How to Build an Ecommerce Brand Using A New Instagram Account

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Invest time and scroll through the internet. You will get thousands of social media advertising companies in India giving different advice and suggestions about growing your Instagram channel and even boosting your number of followers. You will online get a lot of information about how you create high-quality video content so that it helps your business. However, the internet will not tell you how you can scale your e-commerce business effectively without any followers in your Instagram account. This article will substantially benefit you if you have just started your e-commerce business and have zero to a few followers on Instagram.

To properly benefit from this blog, you must first understand why Instagram is considered a powerful e-commerce tool.

According to research, even if we do have the habit of reading or researching, we as humans often tend to remember photos and videos more than texts. A platform like Instagram promotes e-commerce business better than Facebook or Twitter. Even when you go through free business listing India, you will see that all the e-commerce businesses mention in the listing have a full-fledged and content-rich Instagram account.

Even though Instagram lets you add only one link at a time in your bio, it allows you to post pictures and videos with the new and latest information about product launches, discounts, and collaborations. You also have the liberty to interact with your customers in the comment section and through live streams. Overall, Instagram is a fantastic way to boost your ROI.

Websites like Twitter and Facebook have almost half the brand engagement rate than Instagram, so attempting to grow your e-commerce using anything other than Instagram is a non-profitable idea.

Another reason why Instagram is the best promotional tool for your e-commerce business is that according to present statistics, around eighty-one percent of people use Instagram to research for products they wish to buy and then purchase the same from there. It will also attract more customers at a given time if a group of potential buyers comes across your site.

Now let's finally drive into the primary section of the blog, where we discuss how you can grow a new e-commerce business using Instagram.

Ways you can grow your e-commerce brand on Instagram.

We all are aware that Instagram is undoubtedly the best platform for marketers of all kinds. However, in a situation where you have zero followers, how will you benefit from the features that Instagram consists of. How will you capitalize on the advantages of the platform?

Not to worry, In the next section are some of the most effective ways you can keep in mind to give your Instagram following a boost!

  • Reply to comments and analyze feedbacks.

Even if down the line you can garner a large number of followers for your Instagram account, you will not grow your business appropriately if you do not interact with your followers and review their feedback.

Interacting with them in the comments section will make sure that they are excited about coming back to your profile and sharing your account with their friends.

You need to review your followers' feedback very carefully because that will inform you about where you are going wrong or right. As a newbie, you need to make changes to the techniques you have incorporated initially constantly. Adopting new practices will keep your approach fresh and will help you follow the direction your audience wants you to. Do things and make changes based on what your followers like or dislike will help you gain more followers.

  • Research about your rivals

When you are growing a business, be in through a social media platform, you need to always keep in mind that numerous other business people are trying to do the same thing simultaneously. So you to always stay up to date on research to know what techniques your rivals are incorporating.

As a beginner keeping an eye out for your competitors may also benefit you, as you may come with new marketing styles and manners, which can expedite your overall growth. However, do not follow your rivals in every sector. For instance, you might see business owners invest money in India's best advertising agency, social media. You may not necessarily need to invest a considerable amount of money at that stage of your progress.

Host Giveaways

Giveaways are a very effective marketing technique if you have a profile on Instagram. It does not even take into consideration the niche of products and services you are offering. Giveaways are consistently effective in creating buzz among your followers. They will watch a live stream right till the end, only so that they can get a shot at winning the giveaway. You can also use this technique to get followers to like, comment on and share your posts and images. Giveaways always tend to attract followers who want to win products and gadgets for free. News of giveaways will also give a substantial boost to your views on live streams, as people will already be online on your profile waiting for the stream to start. Make sure to announce the giveaway on your profile in advance.

Another bonus tip is you can add an announcement message on your Instagram bio so that visitors can instantly see the information about the giveaway and follow you so that they can try to win. Always try to make giveaways of your products, because then apart from marketing your business, you can make your followers realize the quality of your products and services.

Take help from users

User-generated content is another effective way to grow your e-commerce business and be part of the local business directory in India. To benefit from user-generated content, all you need to do is choose a user from your list and ask him to post a review video of your product in exchange for a sample. Most people who like your product will be more than interested in publishing a video of that sort.

In addition, you can even host large-scale UGC contests, where a considerable number of followers can use your products and upload review videos. A contest is an excellent method to increase the popularity of your products. More the number of positive reactions, the more the number of new customers. Your exiting followers are going to share information about your products through their posts.


Even after considering all the above factors, you need to remember that an e-commerce business does not grow overnight. You need to have patience and let all these techniques take effect. If you follow all the advice and techniques properly, you will definitely see them create an impact with time. These techniques are helpful where you are just a beginner. It will start things off for you. With patience, consistency, and perseverance, your business will be a part of some of India's popular free listing sites. Growing a business quickly comes with a risk of losses, so just take things as slow as possible.


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