How to Deck up the Room of a Teen Member in Your Family?

How to Deck up the Room of a Teen Member in Your Family?

How to Deck up the Room of a Teen Member in Your Family?

The transition of your little munchkin from being a kid to a teenager is not an easy process. When your child crosses the threshold of childhood and enters the confusing phase of adolescence, some of his/her life-choices may take a quick U-turn. That tiny cot that you used to tuck her/him in, no longer seems appropriate for his/her newly transformed physical structure! Hence, you must scoop up some ideas to transform his/her bedroom decor as per the needs of his/her growing stage. This blog is sharing some easy and effective teen bedroom ideas, which you must follow to make the ‘wanna-be’ adults of your family happy and content. Have a look –

  • Use Convertible Furniture –

There’s no denying the fact that your kids will grow out of their tiny cots sooner than later. This is the reason why, longevity becomes a crucial factor to keep in mind while buying furniture for your kids. If you don’t want to waste money on redesigning the furniture, stock up on the ones that are convertible. For instance, buy a bed that could be transformed into a toddler’s cot, and in the future, a big bed on which a teenager can peacefully sleep. Hang some wall accents or mirrors on the wall attached to the bed to add vanity to the space.

  • Play with Colours –

A teen’s room is not supposed to exude a dull vibe. So, opt for bright and vibrant colours in the room of a teenager. The bright hues of Pink work better in a grown-up girl’s room, whereas the shades of blue or pastel works like a charm in a teenaged boy’s room. These wall colours are not just soothing for the eyes, but also effective in illuminating a room better. While monochrome will always remain trendy, getting it right is a little tricky. You can put up all his/her pictures or posters in black and white to beautify a wall.

  • Simplicity Matters a Lot –

Simplicity will never lose its charm in the field of interior design. In a quest to beautify the room of the teen member of your family, don’t end up going overboard with its decor, wall colour et al. Use simple and comfortable fabrics for the curtains and bed linens. Try not to overspend on decking up a teenager’s room as things might get messed up due to their mischievous activities.

  • Reflect His/Her Personality –

Ideally, the room of a teenager should be in sync with his/her personality. Create a room decor, which will allow them to study with utmost concentration. At the same time, it’s important to prepare the décor in such a way that the teen members of your family can party with their pals with utmost fun. You can add a bunch of hobby-specific furniture to the space as well. For instance, add a swing or bookshelf to quirk up the overall decor of the room of your teenage daughter or son.


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