Digital Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Business

Digital Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Business

When it comes to making a lucrative profit from your real-estate business, planning is necessary. You may benefit from an increased property value or gain revenue through rents collected by leasing out properties. However, for all this to happen, you need a steady engagement of clients. Strategic marketing and promotion techniques will pave the path to maximize your customer base. Yes, it may sound plain sailing now, but trust us, the execution of this process may become tedious. 


When we mentioned ‘marketing,’ we refer to the traditional offline methods and the various ways of digital marketing. It is primarily used as an extension of your brand to strengthen its reach and voice. But it is not an easy-going process, and most people prefer to hire a creative professional to assist them in the convoluted realm of digital marketing. For your basic knowledge, we have compiled a list containing all the required elements for your real estate business's success. 


Invest In A Professional Website


Your website is considered to be the cornerstone of your online marketing scheme. No matter what social networking sites you use to gain clients, in the end, they will have to visit your website. It all comes down to increasing web traffic on your site. For this reason, it's essential to present a professional outlook of your website to convince the audience about your authenticity and credibility. Do you remember the age-old saying, “First impression is the last impression?” It will cater to make a strong foundation for all your digital marketing efforts.


 80% of the individuals would research about a property on the internet before actually making a purchase. This means your website is the prime element for your company’s visibility and critical to lure out fresh prospects. Maintain a consistent design, including the fonts, images, banners, logo, etc., in all the pages. The navigation should ease out the overwhelming cognitive pressure so that they can solely focus on acquiring more information about your company. 


Conduct 3D Matterport Scans


Nowadays, if you visit any real estate business website, they will display a three-dimensional dollhouse of the whole property. Buyers have the liberty of viewing every nook and corner of the actual estate while sitting at the comforts of their place. Virtual reality provides people with a correct depiction of the different rooms, kitchen, bathroom, etc., to get an exact overview so that the buyer can take better decisions. This can be achieved by a system called 3D Matterport. 


You must hop on this trend to stay ahead of the curve because virtual reality and artificial intelligence is the future of marketing. In the digital realm, nothing can come close to the precision offered by Matterport. The detailed version suggests a realistic experience of the house, which has been trusted by numerous patents. 


Create A Video Walkthrough


You might be familiar with the video content trend as it has been embedded in copious real estate businesses' marketing campaigns. It’s quite handy because the viewers can enjoy an immersive journey to honestly acknowledge the place's look and feel. A personal narrative about your company conveyed through such videos will give you an added advantage to gain your client’s trust. Also, to furnish high-quality video posts, you won’t even have to empty your pockets. It will produce 66% more competent leads and a surge of 54% for your company’s awareness. 


A video walkthrough has the potential to enhance your virtual home tour. It works on the notion of recording the place from the point of view of the buyer. One more important concept to remember is to showcase the location- “While selling a house, sell the location.” This can be achieved by utilizing drone videos and then combining the shots with the home tour walkthrough video. 


Maintain Active Blogs


Writing blogs is one of the most effective ways to nurture fresh leads and guide them down the marketing stage funnel. By providing in-depth information about your field of expertise in an industry, you will establish your credibility. Consumers will favour your company only if you provide them with values. This should make you unique from your competitive companies. Express the personality and characteristics of your brand by the standards and values you are obliged to deliver. 


It’s an efficient tool to have a massive impact on your search engine visibility while giving you’re the opportunity to spark a conversation with the interested client in the comment section. Educate your audience about where to be cautious while leasing transactions, tips on mortgages and home loans, updates about the latest trends, and share as much knowledge as possible. By maintaining an active blog, you position yourself as an authority and simultaneously create new pages for the web spiders to crawl while looking for relevant keywords. 


Get Social On Instagram


Almost all social media platforms are a goldmine for real-estate business because they feature visuals like images, videos, and infographics. It helps you to showcase your properties in a new light by adding an emotional dimension to it. Instagram is basically used for sharing pictures of day-to-day activities to gain engagements in the form of likes, comments, and shares. While creating a visual post for this platform, don’t keep it sales centric. Instead, work on innovative methods to enchant the audience. People would like to hear stories related to your posts. Keep them interested in your listings by gamifying your strategy or add a pinch of subtle humours. You have Instagram Story and Reels to bind the viewers in fear of missing out by offering them deals for a limited time period. Give utmost importance to your customer service interactions to gain their trust and loyalty. 


Use Twitter Hashtags


Realtors know that hashtags are essential for them to raise their index on social media sites. They are used to increase the comments or likes on a particular post because it makes your content visible on your target audience’s profile. However, you must know how to use hashtags. It does not mean that you will just add numerous strings of words in hopes of more actions. For instance, on Twitter, a maximum of two to three hashtags would let you win an engagement rate of 80% - 90%. Whereas people who included three to five hashtags per tweet witnessed a reduction of 40%. Try to use relevant hashtags like #NewHome, #HomeSearch, #Listing, #Mortage, or anything that resonates with your post. 


Reach Out To Social Media Influencers


It’s a harsh truth that you have to get acquainted with. Without a large base of followers, your posts won’t have any meaning because very few people interact with them. If you are constrained by budget, then influencer marketing is the road to choose. You need to obtain information about who are the influencers related to real-estate business and on which social media platforms. Send in a request to collaborate with them because once you leverage its power, your company will gauge everyone's attention, which follows that particular influencer. By putting this step forth and establishing yourself as an expert in the eyes of thousands, you have a guaranteed assurance of skyrocketing your brand’s awareness. People are more likely to trust such credible people because they are always trying to mirror their behaviour. Think of it as a combination of celebrity endorsements and word-of-mouth referral. 


Build A Free Offer


You can think of this as a component of an e-mail marketing strategy. If you were to click on a popular real estate website, you might see pop-ups of various offers. The intention would be to deliver values to the viewer in reports about a specific trend or a document stating some tips to care about while purchasing a house. Whatever it may be, the ultimate result would be you collecting those e-mail addresses. Free incentives act as a lead generation magnet to further entice the interested prospects into doing your bidding. You have the chance to constantly add value and be under their radar, which might implore them to consider you to solve their problems regarding housing properties. 



Implement Pay-Per-Click Advertising


PPC or pay-per-click advertisement method will cost a considerable amount of money, but it's totally worth it. It drives viewers to all the venues where you are promoting your listings, condos, or any such real estate housing properties. It could be your website, their e-mail newsletter, or even on their Pinterest search results of a dream home. You would be basically paying for visitors on your profile. If you don’t have an accurate analytical system to track your performance in lead generation and purchasing habits, then it may feel like a waste of money. 


Let’s Wrap Up


You are now more or less habituated with the basic ideas that go into forming a digital marketing strategy for your real estate business. It is crucial that you execute your plan with a penchant for your own creativity to showcase your company's real personality. In the initial part of this article, we have already mentioned that some people even consider hiring a professional to implement the marketing scheme with a superior vigour. If you are one of those who would fancy such digital marketing experts, then we have the perfect recommendation for you. The finest listing service, Haarway, will assist you in the intricate digital marketing facilities so that you are all ready to celebrate a triumph. 



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