How To Choose Proper Colors For Your Home According To Vastu?

Proper Colors For Your Home According To Vastu

There is no denial in accepting that colors affect your state of mind and mood. It is a psychologically proven fact, and there are various idioms to display how it alters your perception of the surroundings and yourself. While selecting colors to paint your home, it is essential to synchronize with the energy and vibrations of each shade. Why? To put it merely, colors have the power to stimulate distinct emotions in people rendering it viable to have an appropriate balance in your abode. It also offers a fresh and healthy life. 


No wonder why most people would hire a famous Vastu consultant as they would provide you with the required guidance to bring forth a positive aura at your place. You are more likely to rely on such a credible individual than any layman advising you which colors to pick for different rooms. We have explored some popular and significant Vastu recommendations that have an assured benefit for your lifestyle and family. Let’s delve into the intricacies of selecting the perfect wall color as per Vastu Shastra, without any further ado!


Adhere To The Zone-Wise Guidelines

Before we dig into deciding which colors would best suit the various rooms present at your home, we must understand that this judgment would depend upon your birthdate and the direction of your house. A large part of zeroing down to a particular hue would be ushered by the guidelines entailed by Vastu Shastra. Experts claim that if you opt for colors like red, black, or pink, you must be cautious. As they might have the tendency to not be suitable for the likes of you. For a better understanding of this field, we have provided a brief overview of a zone-wise guide-


North-east: Light blue


East: White, light blue


South-east: Orange, pink, silver


North: Green, pista green


North-west: Light grey, white, cream


West: Blue, white


South-west: Peach, mud color, or light brown


South: Red and yellow


Now that you are familiar with the general principle of picking the right color based on the different zones let’s get to the bottom of which shade is suitable for your rooms and how it impacts your mundane life. 


Master Bedroom

Your initial instinct would be to harness the power of red to signify passion and love. However, this is where you might make a mistake because it also has the potential to imbibe restlessness within you since it’s a fire element. Some folks may already have the trait of this ‘fire’ element that might induce deteriorating effects on your physical and mental health when linked with the color red in your bedroom. It may trigger high acidity and diseases associated with heat. It has high chances to prompt you in a temper misalignment. This is the reason why you should employ the use of softer or earthy tones like brown, blue, and pink.  


Living Room

When you think of the living room, you form an idea of a place wherein all family members get together. It could be to witness any sort of entertainment like watching TV or gossiping about something, but it usually symbolizes an area beaming with activity. To maintain its liveliness, you have an option to choose a combination of several vibrant colors. You can go for mixed tones of blue, green, yellow, and a tinge of red. All of this should be considered a white backdrop to truly exemplify the vividness and excitement attached to those shades. 


Kid’s Room

Children are always seeking to grasp new information from their external world. Their minds are indeed the epitome of curiosity and creativity. To foster the growth of their imagination skills along with vigorous development, ask your interior painting contractor to make use of either lime green or light yellow for your kid’s room. 


Prayer Room

Ideally, in accordance with the Vaastu Shastra, the holy space should be located in the north-east direction. This ensures the maximum amount of sunlight to facilitate the process of connecting with God. Any dark color is thought to be inappropriate, so choose lighter shades for the prayer room. You have a pool of alternatives like white, cream, light yellow, light blue, and green. Nevertheless, blue seems to be the perfect fit because of its healing qualities. A softer tone of blue empowers tranquillity and calmness. You must have heard about an age-old saying, “too much of anything is harmful.” This rule applies here, too, because leveraging blue in excessive quantity could pave the way for cold, cough, and other ailments. 


Kitchen And Bathroom

The kitchen area symbolizes the fire element, which points your head in the direction of red. Although red is an appropriate color because it encourages hunger but keeps it at a moderate limit. Blend it with orange, yellow, silver, rose, or white to enhance its vivacity and positive mood.

Your bathroom could work with any color that provides inner contentment and peace while simultaneously embellish the place with beauty. The best options would be to pick white, yellow, lime green, pink, or blue. 


Do You Require Further Assistance?

We understand that it could be confusing to decide which colors should be applied in your home based on Vastu. And appointing the right expert who would live up to your expectations could be even more challenging. Sometimes you are not aware of the best services in proximity, and you are inclined to employ someone who wouldn’t do a great job.

When it comes to selecting your house elements, put your trust only in reliable companies who would go out of their way to fulfill your requirements. If you need a local service expert, we suggest that you try searching it up on a business listing service portal. They will connect you with trusted companies so that you invest your efforts and money only for the best assistance at a feasible rate. 

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