Give Jali Works a Shot to Bring an Edge to the Interior

Give Jali Works a Shot to Bring an Edge to the Interior


Give Jali Works a Shot to Bring an Edge to the Interior

Remember the days when lattice or Jali works were a staple to the wind towers, courtyards, deep overhangs and numerous other architectural marvels? Those aesthetically-appealing lattice works are back with a bang in the field of modern interior décor. Back in those days, the jail works were mostly used to let the fresh air in different corners of a house. However, nowadays most of the millennial apartment-dwellers are inclining towards jali works mainly to spruce up their home décors. Looking to tap into this trend at your 2 and 3 BHK apartment in Kolkata? Before giving it a shot, read the following excerpt to understand some of the major benefits of lattice works. Have a look –

  • Brings Down the Heat –

Summer is harshly unpleasant in almost every part of India. Life becomes exhausting as the mercury soars and the Sun starts shining with the utmost glory! Lately, due to the exponential rise in pollution and deforestation, the scorching summers of India have become even more intolerable. Using Air Condition has become a mandate for almost every Indian household. Unless you want to break your bank paying for the AC bills, you should take Jali works into a serious consideration. Lattice work is a green tool that can minimize the energy loads of an Air Condition and the expenses associated to it.

  • Controls Lights –

Lattice works could be the ideal substitutes for windows because they can block off the glares without restricting the much-required filtered Sun-lights. Jali panels will not obstruct the outside views fully. So, you can view the scenery outside while at the same time enjoying the necessary daylights in your rooms. Make sure to pair glass shades, curtains, etc. with the perforated screens to stop the excess daylights from pouring in your room. Such screens work wonders for places where the Sun shines the brightest. Refrain from using jali works at the dark corners of your house.

  • Air Movement is Stimulated –

Nothing feels as claustrophobic as an enclosed room in which it seems like the air has been sucked out completely. If there is any such shabby room in your apartment in Kolkata, consider using lattice to stimulate air movement adequately. Owing to the usual physical behaviour of fluids, the breeze flowing inside via tiny apertures compresses, as well as, obtains the increased velocity even when the breeze seems to be mild outside. After coming out of the apertures, the breeze tends to spread and cool down. Upon being carefully positioned, the jali panels can control the incoming air. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

  • Lattice Panels are Beautiful –

Besides being highly functional, the jali panels are extremely functional as well. With their visually-pleasing designs, the lattice panels can bring a sense of aristocracy and ornamentation to any space. One of the best aspects of a lattice panel is that it complements both traditional and modern décor themes.

  • In a Nutshell –

If budget is not a concern, then make sure to vouch for Jali panels at your 2 and 3 BHK apartment in Kolkata. When used appropriately, the lattice panels can add an edge to the interior of your abode. Jali panels usually look their beautiful best in the sprawling apartments. To find a luxurious flat at your preferred location, count on Haarway.






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