Facts You Need to Know before Heading Out to Starbucks

Facts You Need to Know before Heading Out to Starbucks

Facts You Need to Know before Heading Out to Starbucks

Even though it’s next to impossible to be able to save bucks on the Starbucks, foodies of all ages are going bonkers over its delicacies and beverages. Over the years, Starbucks has become the one-stop destination for good food to the food-lovers all across the globe. No matter how many times you have visited this eatery, there are still certain facts that you need to demystify to add more ‘Stars’ to your Starbucks experience. Intrigued already? If yes, then read this blog presented by Haarway, one of the leading business listing platforms in India. Take a look –

Friendly Behavior has Advantages –

Someone with a friendly demeanor is always appreciated by everyone. Starbucks is no exception as well. Being jolly and friendly can go a really long way to get you lucrative discounts, free beverages and some amazing pastries from Starbucks. There are many foodies who are successfully making the most of this ‘hidden’ deal of Starbucks.

Cake Pops are the ‘Golden Eggs’ –

Cake Pops are one of the most popular sweet snacks of Starbucks. These are extremely delicious and a wee bit cost-effective. But, did you know that there is another exciting fact about Cake Pops? If you order two cake pops all at once, you will get a very good discount.

Saving Calorie is Important –

The hot chocolates of Starbucks have a worldwide fan base altogether. They are unique, pocket-friendly, and most importantly, absolutely finger-licking! The only set-back of this yummy beverage is that it may end up leading you to put on some extra calories. If you are calorie-conscious or looking to reduce some extra inches, make sure to order steamed milkshake with dark chocolate syrup.

Free Water is Not a Myth –

If you want to take a sip in the mineral water without spending a penny, make sure to drink it when it’s served along with the food or beverage that you order at Starbucks. Many people don’t know that the bottled water served with coffee or snacks at Starbucks are absolutely free of cost. This bottled water is fresh and 100% mineral.

Carry Your Own Coffee Mug –

In a quest to minimize its carbon footprint, Starbucks provides the customers with reusable and recyclable cups. These pretty-looking cups are not at all free of cost. Rather, one has to pay about Rs.60 to get one such coffee cup. Don’t throw this cup. Save it for future usages. According to Starbucks, if you can use this cup for at least 10 times, it would be paid for itself. Otherwise, you can bring your own coffee mug to your next visit to Starbucks. The choice is yours!

Finally –

Hope, that you liked reading this blog. There are a number of restaurants in Kolkata where you can eat out without spending much. Just like Starbucks, these eateries are known for delighting their customers with mouth-watering food and refreshingly yummy beverage. To know more about the best restaurant near you, you can count on the business listing platform of Haarway. From this platform, you will gather all the necessary information about the best of eateries in Kolkata.

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