Here Are Five Types Of Foodies You’re Most Likely To Meet

Here Are Five Types Of Foodies You’re Most Likely To Meet

What makes a restaurant an exciting place? Obviously, you are introduced to a wide range of cuisines and meals to satisfy your taste buds. And when you are in a bad mood or just trying to cope with a hectic schedule, you turn to your everlasting friend – Food. Or maybe you are celebrating for a joyous moment, like receiving your first salary and treating your friends. In all of these events and, of course, more, there’s only one thing in common. Can you take a guess? Yes, a restaurant that happens to be the rendezvous zone for all the different emotions and personalities.


A restaurant will entice people from all walks of life, and with this, you get to witness various characteristics, some more unique than the others. But you will be surprised with each one of them. From a food snob to someone just eating anything in sight, you get them all! Let’s take a look at five types of foodies you’re likely to meet while eating in a restaurant.


The Snobbish Individual


There would always be an individual who prefers to bring out faults in every little thing while being at a restaurant. They will sit with a grumpy facial expression and would want to talk to the manager almost all the time. They prize their values and remarks and would only want the finest for the price they are paying, nothing less, only the best. If you do witness such an individual, know it for a fact, they are referred to as snobs. It has become their life’s motive to offer unwanted reviews of what they are eating. This is mainly because they consider themselves the best critic and want everyone to agree with what they say. They are so particular for the exquisite versions of even the simplest ingredients. You may be bewildered by now, but if you were to dig deep in the thought process of a snobbish eater, you would definitely find a reason. For them, a bare table salt does not fill in their need for Himalayan pink salt.


The Foodie Socialite


You must have that one friend who would have their smartphones ready to capture the meal on the table from every angle. And if you are not aware of such a person, chances are that you are the foodie socialite. Such an individual considers themselves to be professional food photographers. They would ensure that every follower on their Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat knows what they are eating and definitely appreciate their ‘photographic’ skill. You might wonder that this is it. After taking a picture of their food and posting it on their social profiles, they will stop. But no, you might even find one creating a boomerang as they take the first bite of the food. Crazy, right? Who knows what goes on in their creative brains? Are they seeking social validation, or is it just for fun and personal contentment?


In the earlier days, people would perform the ritual of praying to thank the heavens for the food they eat. And now, you know what happens. However, did you know that such brief rituals actually offer an even greater enjoyment of food consumption? Also, if there is a universal language that’s clearly understood by all, it’s the food lingo. And by sharing a picture of it with others might positively impact the bond between them.


The Daredevil Eater


The term itself makes this person seem bolder and more courageous. And there will be a point when such eaters make your jaw drop because they are ready to try anything and everything. Such foodies will be on the constant lookout for culinary adventure and won’t even think twice before daring themselves into some eye-popping challenges. You see, some may get intimidated by the idea of tasks like ‘eat a 5-meter pizza in 15 minutes and rest of your food will be free.’ But the daredevil eater would promptly say ‘Yes’ excitedly just to seek an interesting experience. You will hear them recounting tales of the peculiar food tales, and you will surely be amazed.


The Sophisticated Foodie


Individuals belonging to this category believe in the ideal of, ‘People say you eat with your tongue as with your eyes and even your ears.’ If you are a lover of roadside snacks and you decide to hang out with a sophisticated eater, we hate to break it to you, but you will be doomed. They won’t give you the freedom to just binge on anything and would most often take you to an elite restaurant. You will find them stressing over their calorie count and perpetually bound to green salads. Their classiness and proper vibes make you correspond to their habits with the Regency Era. And some may even be distinguished by their sense of laying out a perfect dinner table with the appropriate and aesthetic crockery sets. 


The Food Snatchers 


If you have spent time with a big-time foodie who believes that once upon a time, it was dawned upon them to make eating their sole purpose in life. You would never rest in peace. Why? No matter what you are eating, from rudimentary to an exquisite meal, they will take a bite from it. Did we mention the term ‘bite’? Our apologies because it’s just an understatement of their ability to literally snatch your food and make it theirs. They are often caught dreaming about what their next snacks would be while consuming a burger.


At a restaurant, once they are done ingesting the food on their plate, you may discover them peeping onto the next person’s platter. They are actually waiting for the perfect moment to hog onto to that individual’s dish. Some find this act annoying, but the food snatchers don’t pay any heed to it because they are too busy enjoying their goodies. When going out somewhere, you may expect them to forget about their smartphones and car keys, but it's next to impossible for them to overlook the importance of a fresh snack. 


What Type Of A Foodie Are You? 


Don’t shy away from the question. We are talking to you! After reading about the various forms of foodies at a restaurant, which one do you think applies to you? We urge you to draw a character sketch about your eating habits to determine under which category do you fall. It will be fun to try it out, do you know why? Well, much like fashion, everyone has a distinct eating style. Notions of diet, starvation, calorie, metabolism, and others manifest differently among each individual. Most of the time, it's not even about what we are eating but why we eat.


You might overeat carbohydrates when you are feeling down, mostly because it helps in the release of dopamine. It may allow you to stimulate pleasure for a short interval of time but always be careful as it increases the risk of obesity. Coming back to the topic at hand, it's rather unfair to flock people under the same category when it comes to being a foodie. It's all about celebrating our differences as an individual and staying confident with who we are. 


We have mentioned the word ‘food’ so many times that we actually seem to believe that your stomach is growling with hunger. Now that we have awakened this desire in you, it's only fair for us to provide you with some extra information to ease the temptation. Check out what India’s popular listing service, Haarway, has in store for you. Their top-notch assistance in looking for a fantastic restaurant for you to visit will only bring a smile to your face. So, immerse yourself in the realm of delicious cuisines as you observe others to classify them under the foodie category. 


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