Event Industry Trends: What To Expect In 2021

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The event industry changes at a rapid speed. Since the 2020 pandemic, this industry will face unique changes that might just change everything. You must not think that in 2021, you won’t be able to book incentive travel rewards. The Top event management companies in Kolkata focus on preparing things thoughtfully, strategically, and thoroughly.

For 2021, event trends seem promising, coming with creativity. Companies can still be able to host interactive events that nurture teamwork and builds loyalty. If you require some guidance on your next event, this blog got you covered. Have a read below.


Closer To Home

We called it a wonderful treat when corporate events and functions took place in some distant exotic locations. Since 2020, people are more over-concerned about traveling to an offbeat place or long distance. Therefore, these event management companies in Kolkata solely focus on hosting events at local or regional areas that remain close to their headquarters.

If your headquarter is in West Bengal, consider hosting an event near Kolkata. It’s an excellent city for adventure and to explore some of the eminent heritage sites. Such adventures will add grace to your corporate event. With this, you can host the gathering without moving to a faraway place.

You can try offering exceptional rewards to the people who will join your event. With the location you prefer, you can add the area’s best things to do while inviting people to your event. Thus, without even booking a distant place, your event will look the best.


Individual Travel Incentives

Incentive travel programs are the best way to celebrate achievements within the company. It’s the perfect way to motivate people, whether the company exceeds its annual goals or showcases excellent leadership skills during the crisis period.

As of 2021, there will be a reduction in group travel incentives. It will receive more popularity in individual travel incentives since people feel more comfortable traveling solo or with someone. Thus, don’t organize incentive trips for a large team or group of people, instead offering incentive trips for employees based on an individual during different times of the year.


The Private Destinations

If travel is inclusive in any meetings or events, demand for private or ultra-exclusive destinations will rise. Here, they can easily enforce the amount of people entering. You can opt for a private island, away from the city chaos. Private islands limit the number of people visiting simultaneously, and those are exceptionally available to rent company events or gatherings.


Revision Of Capacity Style

Certain restrictions have been put on event meetings and gatherings for 2021. If you plan to hold any event indoors, try introducing a space gap, create a gap by leaving one chair empty after each chair. Best event organizers in Kolkata advise placing the tables six feet apart from each one. One can use tap marks on the floor to indicate maintaining social distance is mandatory.

Apart from space addition between attendees, go for the option of hosting gatherings consisting of smaller groups. Don’t organize meetings for one whole day. Instead, break it into a week. In this way, there will be a limit to the number of people attending each gathering. Thus, social distance is successfully maintained in the ongoing event.


Use Of Virtual Events

Expect virtual presence to be the new rule. The use of virtual events will be of more hype. Most workers have been used to video conferencing and virtual meet-ups. Offer the people the option to attend your conference via video calls. When hosting an event online, you can limit the number of people attending the meetings. This perfect option of in-person attendance promotes satisfaction and well-being within the company’s atmosphere. With this, the people feel that their comfort levels and boundaries are valued and respected.


Increase In Outdoor Events

Consider planning your event outdoors; it’s an excellent option for group meetings and gatherings. The outdoor area can be a terrace, garden, or outside theater. These places will help people refresh themselves while hearing the conference. With outdoor events, one can hold a meeting with many people and maintain social distance between each people easily.

Follow the similar rule for outdoor meetings, use tapes to indicate strict maintenance of social distancing. Outdoor events can take place for a longer time than indoor events. For indoor meetings, limit the time to 30-minute intervals, including breaks. Give the people a chance to stretch their bodies and legs.


Increase In Sanitation Process

Since the global pandemic, sanitation process is mandatory worldwide. Almost before and after every event, proper sanitization of the floors, chairs, etc is to be maintained. For the safety and comfort of people, these procedures must be done after every interval. Not only this, sanitize bathrooms, speaker systems, microphones, door knobes, handrails, and elevator buttons.

Wearing a mask is necessary. Offer it to the attendee as well, if the person prefers it wearing indoors. You must set up a hand sanitizer system at multiple areas in your venues. Don’t entertain physical touch or handshakes between the attendees. For an easy introduction, provide name tags for people.

Contact those catering services that follow strict sanitization and social distancing rules. Don’t opt for buffet food; instead, go for package or pre-cooked meals. Offer disposable cutlery and beverages to minimize sharing of food containers.


Test Before Entry

Even though the COVID-19 test isn’t available globally, but it might be available in a larger quantity shortly. If a test kit comes out by 2021, consider conducting the test with the attendees before joining the event or meeting. This practice will lower the rate of transmission from one person to another. And will also provide a safe and secure feeling among the event attendees.

If this quick testing kit isn’t available, check the temperatures of the people before meeting time. Large areas like airports and other venues will soon introduce thermal scanning. This process creates an atmosphere of safety and caution and also minimizes transmission threats during meetings and conferences.


Micro-Experience Will Dominate

Another result of 2020’s pandemic is the introduction of smaller gatherings. There have been restrictions on mass gatherings, mass vaccinations, and much more. At this time, small gatherings are the only option. The event industry will focus more on creating genuine connections rather than continuing with large-scale marketing.

Micro-experience will rule over luxury and leisure industries. They include events on cruise ships, wellness, and team building for corporations and nature tours. People will tend to opt for these micro-experience choices.


Final Thoughts

In 2021, the pandemic will reshape and reform the event industry. We will end with multiple tough decisions to handle, but we should never give up. I hope by this blog, you understand the upcoming trends in a better way. You must start preparing for your next upcoming event since it's not too late or early.

In 2021, event plannings won’t be an easy task, but if you use these above measures, it will be easy to handle everything. Public health and safety are more important than anything; make sure to keep in mind this point. For booking, queries, or any event-related service, you can find local businesses in Kolkata via numerous top service listing portals online. These portals help you find the best and authentic event companies ready at your service based on your location, budget, need, etc.


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