Holi 2021: Follow These Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

holi 2021

Celebrating the arrival of the colorful Spring as we bid adios to the cold nights of Winter, Holi serves us with a reminder of the victory of good over evil. Where else would you find such an enthralling rendition of hues, if not India? Revelers dive into the chaotic yet seemingly serene festival to paint people's faces with various shades and tones, drenching them with colors from head to toe. Children running around with their water guns and balloons to notoriously pick on strangers from their terrace. Folks dancing to the rhythms of Bollywood beats while they are gulping down snacks in a Holi party. It's this one day where everyone, no matter how old you are, has the liberty of channeling their inner child. India bursts with vibrancy, vitality, and colors as we unite ourselves in the midst of fun and gaiety.

With Holi almost knocking on your door, it's time to monitor the current situation as the Coronavirus has started grabbing people into its grip. It's essential to keep your and your loved one's health spectrum in check while playing Holi. The looming risk of the virus should not break down your festive spirits, but you must appoint severe precautions in such a situation. Take a look at how you can have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday! 

Avoid Crowded Places

It would be a smart move if you were to organize the Holi party at home with few members of your family. Health experts advised to not even shake hands or hug people because it could be dangerous. We know, it’s tough to stay away from relatives and friends on the occasion of the most awaited festival, but when their health is concerned, you need to be safe than sorry. It's best to avoid any sort of colossal Holi events where people form groups to dance, drink and have fun. Such crowded places should not be on your Holi to-do-list. It has been put on hold till the threat of Coronavirus passes away.

Remember to Wear Masks

Although you will be a part of an indoor celebration with a handful of people, do not let your guard down. Implementation of social distancing rules and asking everyone to wear masks should be a priority for this Holi. Wear your face masks to stay safe from the virus and sunglasses to let your eyes steer clear of the harmful pigments present in the Holi colors. Your safety is in your hands, and no one else is responsible for it.

Keep Using the Sanitizer

Attending a small Holi party would not keep you from touching other people and surfaces. During the celebrations, when you are savoring the eve's delicacies, you don't pay much attention to your colored hands. You pick up the food and eat it right away. Well, this year, stay sharp on your senses because you definitely would not want to contract the virus or fall sick by food poisoning. Keep the hand sanitizer close in your bag or the pocket. Apply it whenever you have laid hands on a dirty surface, before and after applying color on someone's face or right before eating. Trust us. It will help you in the long run!

Moving on from the mandatory instructions of Covid-19 guidelines, let us expand your horizon on how to safeguard your skin and hair from synthetic colors and other pigments. Without any further ado, dive into some of our favorite skin and hair care tips –

1. Just a day before Holi, massage your skin with some soothing body oil. The hydration will act as a shield on your skin that allows less color to be absorbed. Similarly, apply dollops of hair oil, preferably coconut oil, to immerse your luscious locks in nourishment before being engulfed with colors. 

2. Generously lather moisturizer on your body to form a protective layer of nourishment that helps prevent colors from staying on your skin for too long. Don't forget to apply sunscreen with SPF 50 on your face. Since you'll be under the scorching sun, it's best to keep tanning at bay. 

3. Opt for an organic and natural alternative for synthetic colors known for severely damaging your skin. Herbal colors made out of turmeric, hibiscus, and beetroot, etc., will help you to ward off acne and pimples from your face, plus it will leave a soft and supple effect on your skin.  

4. To rinse off the colors from your hair, utilize homemade shampoo for the best results. You can harness the healing properties of shikakai, gooseberry, and reetha. Or you may make a mixture of curd and lemon juice that will be used on your hair. You may also appoint alone vera gel and tea tree oil in your recipe as such herbal remedies will cure the hair from any kind of damage. 

5. It is essential to get rid of the colored stains from your hair in the right way. Remember that you might end up solidifying the colors on your scalp if you use warm water in the process. It's the golden rule to put in the use of cold water while rinsing off the pesky stains.


As the vivid colors and the joyous moments of Holi fills your heart with newfound memories and emotions, take a moment to breathe in the happiness. A day surrounded by your friends and family, comforted under the blanket of warmth and love, and fair choices of delicious food and drink, Holi is a festival worth experiencing. 

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