Everything You Need to Know about a Micro Wedding

Everything You Need to Know about a Micro Wedding

Everything You Need to Know about a Micro Wedding

In India, the popularity of micro wedding is reaching another height, thanks to the rise in no-fuss celebrations. Marriage ceremonies have turned into simple and low-key affairs today. In this day and age, when almost all the aspects of our lives are getting exposed to the outer world via social media, the low-key and private weddings are gaining an edge over the extravagant celebrations. If you are reluctant to unnecessarily splurge on your D-day celebration, consider opting for a micro wedding. You may choose the best resort of Kolkata to celebrate your D-day. Followings are some of the biggest benefits of celebrating a simple marriage ceremony. Have a look –

All about Heart –

According to the millennial wedding planners in Kolkata, the importance of a micro celebration is paramount if you want to give a personalized touch to your D-day. A micro wedding might be small in size, but it’s full of heart. A low-key marriage will enable you to delve into personalized interactions with your invitees. It is also an excellent way of keeping each detail personalized. You could have a small list of guests, but you can easily invest on the custom-made décor elements.

Expenses in Check –

It entails a great deal of investments to host an extravagant marriage celebration. Not everyone is capable of costing a bomb on celebrating the big day of his/her life. As mentioned earlier, there is no dearth of joy or excitement in a micro wedding. Hence, if your budget is not that high but you still want your D-day celebration to earn kudos from your guests, it’s an intimate marriage celebration that you should try. Also, the traditional obligation of holding a high-end celebration has nothing to with building the relationship of a couple-to-be.

Lack of Stress –

It entails a lot of stress to plan a big-fat wedding celebration. Most of the millennial couples look forward to escape the fatigue and tension, which comes along with hosting a mega marriage. If the traditional rituals don’t resonate with your own ideologies or perceptions, you may discard them while hosting a micro celebration for your D-day. A simple and fun-filled affair with the near and dear ones is in vogue these days.

A Perfect Planning is Necessary –

A marriage is a marriage at the end of the day. Since a micro wedding is a personalized ceremony, more attention to perfect detailing is required by the couples. This means that you should be a lot more particular and practical while planning a low-key D-day celebration. Keep unnecessary expenses at bay.

Last, But Not the Least –

Pick a venue that is unique. Celebrating the biggest day of your life in a posh resort or hotel in Kolkata is a brilliant idea. Make sure to select a luxurious hotel, which is sprawling enough to accommodate all your guests. To find the best resort in Kolkata, you can count on Haarway. With Haarway, you can find the right hotel at the location and budget of your preference.



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