Bridal Makeup Trends Creating a Buzz in 2022

Bridal Makeup Trends Creating A Buzz in 2022

Clad in an exquisite bridal ensemble, adorned in stunning jewellery, and looking like a million dollars – that’s how every Indian woman wants to transform into a beautiful bride on her D-day. It’s such a grand occasion in their lives that every bride-to-be begins to plan for their wedding, many months prior to the “actual” day! According to the experts offering bridal makeup in Kolkata and other cities, in most of the cases, it’s wedding outfits and jewellery that almost every bride emphasizes, thus makeup ends up taking the backseat.

Most of the brides hire makeup artists to ace their D-day look. However, even if you hire a seasoned expert, you should refrain from any makeup, which has become boring simply because it’s been respectively tried and tested, time and again. This bridal season, stay away from all the trodden paths and hop onto the unconventional and trendy bandwagon. We have researched and enlisted a bunch of bridal makeup trends, which you must pick to be the cynosure of all eyes on your wedding day!

Makeup Trends Fresh on the Beauty Palette

  • Smoke Your Eyes Up with Subtle Hues

Regardless of how many trends come and go, those kohl-rimmed eyes will be timeless. To give this traditional go-to eye makeup a hint of twist, you may opt for bronzy-smokey eye shadow. Metallic bronzes complement olive and warm undertones.  A pair of rightly accentuated eyes will add an edge to your overall face.

If you’re not averse to experimenting with your makeup, you may choose a bright bronze gold shade, which goes well with your bridal trousseau’s golden shades. If you have a peaches and cream complexion, play with bright and cheerful hues like purple, green, pink, coral, etc. Ensure that your base is flawless and smooth! To further accentuate your eyes, use fluttery false eyelashes.

  • Cast a Spell with Those “Intense Smoked Eyes”

If subtle eye-makeup isn’t your thing, opt for intense smokey eyes to ooze out unbridled drama. A perfect amalgamation of trendy and traditional – this kind of eye makeup is meant for those, who have no inhibition to sport a bold bride look! Adorn your eyes with dark matte brown eye shadow. Couple it up with very thick, intense rimmed eyes.

Make sure to contour your cheeks with a bright pop of colours. While picking the blush shades, always remember that the hues should complement your lip colour. Colours like peach, coral, etc. look best on olive skin tone. For fair skin colour, you can choose a pop of orange, bright pink, etc. for your cheeks.

  • Look as Fresh as a Daisy with Dewy Makeup

One of the makeup trends, that has been consistently holding the popularity ground since the day it came to the fore, is the fresh-dewy look. To be able to sport dewy makeup, you should ensure that your skin is in its best state. Start taking care of your skin at least four/five months prior to your D-day.

Use the right products to cleanse, tone and moisturize. It’s only when your skin gets naturally luminous from within, you’ll be able to flaunt a dewy-fresh look with perfection. Ask your makeup artist to prepare your skin well using premium quality foundation, primer, strobing cream, bronzer, blush-on, and makeup fixer. To bring out the utmost sheen, you can apply some brightening serum or face oil before your makeup.

  • Let Your Lips Do the Talking

From the subtle nude brown lips to glossy peachy lips to matte pink lips – over the years, trends of these sorts have become a rage! If you are opting for intensely smokey eyes, refrain from painting your lips in bright shades like red, fuchsia pink, magenta, and the like. Stick to soft, matte and muted lip shades.

In case, you’re bold enough to pull off bright lips and eyes together without feeling even a tad uncomfortable, go for it! However, in such cases, refrain from applying too much gloss on your lips. After all, you don’t want to look over the top! Shades like maroon, raisin, espresso-brown, berry, etc. look best on tanned or olive skin tones. For those with fair to medium skin colour, lipstick shades like crimson, Roseberry pink, blu-red, peach, wine, pink, etc. work wonders!

Get Ready to Look Your Bridal Best

No matter what’s your pick, make sure to use a silicon-based primer and a high-quality matte foundation to perfect your skin. Regardless of the bridal makeup you want, you must know that there’s always the right way to achieve that. Lucky for you, the City of Joy is filled to the brim with seasoned and skilled makeup artists to choose from. Narrow down on someone with adequate experience from the top 10 makeup artists in Kolkata.

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