Effective Tips To Nurture Your AC During Monsoon

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India is one of the lucky countries to witness all four seasons. Monsoon is one of the soothing seasons that relieves us from the scorching summer heat. People this time spend quality time indoors watching the beauty of Mother nature. However, you must know how to nurture your AC during monsoon. Apart from just enjoying the weather, we must maintain our AC and provide special attention towards its working. If things don’t work out, you must go for AC repairing services in Kolkata to repair your air conditioner. Moreover, this blog will provide you with tips to maintain your AC during this monsoon.

  1. 1. Carry Out AC Servicing Before Monsoon

You must keep up with the AC maintenance whole year-round to ensure its smooth functioning. Check the external unit daily and be aware of any signs or problems. In addition, it’s a great idea to service your AC before the monsoon hits. In this way, you’ll get all the issues resolved before the rainy season.

Amidst monsoons, your AC undergoes tough challenges. The outside unit gets drenched in the rain and can bring up complexities. Moreover, if you don’t opt for air conditioner repair in Kolkata, your AC can be permanently damaged.

  1. 2. Keep The Outdoor Unit’s Surroundings Clean

The monsoon’s strong winds blow debris around your AC unit. As a result, vegetation and tiny plants grow near the unit. Also, dust and dirt gather inside the unit, and the whole area turns into an insect habitat. However, you can reduce such risks by cleaning the place before the monsoon.

Trim the branches and small plants near the AC unit. Due to this, less debris will come flying off during the monsoon storm. To avoid insects, you must clean the outside unit thoroughly daily or twice a week.

  1. 3. Change Or Clean The Air Filters

The system’s air filters get blocked rapidly due to periodic dust storms. Daily cleaning of air filters ensures smooth performance and reduces power consumption. However, dirty filters lead to the growth of molds in the AC unit.

You can also choose to replace the filters before heavy rain hits. Also, be sure to check them regularly, especially after a storm.

Clean them every two weeks or as per filter choking frequency. By doing such things, your air conditioner works more competently without causing any issue and also edifying your indoor air quality and conditions. Therefore, you either clean or replace them for better results.

  1. 4. Raise Your AC Unit

The wind isn’t the only thing that will cause a severe issue. Heavy rain can cause a serious nightmare to your AC. This can be weird, but due to continuous rain, if the rainwater rises, the last thing you would want is AC flooding. 

However, you can protect your unit by raising its level higher on the side of your room. Although you can’t do this alone, contact an expert professional to do the needful for you. Taking time to get this job done can save your entire system when the rain hits.

  1. 5. Switch It To Dry Mode

Run your AC on dry mode during the rainy season. Every air conditioners have a dry mode option in its remote controller. This mode will remove the excess humidity from your home and will enable optimal utilization of your AC. The dry mode comes with more energy efficiency.

Thus, it reduces power consumption. Also, through efficient energy use, it reduces the carbon footprint. However, you don’t always need to keep it on this mode. Ensure to check the humidity level of your room and switch to dry mode accordingly.

  1. 6. Get A Surge Protector

During monsoon, thunder strikes occur commonly. Such a thing can lead to severe electrical damages in your home. These sudden surges end up staggering the circuit breaker in your house and knock out your AC unit’s power.

When such things occur, you will have to contact a repair expert and get it working. 

You can’t do anything to stop this, and it can happen more than once. Fortunately, you can save your AC from such uncertainties by installing a surge protector. This device protects the circuit breaker and stops it from stumbling when lighting strikes. 

  1. 7. Check Your Unit After The Storm

Call a professional from home AC repair in Kolkata and have your unit checked after the storm. It’s a great idea to service your AC soon after a major storm strikes. A service expert can look through the unit carefully and implement any necessary changes required.

With this, you get the surety on your system’s smooth working after a storm. Fixing the repairs if you suspect any issue will also stop any small problem from developing into a bigger issue in the long run. Therefore, you get to save enough money down the line.

Additional Measures To Follow

Below are some additional measures you must follow to ensure the efficient working of your AC.

  • Don’t install any heat-generating device like a TV or LED near your AC unit. This can impact your unit’s efficiency.
  • Try to get an anti-corrosion coating or barrier cabinets to guard the outside unit during the rainy season.
  • Upgrade the air filters to high-density or microparticle catching filters.
  • Do not operate your AC if the doors and windows of your home are open.
  • Use a ceiling fan since it pushes the room’s hot air below for the AC to exert less pressure.
  • Maintain your AC at ideal temperatures for an equal amount of cooling and energy saving.

Wrapping Up

Monsoons can be beautiful, but not all the time. Over everything, your safety should come first. Remove your AC plug when the weather turns extreme. During such times, thunder can strike anytime, so try to be always alert. However, I hope this blog will help you out, and now you can properly take care of your AC during the monsoon.

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