Colorful Home Decor Ideas to have the Perfect Holi Day

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Holi is the festival of colors, and there are several mythological significance behind it. It’s a unique festival of India. This day Indian people play with colors among each other. Originally, the Hindus celebrate this festival to mark the spring season.

Since Holi is around the corner, why not add colors and decoration to your house? There are multiple home decor companies in Kolkata to help you with this work. You can add uniqueness to your house following the home decor ideas. This blog will provide you with home decor tips. Explore all the colorful ideas through this article. I hope you have a great read.

  • Let The Walls Talk

People celebrate Holi with fun and excitement. It’s a festival that offers you not only grateful memories but also stains on the walls. Due to Holi colors, your walls undergo severe beating. With washable wall paints, you don’t need to worry about stains anymore. Such wall paints offer a luxurious finish protected by cross-linking polymers that easily remove most stubborn stains from the walls.

Multiple house painting services in Kolkata are available for this occasion. You can try reaching them. Therefore, the walls help your home remain spotless and sparkling. Not only this, but the walls will also provide a soothing fragrance. Such paints will preserve your walls during the festival and after it. Your next step is to pick a shade of your choice and brighten up your wall.

  • Use All Colorful Flowers

Want a fresh start in Holi? Start with using fresh flowers. Flowers act like a magic charm to greet the guests. Use can keep flowers in full bloom in bowls and place them either on the center table or side table. Explore and bring different varieties of colorful flowers to your home. Make sure to add marigold flowers. No Hindu festival is complete without it.

This decor idea will surely provide a treat to your eyes. If you wish to keep the spirit of Holi, place the flowers even in the bathroom. Hang a garland of colorful flowers near your entrance door, balconies, and staircase railings. The ambiance of your house will become more lively.

  • Eradiate With Multi-Hued Lights

Even though Holi is played during the day, guests also arrive in the evening. One great idea is to decorate your house with colorful-hued lights. These lights radiate an incandescent glow to the living room. Try to hang a glowing pendant light in the center of the ceiling to stylize a striking effect. This gesture will add warmth while welcoming your guests during Holi.

  • Beautify Walls With Paper Buntings

You must not ignore your walls during the festive season. For a vibrant touch, you can add eccentric wall hangings. When you beautify the walls, it acts as a great conversation starter when you have guests come over. To be more creative, you can hang paper buntings.

To make paper buntings, cut triangle shapes from colored sheets. Mark holes on the papers, try to pass a string or ribbon through them. For a colorful effect, hang them on your doorways and walls. This idea can be the most easiest way to add spark to Holi. Such artistic wall hangings bring a new outlook to your house. Go for colors that match with your wall.

  • Go For Accent Pillows

Go for some bold colored pillows to bring the charm of festivity. Don’t use cream or pastel cushion covers. Replace these colors with vibrant yellow or red color. Try for cushion covers that have beautiful small mirrors on them. This idea will surely bring a sense of excitement to your home in Holi.

  • Implement On The Floor

Do we forget the floor most of the time? Why not work on your house floor this Holi? You can use colorful rugs of different varieties to place on your floor. With this, you can also protect the floor against any stain. Go for rugs that have beautiful colorful designs on them. Bring dark-hued colors. These colors are perfect for stains as due to the dark shade, the stains won’t be much visible.

  • Apply Stylish Designer Bedsheets

As Holi is around the corner, replace old bedsheets with new ones. Since you are doing a complete house makeover, why leave your beds behind? Pick synthetic bedsheets with washable fabrics. You can wash them easily, even with Holi stains on them. Don’t choose light-hued bedsheets. Choose among bright colors like yellow, green, pink, and red, whichever suits you.

  • Personalize With Painted Pots

Add some bright home decor ideas by placing painted pots in your living room. Have a cluttered arrangement of the pots on your shelf or self-table. Either way, you can choose to purchase them or DIY them. Buy simple clay pots from the local shop and start painting them. You will enjoy it and feel relaxed also. Paint the pots as colorfully as you want, portray the beauties of Holi in the pots.

  • Keep Colorful Candle Stands

To emphasize the Holi festival at home, go for colorful candle stands. You can place them on the window sides, at the center table, or hang them using lanterns. The lantern style will look blissful and colorful. Bring bright color candles like sky blue, red, yellow, green, orange, etc. You can also buy candles of different shapes and sizes to add uniqueness to your decoration.

  • Draw The Colorful Rangoli

When it’s Holi, how can you forget the rangoli? Hindus prefer rangoli almost in every festival. It is one of the most wonderful things, and people enjoy it while making it. Search the internet for various rangoli designs, download them and implement them using chalk or colored pencils, as per your choice.

Usually, people draw rangoli near the entrance door as a gesture to welcome their guests. Add more bright colors to it for a touch of colorfulness. You can also try using flower petals and lit diyas in your rangoli.

  • Prepare Refreshments Like Thandai

A traditional Holi party is incomplete without a thandai. Fill all the glasses with spice and favorite colorful drinks and live the festival’s essence. This thandai will surely make the celebration more fun-filled and happening. Holi festival revolves mainly around colors, so you can start making colorful mocktails. Use beetroots, kiwis, and oranges to add excitement to this festival if you wish to go for the experiment.

  • Pamper Guests With Skincare Products

Most of your guests might complain about dry and itchy skin after the festival. Stock up skincare products like scented soaps, body oils, lotion, etc, and store them in colorful trays for the guests to use them. With this, you can pamper your guests and also make them feel relaxed at your house.

In A Nutshell

We have reached the end of this colorful blog. I hope the above home decor ideas were clear to you. Holi is all about colors, so make sure you make your house colorful on the occasional day. It’s one of the best festivals via which you can welcome Spring using the best decor elements. There are numerous painting contractors in Kolkata. You can contact any one of them for home decor. May you have a joyful and prosperous Holi.

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