Checklist of Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractors in Kolkata

Do you require expert assistance from roofing contractors in Kolkata to acquire information about the various types of rooftop choices? Maybe, you would like to get a rooftop installation, repair, or replacement? In such a case, you must always opt for the best service available because the roof is an essential part of your house. Something so rudimentary might get overlooked amidst other issues. However, it is wise to take proper care of your roofs with frequent inspections instead of waiting till you have a major problem. When we say, “Better Safe than Sorry,” we urge you to abide by it!

 There are several roofing companies in Kolkata like Arko Building Products, Roof Shed, Pioneer Roofing Works, to list a few. Before you hire the roofers, it's essential to clear out any doubts hobbling in your head. Have you been eager to learn everything about the roofing work so that you can make informed decisions? Well, join the fray because you are not alone. As you might already know that the most acceptable way to grasp a new concept is by asking questions, so why delay now? Let us give you an idea about the questions you can ask your roofing contractor before signing the deal. 

Are you Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

Before barging at the rooftop contractor with other questions, you must ask the individual if they are licensed, insured, and bonded. These are not some confusing legal requirements; relatively, it is pretty simple.


The roofer has to ensure about being licensed in the state to continue their work. The requirements are not the same between the two states, so this gives you an upper hand in understanding your area’s code. To get licensed, the roofing contractor has to register with the state’s board. They will receive the license based on the job’s price. Once you know that they comply with an authoritative figure, you might gain access to a legal route if things went south or if a problem arises with the work.


You must be aware that all contractors should be absolutely insured with general liability, workman’s compensation, and vehicle insurance policy.

The workman’s compensation insurance has been made mandatory for each and every employee. If the contractor were to get injured at your place while repairing the roof, this particular insurance would safeguard you from paying the medical expenses.

The general liability insurance secures the cost of any damage caused to the roof or property during the work. This insurance would save you from spending money on unnecessary ravages caused by someone else.


If the roofing contractor is bonded to a company, they would be compelled to work ethically and accurately. You have complete freedom over contacting the bond company in case you find a problem with the work.

Is your business local?

It is wise to select local roofing contractors in Kolkata because you will be aware of their physical address, office location, company’s actual name, phone number, and other contact details. This gives you an added advantage of approaching them in person if you face uncertainties with your roof again.

Sometimes, the roofers might migrate to areas hit by a storm or tsunami in the pursuit of extra money. These individuals are not local, so they won’t have a connection with your area, making them careless while installing the roof because they don’t care about the regional codes either. You might not even find them in your locality the next time you have some issue as they are constantly commuting to new places. Pin your faith on the local contractors because they would come in handier given that they are familiar with state code, all the vital paperwork, and every other minute detail that would ensure the proper installation or repair of your roof.

What is the Warranty on My New Roof?

The warranties on your roof would be approved by the shingles’ manufacturer. You should take action against a warrant period of less than 25 years because you are expected to receive 25-30 years of assurance. Although, you can also avail of options where the duration extends from 50 years to a lifetime.

If you wonder what can be covered through the manufacturer’s warranty, then the answer is only roofing materials. However, while claiming the service in the future, the total cost would prorate, and clearance price won’t be mentioned.

You can have another warranty on your contractor’s workmanship under an upgraded scheme. The decisions would vary with each company, but most of the time, you can avail the worth of complete replacement and the workmanship for a stipulated time duration.

Will you Remove my Old Roof?

At times, the roofing contractors might perform negligent visual monitoring of the roof and then layer the new shingles over the old ones. You must be careful at this stage because, without any technical equipment to analyze hidden issues like soft and rotten spots on the roof, you will be inviting more profound problems in the future. It is significant to say that the roofer has to ensure the removal of the previous shingles so that all the challenges are solved at a single time.

Are you Certified by Shingle Manufacturers?

Being certified by a shingle company would clear your concerns about the roofing contractor's reliability and credibility. The top-notch shingle companies would appoint 6-8 contractors to go through the certification process, adding their characteristics and consistency to be claimed as a reputable company.

An established and trustworthy contractor is bound to perform excellent work to get picked by the top manufacturers. They will have to perform the roof installation with accuracy as per the instructions. You will reap the benefits of receiving better warranty plans on the roofing materials with a maximized lifespan.

Do you Use Roofing Subcontractors?

It is pretty standard for the contractors to bring in a few sub-contractors to efficiently solve the roofs' troubled caused. Before employing a roofer, ask them if they use any sub-contractor. If yes, you must get verified documents of the workman’s compensation and general liability insurance. To be on the safe side, collect lien waivers so that you stay out of harm’s way when the contractor fails to provide the sub-contractors with reimbursement.

Would There be Someone On-Site to Answer Any Questions?

You must know who the project manager is before employing the contractors to work. This ensures a safe and direct passage to communicate any concerns arising on site. For instance, if you were to return home to find a large hole on the roof while the roofers are loading their vehicles to leave. Obviously, you would want to know the reason behind such a mistake and by when it can get fixed. In such a scenario, if you are in touch with the project manager, you could direct the question to them instead of luring the whole group into the matter.

Let’s Wrap Up!

We provided a list of essential questions that you can ask your roofing contractors. Allowing you to grasp an overview of the contractors' overall quality of work by following a trail of their past work experiences and paperwork. If you face difficulties in acquiring good references for roofing contractors, we suggest you search it online. You will have hundreds of services available for “local roofing contractors near me” in no time.

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