How to Add Local Business to Haarway?

Local Business Listing India

Looking for a way to spread your new business startup? You have just opened a new multi-cuisine restaurant and wish to promote your business. With multiple free business listing sites in India like Haarway, your business can gain popularity and drive potential customers. Whether you wish to announce your business to the whole town or any specific location, the Indian search engine will do the needful for you.

With this top-notch Indian portal, you can:

  • Explore free listing with a cost-effective result-yielding business listing. 
  • Guaranteed better conversation with your customers. The portal understands your business needs and matches them with the right customers. 
  • Let your business stand out. Then, get in touch with unexplored customers right away with this portal’s innovative business strategy.

This free business and service listing portal being India’s top-notch business and service listing portal caters to every local business owner’s needs. It lets them connect with potential buyers instantly. If you have a local business and are planning to add it to this site, refer to this write-up below for a helpful guide.

Steps to Add Your Business at Haarway

Adding your business to this free local listing site is easy and quick. Whether you are a customer who found the best local store to munch on the perfect burger or a business owner of a new startup, check out the following details.

From a Customer’s Points of View

The first and foremost step is to search for Haarway over the internet. Once you land on the page, head towards the add business listing section to list your business for free. Confirm whether a listing exists or not? And then proceed further towards the ‘add your business section.’

Under the ‘list your business’ section, there would be a business name, business category, city, and mobile number if you have it along with you. What you can do is, if the business has its own website, get their contact number through it and publish it on this portal.

Along with this, ensure to incorporate accurate information, address, working hours, and other such details. With more information, it can approve them faster and let them appear on search results. However, this whole procedure takes a maximum of two business days.

Also, if you have a friend or a family member who owns a business, let them know about this Indian search engine. Then, let their business join Haarway’s network for more organic leads.

If you are unsure about their business, make a quick search and check about their services, what they offer, and see whether anything similar comes up on the results. In addition to this, you can also check out Haarway’s category list and look out for relevant business categories.

From the Business Owner’s Points of View

If you run a business and want to add your local business to Haarway, the steps are easy and hassle-free. Follow the steps as mentioned above by tapping onto ‘list your business.’ In this process, you indicate that you own a business.

If you come across your existing business page, your next step must include claiming your business as your own and update it accordingly based on your need. Again, claiming your local business is very vital. If you don’t list your business here, the case is different. But, adding and claiming your business is a must.

Remember that the more you add and update your business information timely, the more customers it can drive for you. Also, it helps you generate effective leads via the premium listing. In addition to this, you get to run your advertisements on the go with an enhanced 24*7 customer support.

How to Claim Your Business at Haarway?

If you are the business owner and your business has an existing page on this online business directory, you can claim your business easily by creating a free account on this business listing site in India available at your fingertips. Check out the following points to know how you can claim your business step by step:

  • First of all, visit this portal’s home page via the internet. 
  • Click on the ‘manage my free listing’ section page. 
  • Click again on ‘claim my business’ on its business page.

Once you claim your business, you can add more relevant information and update the details. You can respond to your reviews and enjoy the benefit of this business directory’s free tools for business.

It lets you enhance your business with free tools like:

  • Free Listing- It lets your business website and brand reach millions of potential customers and clients. 
  • Bing SERP- With this, you can check your website’s ranking in Bing, one of the best search engines.
  • Google SERP- Get to use this tracking tool and monitor whether the SEO of your website is on point. 
  • Top Search Query- This thing will let you search your business listing using relevant keywords.

Moreover, you can share your account access with your assistant, marketing manager, or digital expert. Apart from this, you can also release the business owner or unclaim a business when necessary.

Complete Your Local Business Profile at Haarway

Once the adding and claiming the local business listing process is done, you’ll wish to complete your profile and add images to showcase your business, staff, and the services or products you provide. Try captioning these photos to let your business appear in relevant search results.

Adding ample information regarding your business helps your search engine optimization remain on the top of this site overall. Share the story of your business and bring potential customers with Haarway’s business user account that comes for free. You will soon become familiar with it.

Download the portal’s mobile application available for both Android owners and Apple smartphones. With this, you can manage your email and app notifications to make sure you are updated with the alerts as soon as you receive new reviews or direct messages from prospective. 

You need to be as much responsive to feedback and inquiries to continue spreading the word of your business and have good engagement with your customers. As your business keeps on evolving, you can try changing your operative hours or provide new safety protocols that are being followed amidst this pandemic situation. You can freely update your page anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we have finished knowing how to add your local business here, let’s check out some frequently asked questions for a better guide. 

Question: When Can You Add Your Business?

Answer: Create a business page only when your business is entirely open. Then, as your name will appear on search results, customers will visit your store or use your services. If your business is scheduled to open later, you can submit the business details before one month of its opening date.

QuestionWhat If Someone Else Claims the Business?

Answer: If someone else claims your business and has no access to it for 90 days, you can claim the page yourself by searching for your zip code and business name on this domain. However, if you cannot claim the page and are unsure who claimed the business, all of this will be solved with Haarway’s 24*7 customer support. You just need to submit your business name and city to them. 

Question: What If You Wish to Claim Multiple Businesses? 

Answer: Once you are done with claiming your business page, you can claim more locations and businesses by diving into ‘account information and tapping onto ‘add another location.’

Question: What If You Find Duplicate Listings for a Business On?

Answer: There can be only one location for a business listing on this directory. Therefore, if there are duplicate listings for business, you are free to report the duplicate page.

Question: Can You Unclaim the Business?

Answer: After claiming your business page, if you no longer wish to take ownership of managing the page, you can easily unclaim the page. In most cases, you are likely to transfer ownership to another individual or share your account ownership with someone else while still having access to it. 

Question: Does Follow Any Data Confidentiality Protocol?

Answer: Haarway gives greater emphasis on the data confidentiality of those who have listed their business with this free listing portal. This free listing domain maintains data privacy and protects every user’s information against violation or even access by any third party.

Question: If I Add A Business as a Customer? Should I Write a Review?

Answer: It’s beneficial and excellent to provide a review of your experience. However, it must include all the helpful information like services, location, and ambiance. So, even if you have a certain perspective worth sharing, do share it. For instance, is it a family-friendly environment, or whether gluten-free options are available or not?


I hope now you know how to add a local business to this portal. Make sure you go through these points thoroughly before adding your business. Ensure that you provide enough information about your business. I hope this blog has helped you out.

So what are you waiting for? Add your local business to this portal right away. Haarway being one of India’s top free local listing sites, will let you connect with potential buyers and drive prospective leads. Be it any service, Haarway brings customers based on their budget, location, need, etc. So you won’t regret listing your business for free in this portal. 

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