Find Out Some of the Best Trekking Spots of India

Find Out Some of the Best Trekking Spots of India

Find Out Some of the Best Trekking Spots of India

As summer is about to set in most of the parts of India, the travel enthusiasts, mainly the adventure lovers look for adventure-filled getaways within their budgets. While trekking is one of commonest forms of channelizing one’s inner wanderlust, picking a trek that compliments your stamina, physical capacity and mood is an uphill task. Looking for the best destination for trekking? In this write-up, we have enlisted a bunch of trek-friendly, offbeat travel spots of India, which you must visit, at least once in your lifetime. Have a look –

Japfu Peak –

Perfect for summer-trekking, Japfu Peak is situated in the eastern fringe of Nagaland. This is an ideal trekking spot for those, who want to climb farther away from the Northern fringe of Nagaland. Being one of the highest mountain peaks, this trekking hot-spot overlooks the Dzukou Valley. While trekking here, you will get a chance to spot lush greeneries and migratory birds of different species. While trekking at Japful Peak, you will experience a valley with lush forests, bamboo thickets and lush meadows.  

Miyar Valley –

Miyar Valley is situated in Lahaul Spiti. Despite having all the aspects of delighting the adventure-lovers, this trek has not received adequate adulation from travellers around the globe. While being on this trek, you can experience lush meadows, quaint villages, a large flock of birds and animals, etc. One of the most outstanding sceneries offered by this valley is the Himalayan Orchid. Being a melange of meandering rivers and glaciers, this valley has begot some of the most beautiful landscapes in this zone.

Sandakphu Trek –

Sandakphu is the best trekking hot-spot for those who are looking for an ultimate adrenaline rush. This peak is considered to be the highest peak of Nepal and West Bengal. Owing to its geographical locations, Sandakphu Trek provides an outstanding view of the tallest peaks in the world. If you take this trek, you will be in two destinations (Nepal and India) all at once.  

Kali Cho Pass –

Lying higher on the difficulty scales, this beautiful trek is a place where you can lose the trail easily. You will get a chance to explore two outstanding Himachali regions named Bharmour and Lahaul. This trek is generally taken by the local shepherds. While trekking at this pass, you may encounter them flocking around or indolently roaming about here and there. Even though, this trek is a tad arduous, it’s worth all the risks in the world.

Prashar Lake –

Another mesmerising trek, which is worth your visit, has to be Prashar Lake. The pristine turquoise water meandering through the Dhauladhar range in Kullu Valley is the Prashar Lake. This stunning lake provides the breath-taking panoramic views of both the cities of Shimla and Kinnuar. There is a narrow trail, which has twisted through the lush jungle encompassing the Prashar Lake.

Get Set Trek

You should go for trekking to any of these aforementioned destinations if you are looking to fill your heart with a paroxysm of thrill and fun. Consider counting on Haarway to find the best hotel at any of these trekking hot-spots.



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