Happy Holi 2021 Wishes, Images and Messages

Happy Holi 2021 Wishes and Images

We have all waited long for the arrival of the season’s greetings, but the anticipation is finally over because Holi is finally knocking on our doors. So, keep your water balloons ready and the ‘pichkari’ steady because it's time to play Holi.

Apart from the religious fever and devotion, Holi is marked as a boisterous yet cheerful rendition to celebrate the victory of good over evil with unmatched fervor and lively spirit. Besides observing an exuberant and rich history of myths, legends, and deities, Holi affixes a dynamic fragment to your faith and zeal.

With traditional or Bollywood songs already been added to your playlists, the only thing left is to hatch up the perfect plan to prank your friends, family, and maybe strangers. If you are someone added to your relatives' WhatsApp group, we wish you all the best because very soon, you will be flooded with happy holi 2021 wishes.

A festival that has its vibrant vestiges in India's history, dating as far back as the 7th Century, it serves you with a reminder of the rich Indian heritage. Whiffing the aroma of extravagant delicacies and smearing gulaal on your loved one’s face, it’s the moment of absolute gaiety and happiness.

Here are some happy holi 2021 HD images to let you revel in the spirit of a festive celebration.

The smile and laughter, the love and vitality, the celebration of your idiosyncratic self, these happy holi 2021 images embody the essence of a heavenly experience, and experience transcended since time immemorial, an experience that is only known to India.

This year, the government has again laid down specific instructions in accordance with the Covid-19 guidelines, so you might expect yourself to enjoy the day with a limited number of people. It's essential to abide by the regulations to ensure the safety of everyone around you, but don’t get disheartened because this impediment shall pass too. Remember what Holi preaches, after every cold and quiet Winter comes the blossoming and lively Spring. And with nature back at its glory, everything will fall in place.

The only way to connect with your far-off relatives would be to send meaningful messages, to remind them that even though they are not with you on this auspicious day, they are still remembered in prayers. Like the holy love between Lord Krishna and Radha, your respect and affection for your friends and relatives should rejoice too. For this reason, we have compiled a list of Holi messages or texts that could be sent to people whom you can’t meet or greet in person.

Holi Messages 2021:

1. It’s the period to relax, de-stress, and make a connection with all things sweet. With thandai in one hand and gulaal in the other, may you have a Happy and Safe Holi?

2. Here’s a wish of filling your life with vibrant colors; let’s strengthen our bond and commitment by immersing in the different shades of each other’s life. To the person of great enthusiasm, I wish you a Happy Holi!

3. Red symbolizing love, pink translates to friendship, yellow brings forth the ideal of wisdom, while green marks the beginning of new life. Different shades give meaning to the varied elements in your life. To this colorful individual, I wholeheartedly wish you a Happy and Bright Holi!

4. This Holi, I pray for the success and prosperity of your family. May you have a vibrant and joyous Holi!

5. Reminiscing the kaleidoscopic rendition of our beautiful relationship to celebrate the most colorful time of the year! A very Happy Holi to you; please be safe during these uncertain times. Here’s to creating many more exciting and colorful memories.

6. The beginning of new things may seem like a blank canvas but remember, YOU are the artist. Your journey will introduce various kinds of colors that will facilitate painting the picture called life. This Holi, let’s remember to try new things, inculcate new values, and promise to traverse newfound opportunities. To someone who has a colorful life ahead, Happy Holi!

7. May your life be always surrounded with joy and jubilation. May you have the power to ward off the blues as you make way for fresh hues. Wish you a very Happy and Cheerful Holi!

8. Splash into the river of imperial bliss and contentment to frame your life in the shades of the rainbow. May your day be filled with laughter and love, Happy Holi!

9. With you in my life, Holi doesn’t feel like a day’s celebration. The vibrancy of Holi is equal to the vivid emotions that I experience with you. In the season to celebrate love, warmth, and affection, you add ultimate value in my life. It's safe to claim that you are my Holi! Happy Holi!

10. Drain away the past's worries to pave the way for new feelings, emotions, and knowledge. May you spread joy and cheer to whichever road you take, may the holy spirits of Holi usher you in the right direction, and may you have a Happy Holi!

11. “I may not be there to smear color on your face, I may not be there to pour a bucket of water on you, I may not be there to quarrel and scream at you. But right now, I’m virtually hugging you tight to wish Happy Holi, hopefully, my wishes can make it the happiest Holi for you…. Happy Holi.”

12. “Let the magic of colors spread in your life, let them paint a colorful picture with all its hues… Raise your head high, accept all the colors of life, and never let the smile fade from your face… Embrace black and white since both each color teaches you something special.”

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Holi has the power to unite folks from various walks of life, all of them bonded with a common tie of love and unity, celebrating the colorful cheer for two days. We know that you are impatient to watch the sky fill up with distinct hues, dancing to upbeat music, gulping down on snacks, swooning over thandai, and clicking bomb happy holi 2021 photo.

But do remember to wear a mask, use sanitizer and maintain social distancing wherever possible. Have a safe, healthy, and Happy Holi 2021.

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