures. With this feature, you don’t have to wait in the long queue and you won’t miss out your flight.
  • While you are booking the rooms, the pictures of the room showed to you will be the real appearance of the room. From the size of the bed to the room location, everything will be exactly same just as the guests want.
  • In luxury hotels, you will be valued, and you will be offered a fantastic service. The staff will be friendly and respectful towards you. They will be present to attend to you whenever you need them. Other staff like housekeeping and gardeners would silently do their work. You won't feel disturbed while you're enjoying your stay in the hotel.
  • The food services are great in these hotels. You will be served with quantity and quality food items.
  • The guests will get high end spa treatment. They can enjoy themselves in the pool, or can work out in the 24 hours fitness center. The laundry service, packing and unpacking service, babysitting and pet sitting services are also available.
  • The luxury hotels have high quality furniture with opulent and expensive touch. The rooms will be quiet and fresh. There will be original art works on the walls. The guests will be provided with robes, slippers, sufficient storage, hangers, desk, reading chair, safe, good-size flat-screen TV, coffee maker, full-length mirror, effective heating/AC system, and a king-size bed with a high-end mattress.
  • In luxury hotels, the bathroom is equipped with bathtub for two, two sinks, sufficient counter space, good water pressure, renowned or artisan toiletries, high-quality towels, makeup mirror with lights, enough racks or hooks, bidet, and a robust ventilation system.

If you want to stay in a luxury hotel, get the best deal from Haarway for this valentine’s week. Take you partner, spend some private time and enjoy using all the amenities provided by them.

4 Star Hotels In Kolkata

4 star hotels are luxurious than 3 star, 2 star, and 1 star. These hotels provide better comfort and high quality service.Thus get the best deals from Haarway on the best 4 stars hotel in Kolkata and enjoy your valentine’s week with partner.

The 4 star hotels provide you variety of rooms with the availability of suite. They have 24x7 room service availability. Stylish and sophisticated 4-star hotels are renowned for their upscale accommodation. Fine dining, cafes, swimming pools, lounges, spas, gyms, fitness centers, concierge services, robust business amenities, numerous restaurants, and valet parking are also offered.In-house salon and massage facilities can be used at lucrative price points at Kolkata's well-reputed 4-star hotels.

Since they still offer suites, 4-star hotels would have more accommodation options than 3-star hotels. There will be Wi-Fi or another wireless connection in all rooms and public areas. They will also have superior bedding, towels, and comprehensive facilities and have room service 24 hours a day. The team will deliver an exemplary service and carefully pay attention to detail. The critical issues of the client are the security and convenience of the clients.

4 star hotels are bit expensive than 3 star, as they provide better service and amenities. To get the best result you can search it on Haarway by setting up the price and location. As a matter of fact, all the best 4 star hotels are present near the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport.Prioritizing your requisites, Haarway will provide you the best results. You can also check the venue details and customer feedback while searching through Haarway.


3 Star Hotels In Kolkata

This valentine’s week, if you have a small budget and you want to make your partner feel special, then you could visit Haarway’s online business and service listing portal. There you will get the best deals on the best 3 star hotels in Kolkata.

The 3 star hotels are comfortable than 2 star and 1 star. They provide a variety of room options, but they may not have 24x7 room service availability. In these hotels, comfort and service are a priority.Many rooms have more furniture, such as sofas, dressing beds, tables, seats, etc. There are on-site bars, pools, leisure centres, and well-designed lobbies in several 3-star hotels. In several of them, on-site emergency assistance and valet parking can also be found.

Any 3-star hotels also have family get-togethers and corporate organizations with conference and meeting facilities. The public spaces in 3-star hotels are more spacious, such as the lobby and dining room. The hotel's garden and grounds are well-tended and aesthetically appealing.

Depending on the types and locations of various 3-star hotels in Kolkata, the tax, food quality, entertainment facilities, surrounding scenery, etc., will differ. All the workers working and tidied by the best 3-star hotels in the city are highly efficient and courteous. Their warm hospitality would make you feel exceptional and well-cared for each time you want to position yourself in these accommodations.All these hotels welcome all cards and cash from their clients concerning payments. Some accept payments via cheque, too

Haarway will help you filter out the best hotels for you. With the limited budget, you could find out the best ones by checking their reviews, ratings and the amenities they provide.


This valentine’s week make it special for your partner by booking the best hotel and taking them out and spending of quality moments with each other. You can get the best deals on hotels from the Haarway service listing portal. You just need to fill the requirements and they will provide you the best result.

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