Free Online Local Business Directory Listing Sites in India 2021

Free Business Listing Sites in India

Many small business owners recognize the different types of online business directories but don't really understand the concept or the advantages they can reap out of it. For most of them, online directories are merely a web version of the Yellow Pages wherein people need to fish and flip through the pages while scouring for local services. However, that’s not it.

They are a bunch of comprehensive channels that allow people to access, understand and contact relevant companies instantaneously. Lists of online business directories for your local company can work brilliantly for increasing revenues, expanding the audience base, and many more. Read further to know how a local business directory in India can help small enterprises.

“What are the Different Types of Online Business Directories?”

  • General Directories

  • Niche Directories

  • Regional Directories

  • Bidding Directories

“What can My Business Gain with the Help of an Online Business Directory?”

Amplifies Online Presence

Suppose your company has a prominent presence over the web and you search for your business. In that case, you’re likely to witness your company’s details being displayed in directories wherein you never registered for listing. This is mainly because several of these business listing sites would pull out local companies from reputed directories and create automatic listings. It's one of the best ways to target a larger audience and simultaneously increase online presence. Now, there’s only one pitfall, sometimes your company’s information may not be accurate, so you must be vigilant in updating, checking, and claiming your listings as frequently as possible.

Improves Local Visibility

Users can search for businesses within a particular category such as service, location, and sector in most online directories. You just have to entirely focus on submitting detailed and reliable data in your listing. The directories will sync your business to those looking for it, even if they do not specifically browse your brand name. This is quite useful because many individuals are unaware of how to search for a specific business or the service they require, so they end using key phrases.

Despite their vast size, online business directories have powerful filtering and suggestion functions and can help bridge the gap between your target audience and the company. For a small business owner, directories are valuable since they can elevate your visibility in the neighborhood. It takes work and preparation to improve your local SEO strategy, but your efforts will pay off in the context of more significant lead generation and transactions.

Increases Brand Awareness

When users look up their expert needs on an online company directory, a list of important and relevant content is displayed. Each listing will comprise a brief description to help visitors pick and eventually learn more about that particular business. This implies that while a user may not end up clicking on your listing, they will still be exposed to your company. Every interaction a person has with your company raises their brand knowledge and awareness, priming them for future participation.

Boosts SEO Performance

You might already be aware of how SEO works; it is the method of presenting your website's content in such a fashion that search engines like Google or Yahoo would favor it and position it higher in results obtained for relevant searches. Because a search engine encourages its viewers to believe in the information being provided, so the more material it can gather regarding your website, and the more precise that statement is, the higher you will appear. Online business listings prove to be a terrific method to reinforce and complement your available information, adding that additional layer of authenticity.

Uses Word of Mouth

Word of mouth has long been a reliable channel for customers to help make an informed purchase decision. Most web-based business directories include a review site section. For consumers to write and share feedback has become seemingly faster and easier, thanks to the real-time networking features of our mobile devices. People in the current paradigm, perhaps, more than ever, seek out and appreciate online customer ratings and reviews. So, register yourself in an online business directory to have immediate access to your core demographic.

“What are Some of the Best Online Business Directories?”

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is no longer an optional component of any company's online presence since it is frequently the first point where users search for updated and relevant data for just about any business. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it's more significant than ever to use and optimize GMB to exhibit precise and reliable, up-to-date details about your company. Consider your GMB segment to be your buyer's first line of interaction. If your working hour or specification is passe, you risk losing a customer's confidence and lifelong growth potential.

Google My Business India

Here are some potential characteristics to help you understand what you may expect to achieve by optimizing your GMB profile:

  • A resolved GMB listing can strengthen a business's local SEO ranking on its own.
  • It creates a momentary first impression for visitors who views your company's vital information listed on the right portion of the platform.
  • GMB integrates with Google Maps, making it way easier for customers to discover your company on the biggest and most popular mobile map and navigational app.
  • Optional direct messaging — customers can use this GMB function to interact actively with your company's phone or email.
  • Customer reviews are featured under your GMB interface, providing your company with social credence comparable to Yelp or Trustpilot.

URL: Google My Business (GMB)

Bing Places

Showing the correct information to your audience has never been easier. With Bing Places for Business, you can avail yourself of the perfect outlet to link up your organization quickly and efficiently with the target market by registering your firm with the third largest search engine.

Bing Places for Small Business

Its frequently considered as an alternative to Google, and you can add your business in just three easy steps:

Claim Your Listings

There’s a high chance of your business being already registered on Bing. Make a claim on an extant listing or establish a new one. If your company has many locations, you can incorporate them all at once with the bulk upload feature.

Complete Your Listing Profile

Including comprehensive knowledge about your company empowers you to transform your company's ideologies into a compelling narrative. You can also provide pictures and videos of your business and services, working hours, services delivered, and a compilation of the various avenues that the customers can use to contact you.

Verify Your Listing

By validating your listing, you can defend it against unauthorized intrusion. You can reinforce your listings by acquiring a PIN at your business location, phone number, or email id. All enterprises must enter a plausible address; however, some categories of businesses enjoy the option to disable their address from search engine results.

