Décor Ideas to Quirk up Your Flat in an Affordable Way

Décor Ideas to Quirk up Your Flat in an Affordable Way

Décor Ideas to Quirk up Your Flat in an Affordable Way

Decking up a small apartment is certainly not a cakewalk. It entails numerous strategies to spruce up the dull vibes of a space with right interior décor ideas. Are you planning to add a dash of elegance and panache to your 2 and 3 BHK apartment in Kolkata without shelling out a bomb? Here are some tips and tricks of decking up your home sweet home –

Play with Colours –

In spite of the exponential popularity of neutral wall colours, the craze over splashy and peppy hues is creating a huge stir. Some of the best spaces to play with bright and peppy wall colours include living room, dining area, kitchen, and the likes. The importance of bright colours is paramount when it comes to reinvigorating the overall décor of a space, as well.

Fun Décor Items –

It could be a little intimidating for you to dip your feet in a palette of bright and quirky colours. One of the most effective ways to get started is to add quirky décor items at the small spaces of your apartment in Kolkata. Begin the stint with your washroom. Hang a mirror that flaunts quirky designs or peppy colours. Adding greenery in a loo is a brilliant idea to dispel the dull vibes. There are plenty of indoor plants available in the market today that you can add to your washroom. Instead of a washroom, you may apply these tricks in the kitchen, study room, etc. as well.

Abstract Prints in Demand –

If the simple and minimal approach does not interest you, you should mix up bright and crayon-like hues with the sohpsticated shades and abstract prints. To add that extra quotient of oomph and fun to your abode, you can also use jewel-toned furniture. Adding to the overall symmetry of a room, the jewel-toned accents or furniture will fill your room with a refreshing vibe as well.

Wallpapers  are Magical –

Wallpapers can act as the breathers in a room, which is running short of vibrancy and uniqueness. If you feel like you cannot shell out a bomb on changing the colours of your apartment’s walls, you should give bright and colourful wallpapers a shot. Wallpapers are extremely cost-effective and largely available in the market today. All you need to do is to choose a wallpaper as per the whole vibe of your room, your personal preference, and most importantly your budget.

Use of Accessories –

The right accessories can do wonders in beefing up the whole ambiance of a space. It’s advisable that you pick the right curtains for different spaces of your 2 and 3 BHK apartment in Kolkata. A rug that exudes a little bohemian vibe could be kept at the living area of your abode. Using colourful bed-sheets, pillow covers, and curtains is mandatory if you want your bedroom décor to stand out.

Last, but Not the Least –

Bear the abovementioned facts in your mind if you want your apartment in Kolkata to look turn heads, albeit, for all the right reasons. In case, you are looking for the right residential project anywhere in South or North Kolkata, you may count on the customized and reliable business listing services of Haarway. Understanding your needs, choice and budget, Haarway will help you find the most suitable residential property in Kolkata.

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