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About Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) & NATA coaching

Architecture is one of the traditional career paths that is aging with time. However, it failed to gain eyes in the past than the recent days. In this emerging world, architecture is one of the structured jobs that you can choose. Thus, you need to take NATA coaching in Kolkata to get benefitted from the course of architecture. Architecture is a 5 years bachelor's degree program.

You can readily take NATA (national aptitude test in architecture) classes around your locality and follow daily study routine as many coaching institutes of the recent time offer the necessary study material and convenient classes for architecture. Furthermore, if you are confused about choosing the field of architecture, you must consider these points for references.

Architecture as a career after NATA coaching

Architecture is one of the traditional jobs where people study and work in the field of designing buildings, urban space, and remodeling cities. Therefore, it can be one of the useful courses for any developing country such as India. There is an ample number of urban spaces, lands in India. Therefore, taking up an architecture course in Kolkata or any other city can be a very strategic idea for the future.

 However, architecture is a low earning profession in the early stage; thus, you need to build connections to shine in the future. One of the skills that architecture needs is art; however, other than art, there are many things where architecture has to be good. Although architecture can be a very prolific career option due to many buildings that need architectural help; also, there are many free spaces in the country where architectures can present their talent.

  • Eligibility criteria for Architecture course.

Architecture is one of the jobs that require a person in both on-field and off-field; therefore, if you are planning of choosing this as your career, you need to stay active in any situation. Apart from art, and architecture needs to be good at calculation as you need to be accurate to make your design look perfect. You can also expect to have odd working hours, which can be very hectic at the start.

If you are planning to choose architecture as your career, you need to stay prepared for the pressure as there will be extensive working hours with less amount of rest. However, you can also face a low salary at the start of your career; thus, you need to be patient and put effort into improvement.

  • Students who have completed their class 12th studies or equivalent studies from a recognized Board are eligible to apply.
  • Students should have cleared their Class 12th qualifying exams with a minimum aggregate of 50% (45% for SC/ST candidates).
  • Diploma holders in relevant disciplines are also eligible to apply. 
  • NATA examination with a minimum of 40%.

  • Life As An Architecture.

Architecture is one of the hectic jobs if you are running late with your deadlines as you may find inconvenient situations. Thus, as an architect, you have to be prepared for all situations. You may get to see a hectic schedule at different seasons when you have a project; however, if you do not have a project, you can engage yourself with various part-time projects.

As an architect, you will need to do part-time projects to grow the network. You can also find yourself traveling half of the time as the career needs a lot of attention both in on-field and off-field places. Therefore, this is the life you can expect as architecture where you may have to work for full days on some days where you will not be able to give time to your family or hobbies.

In A Nutshell

Architecture is one of the slow-rising careers; however, if you create a good network, it will help you shine. Thus, these are some primary points that you can consider if you are planning to take architecture as your career but are confused with it.

For further help, you need to contact the service listing portals in India as these portals have efficient members that can help you find relevant information on the convenient topic. You can also take the help of the search engines of these business portals to find NATA classes in Kolkata, as these search engines are updated with the recent list.


Architecture is an excellent course for the future; however, you can consider this blog if you are confused about choosing it as your career option.

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