Common Waterproofing Problems & Solutions

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We all dream to live in a fully furnished home space. We work hard to make our nest the perfect one and also appealing to the guests. What we don’t like is when black spots or stains ruin our homes. Such stains are caused by water seepage that destroys the house’s structure and makes it look bad. To avoid such cases, water proofing contractors in Kolkata are available for your help.

Water seepage is the most common issue faced by homeowners globally. Such things occur due to several factors: broken overhead tanks, constant downpours of rain, and other natural elements. Even a small leakage in the pipe can be dangerous.

So, how can you avoid all this and protect your home? Don’t stress out; this article has got you covered. With this write-up, you will get to know about some of the common waterproofing problems and solutions. Have a read at the points below.

Definition of waterproofing:

Waterproofing works systematically. It makes the structure waterproof or water-resistant so that it isn’t destroyed by water. Waterproofing solutions for roofs, exteriors, interiors, and other surfaces make the residential spaces water-resistant by limiting water penetration.

Many homeowners often neglect such tasks. Some also consider it as an unnecessary expenditure. But when it comes to protecting your home, shouldn’t you maintain it well? Waterproofing companies in Kolkata not only strengthens your house but also save the home from a dull, flaky, and damp appearance.

Importance of waterproofing:

  • It protects the home interiors against any water damage.
  • It prevents the cause of any sudden health problems like mold allergy.
  • Strengthens the entire structure of the house.
  • Increases the lifeline of the building and saves other repair costs.
  • It helps in increasing the resale value of your property.

Outcome Of Waterproofing Failure

Waterproofing might require only 20% of your expenses, but the waterproofing failure will damage 80% of your building. When the process fails, it causes the problems mentioned below:

  • Extreme structural damage can term the building as no longer safe. Such cases are vital for landlords since they can face liability and insurance issues.
  • Waterproofing failure can cause concrete cancer, mold, and severe structural issues that make your building inhabitable. Such things can lead to much repair costs and less rental income.
  • Leaking water damages furniture, carpeting, and other things together with just the building structure.
  • Building concretes are reinforced with steel bars and mesh; thus, their exposure to air and water leads to corrosion of the steel. With this, the steel expands, causing spalling and cracks in the concrete. The steel is exposed to the elements, and the corrosion level accelerates. Such types of concrete cancer are caused due to waterproofing failure.

Common Seepage Areas And Their Solution

Take a look at the common seepage areas via which water enters and damages the building.

  • The Higher Part

The higher part of a home includes the terrace or the roof. These areas are hugely affected by extreme weather conditions like heavy rains, summer heat, etc. Also, most terraces are used to place overhead tanks come with pipelines. Thus, it’s another source of water. If these cases are ignored, water from all these sources is collected, and it seeps into the building structure via cracks and gaps on the roof’s surface.

Sources of water are of two types, the active sources that are improper sealed valley, blockage, clogging near the gutters, moisture, broken pipe, etc. Inactive sources are roof cracks that are caused due to heavy stress while installing tanks, pipelines, antennas, etc.

An effective waterproofing solution can protect your home against all types of source leakages. Waterproofing the terraces and roofs can be done via several methods. The traditional method includes the combination of bricks with mortar to create a slope for driving all the water away. Bituminous treatment uses asphalt as a thin layer on the rooftop. Both the solutions include added chemicals to boost up the process.

  • Home Exterior Walls

Home exterior walls are the sidewalls that are exposed to several weather conditions. Such crucial conditions are harmful UV rays, strong winds, and heavy rainfall; other factors are leaked drainage pipes, water tank leakage, and the presence of natural water underground. Incorrect methods of waterproofing or using the wrong material can lead to a severe waterproofing failure on the exterior walls.

You can go for damp sheath exterior, a waterproofing solution for exterior walls provided by eminent paint companies. The solution is easy to apply with a super crack bridging facility and flexibility. It makes the walls bear anything against the forces of nature.

  • Home Interior Walls

The home interior is where we spend most of our time. Most areas here do not get away with water damage. An increase in damp or moisture seepage from adjoining interior walls and ceilings weakens the walls and leads to cracks, gaps, and flaks. Efflorescence on the walls is another form of problem faced by many homeowners.

Another common area that faces water seepage is the kitchens, sinks, and bathroom walls. Cracks formed due to vibrations and movement of homes leave spots of water on the walls. Gaps between the door frames, switches, and walls also cause water seepage.

A common solution to this issue is repainting the house. It’s a temporary solution. Also, multiple paint companies can provide you with a wider variety of products that will make your home interiors pristine and waterproof.

  • The Balcony Area

If your home has an attached balcony, it’s a complete necessity to waterproof your balcony. This area is prone to water due to the direction of heavy rain or drizzle. The place will get wet when the weather hits. If not waterproofed correctly, the area would receive water through the openings, gaps, etc, no matter how small it is.

  • The House Windows

Another place to get water that goes into the buildings is via the windows. This case isn’t for open windows. Windows are most vulnerable to water, especially when rainwater comes through strong winds. Thus, make sure that you keep a check on the windows, their gaps, cracks, etc. Don’t miss out on anything. Make sure you properly waterproof those areas.

  • Negligence In Maintainance

Another problem that causes water seepage is the lack of house maintenance. A tiny leak or crack should be fixed at the moment. You must not keep it for later. Also, try maintaining window seals, doors, and wall systems. With ongoing maintenance in the form of checks and remedial waterproofing prevents major issues like concrete cancer.

Keep a check on the balconies, roofs, windows, cracks, and leaks. As soon as you find any issue, make sure to have a positive approach. A simple risk neglected can lead to a serious problem in the future.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you do professional waterproofing before monsoon season. It’s the peak season. A basement waterproofing contractor in Kolkata will guide you into basement waterproofing since it’s another important area which you should not ignore. This article has highlighted the common waterproofing problems that every homeowner faces and the solutions to them. Thus, I hope you know have the answer to your queries and can solve them soon.

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