URL: Bing Places for Local Business


Linkedin has the potential of being the contingent that alters your brand image from doom and gloom to boom. Your company’s Linkedin page is the doorway of insightful connections, brand recognition opportunities, and a method to proactively advertise your goods and services to prospective customers.

Linkedin Business Pages

Be an authoritative figure in the professional community, follow these tips to make the most out of your Linkedin page:

The Basic Necessities

A successful corporate page should contain a distinctive cover image, a professional company logo, website link, tagline, address, company size, and a content plan centered around the page's objective.

Create a Content Plan

Your business profile allows you to upload articles, videos, and photographs to keep your customers engaged. Those intrigued by the company can "follow" the page on LinkedIn to stay on track with the developments. LinkedIn suggests that you upload once a day. However, experiment and analyze what's best suited for your brand and the target demographic. Provide consumers with a view behind your brand that isn't available through glitzy commercials or digital marketing.

Leverage Showcase Pages

Unlike the LinkedIn company page, where you are limited by a single page per company, you can have at least ten Showcase Pages. Your regularly scheduled content plan for Showcase Pages must include insights, professional suggestions, product research or discoveries, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business.

Keep your Page Consistent with the Platform

Maintain a sophisticated and instructive tone of speech that reflects the idea of your online brand. Instead of applying a playful and quirky style, supply your clients with helpful information on Linkedin.

URL: Linkedin Pages for Business


With a Facebook business page, a small business owner can have an easy onboarding process; from creating a catalog of products to customizing the look and feel of your page, everything is possible. A Facebook business page facilitates communication effectively with your target audience. Your followers will support your page because they are interested in learning more about your brand. While customers may expect valuable data from your page, you can indeed obtain valuable knowledge from them by having them participate. While Linkedin had a professional tone, Facebook can be leveraged to humanize your brand- everything related to personal tidbits and non-sales talks.

Facebook Pages for Business Listing

It can also be a powerful tool for driving visitors to your company's blog or site. If search engines crawl your posts, connections, and other activities on your official Facebook profile, they can help you rank higher in search results.

URL: Facebook Pages for Business

Yahoo Small Business

Local works gives you complete control over your company's listings on more than 70 digital directories. Ensure that customers can obtain authentic information regarding the company no matter where they go online.

Yahoo Small Business Listing India

You have the freedom to audit almost everything profile views to inquiries and get meaningful information about how your customers respond to your listings. You may also use competitive analytics to make critical business actions. Two plans assist you in climbing the growth scale, standard, and premium. Choose what works best according to your budget.

URL: Yahoo Small Business Listing

Business Haarway

A one-stop destination for 12 million+ users to scour for their expert needs, Haarway’s search engine has everything that a customer may ask for. Once you avail of their free listing benefits, there’s no looking back; you’ll be steadfast on the trajectory of success.

Free Business Listing Site in India

Promote your business in India’s most trusted platform and let your brand play across geographical boundaries while simultaneously expanding the audience base. Let Haarway’s cutting-edge technology match your business with the right prospects and watch an increase in your conversion rate. Leverage your profits for exciting collaboration opportunities or employ premium services to double your business’ growth.

URL: Haarway Business Listing in India

Yellow Pages India

Yellowpages India

It’ll take you 5 minutes to sign up on their profile, but you will reap long-term benefits of higher ROI, enhance purchase objective, generate revenue for the business, and establish new leads. Post a classified advertisement and watch the magic unfold.

URL: Yellowpages India


It’s pretty simple for your small business to cut through the chase. Once you are listed, you’ll receive a requirement summary of your customer along with their contact details. Ensure to reach out to the customers just minutes after they submitted a need by either calling or following up through the chats. To build credibility, you can enrich your profile with customer reviews. Don’t wait for long because the competition waits for none; you can join Sulekha’s network of 3 million+ individuals and scale high.


URL: Sulekha Local Business Listing India


Justdial, India's leading Local Search Engine, offers far more significance than what greets the eye. The company, which began as a phone-based local directory in 1996, now provides over 25 verticals on its website, including Utilities & Recharge, Booking a Table, a Cab, Movie Tickets, JD Events, Shop Online, and several others. Justdial's services geared at streamlining mundane tasks are accessible at the tap of a button, absolutely relevant at a time when working intelligently is a common credo. These solutions are accessible via the web, mobile app, and WAP.

JustDial Free Business Listing India

JD Omni, a cloud-based company framework concept. It provides simple access to critical functions such as minute-by-minute revenue, inventory control, billing, client retention, advertising, and employee administration.

URL: JustDial Local Business Listing India


Hotfrog is the web's current leader in creating a distinct and unique business. Their technology enables small business owners to increase the profitability of their services. Companies can also use photos and vouchers for advertising on Hotfrog. The initial step in generating leads and increasing sales is to list your business on its platform. For business owners, building your own business directory is a no-brainer method to boost demand.

URL: Hotfrog India


free business directory has the prowess of bolstering your marketing strategy and assist your company in reaching its full potential. It may take some time to make your site fully optimized for local search phrases, but the endeavor is definitely worth it. Whether you manage your own listings or employ a professional, don't overlook the importance of business listing sites. It is an effective instrument on your side, and it would be a tremendous mistake to ignore all of the advantages that it can provide for your website.

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